It has even become a popular statement to make, that I wish to deploy public Office as a tool for solving personal problems especially forcing people to like my Books and buy it which is utter nonsense; what happens mostly is their insults running along the lines of some kid character they play games with and abuse and deceive in order to become rich and famous and it is mostly led by a group of really stupid women who never give such nonsense a rest with the probability the animosity that exists between me and their gay communities is going to get increasingly worse; the American ones are really good at issuing those threats and playing up extremism card to get what they want like their liberal madness does all the time but the British ones have now split themselves into the group that is providing me with state sponsored security as well as the trouble makers I need to be protected from and then we find them call me out on regular intervals to find I am never going to engage them unless they are back where it all began which will help them lose all that gain that facilitates a means by which they can claim they will never allow conservative people have freedom of speech and then we find them pack it in and remember what really matters every time. It’s like that other case where they say I am beaten down and broken by society which I am not; the way it really goes, the playing with me and messing up my Books which the above ones love to perform to the tune of setting up statements that let popularity goons make money on my Public image, then deploy the money buying drugs and funding organised crime to chase their bottoms, so they can show up here all over again with a problem and a blame culture in hand but will not be caught dead buying the Books nor do they need an Intellectual property administration service still and then claim I am deploying public Office that is usually used for such purposes as 50 people gathering up in the middle of the street to say society must be punished because they had all they needed to be super stars but couldn’t on account they were physically prevented and then you have to provide leadership, the Police will provide security and quash the protest if necessary but the leadership is what you have to provide – to get down and see the bit where the Children are out of control but the parents claim it is because they have seen the money that daddy and mommy have earned which makes their parents more important than you are, then there is sympathy that must be extricated from you or else you get into trouble, if they have to assist the Police on a crime issue; runs into the other case where they claim it is my animosity with the male population that causes this problem since women like these are usually completely out of control whereas the male ones are the ones that provoke and then expecting you to lose it and recover, keep an eye for your recovery in order to provoke again and carry on for days until you become a disturbed person and then the fact you wish to detach from it generally means also that your problem is affecting other people and then when the Muslim ones claim you open up your heart to the world and think you are leader of Men, you start to take note. So the being beaten up by society bits will be the one where there is always a discrepancy over my personal space because they want to make use of it and are always getting after the money aspects too – then it becomes a case of getting their beauty sleep off it, a case of using it to make riches and so on, yet every time they do, their employer will decide they have acquired a new attitude and then they will return to bully me some more over the kind of day they have had and that means the employer soon finds out they are always having a bad day at work and then it returns to organise whole communities to start a gimmick about which products I will never sell and this is where the Media is King and male journalists and television personalities assume they own my arse so to speak with that big mouth they have but it is still an old case where it uses my Books to boost its income and follows it up with abusive insults my way which suggest I play up with personalities that have to do with a career that really belongs to them, then damages my books as well and the result is that he ends up with money and somebody to oppress which adds up to having both money and power and thereby having everything – then they tell me I should be acting not talking but we all know I can always clear up facts when I do not want any scum making any money on my case to ensure they do not get to, which will be far more effective that engaging in any stupid publicity gimmicks. In the end the big idea is that I have become completely inconsolable and very hateful whereas the reality is that they show up to play with me and create the statements that allow criminal popular culture goons to cash into my public image then return with a community organised on blame culture to cling to my income margins and claim it’s a problem I am meant to solve simply because I wrote a Book and it appears to them to be the best way to associate with other people’s products – the wealthier ones will pick on me before they handle the society ones that chase their bottoms, so that I might have assumed it’s their money getting to their heads but will sooner had found they love doing it too often thus it must be about the fact there is something about me which facilitates it or I have something they really want – the middle income ones are the ones that really love ripping up my business empire all together and spend most of their time using the business structures of their employers to chase my income margins and assume if they speak of online abuses, I will fall into a trap, while most of the time they sign up to online accounts to bully people because they are famous and call up a crowd that will help them attack people to make fame and riches but when old have religious people they can attack to recover their normalcy when all they needed was a job routine and we all know the inability to leave culture and society where it should be is never something they practice on their own colleagues, nor have we ever heard them stop claiming people are the Monarchy are bullies and bully them on my behalf. In terms of the social media ones of which just like the case of the North Korean leader speaking of uncontrollable Nuclear war with the Americans while his whole family was there when the cold war kicked up and was just as grateful as the rest of us were when it came to end, talking rubbish; they sign up to peoples social media and pretend they can do whatever they like with others, so what we find is that when it’s a crime the Police are onto it but when somebody has had them so well marked out and is not falling short of any social media rules for it, nobody can call it a crime – in my case it’s usually assumed that sitting in the Office of a Company to deploy its social media as a means of tackling my income margins, then calling on popularity goons to play the extremism card and chase me about especially in the US is something I cannot stop or handle and are finding out they are wholly wrong as well; they said I issued lots of ultimatums for what will happen this month on if these things had not stopped, so I am assuming they expect a warning before they are wailing and weeping as well to make them spend their time wasting somebody else’s time, messing up my Office space everyday somewhere else. They do claim I do not really own anything I have laid claims to but we all know that is a lie – we all know its tough building an empire and breaking it up to broker the equities and sell Books for a living and we all know it gets tougher when people have set up such statements to run over and over and over on media with plans to have a share of it in ways that are not civil. So the reason it happens is the deadlocked arguments that it is how capitalism works, when we all know if somebody invested £100 and earned a 50% profit, then asked for more money from the public because he could triple the profits and pay them 10% on their investment, what happens is that interested parties invest their money and expect their returns, not show up on media to tackle other people’s property because they have made an investment but we all know it happens because these goons will have everything at any cost. What we are talking about here is a character on media who does strange and evil things to people to keep the job, does strange and evil things to his colleagues to secure the best news slots and when he finds others enjoying what they own too much, he starts a show to ensure everybody is in a mess whereby he will end up in a better mess because he has media to decide what the public thinks by – what they are doing is insert an investment into the backbreaking work I do to associate with a community in order to avoid bad crowds while at an investment, spending anything I have given away to facilitate community relations and coming up with ideas that facilitate an outcome where their investment means I do not have the right to feel good on account they have needs, talking nonsense about me heading to the gym before they had stopped being so insulting and ripping up my Books after using it to boost their income. The benefit of it all being naturally that the goons whose money exist for fighting others now have to constantly face a group of people who want to provide a service in a way that takes it from them as well – as for me they say I am cursed and these things are the kinds of life that awaits people who do not respect their parents but we know the last time they needed to prove it, they needed an entire Parliament and National Media and Civil service to do so, when another occasion arrives at a point at which putting out my feelings to be hurt by my parents which shows I am disrespectful gives way to a set amount of time I have and a deadline in play, it appears they will have need of the entire world then by such a time. They do claim I have not got the ability to support myself when people fight on my behalf but we all know it’s what people say to me that rather does tend not to support such a theory; we all know my bottom hurts because they are telling me somebody got killed by security services on my account but it is the hurting of my bottom itself which does tell the fact they were trying to kill somebody. We see them at it all the time, public disobedience and certain targeted persons they were grooming as the investment on which their whole world depends and then they are the only ones that can play off extremism card to get what they want, when women want to have anal sex after giving birth it becomes one of their main concerns on account they have gay communities and there is no way in their view that anybody could control their behaviour, so it’s a winning gimmick. In the end there is a problem they have with Royalty having the state provided security that means they always want to put their celebrity private security industry ones against it endlessly and these are the things that allow eventualities where the best way to express their hate is usually to suggest they love; just as we see those tales about the mental health of Mr Trump when all he did was ask his subordinates to secure the health system and other vital systems before the next agenda was pursued. They simply have to make money in this way and I still have the three simple house rules as it were; no peddling of my Faith, no peddling of my Personal life, no peddling of my Public image as it were - it’s he story at the heart of me denying I am constantly being attacked and abused, which is true but they are not faring excellently either - the money mad insulting civil rights women who must waste people’s lives to sell things and make profit hate my guts while nobody knows why the Men have to show up on my case from civil rights Africa and civil rights USA and nobody knows why I feel they have to go against this rule as well anyway, all we know is that like the British ones make people's stomach churn, it is the only thing we talk about most of the time, while they show up in public places to provide a service that involves so called insolent young people putting their bodies between the communities and neighbourhood gangs all the time and the Celebrities enjoy attacking me for trophy that facilitates getting rich and famous and making connections with rich people - goes back to the initial aspects that were about sex, which soon developed into a reputation and then sexual context abuse. I really do not know why people have become so concerned about the recent changes and state of affairs we have at present. It is all as it should be as far as I am concerned – people have gone off to build new civil rights which they can keep depending on how much insults and abuses I have to suffer at their hands bearing in mind there is any much they can do about me on the face of this planet all together as it were. I am not saying they never had a right to exist or anything like what they suggest when they see I have spent more time in my Continent of origin while they have never once visited it in their whole lives, claiming I am some sort of new black racist; they have always had an inability to exist without being close to the violent and evil aspects of culture and society and so it is difficult here in the UK because the Country is a White ethnic majority Country but still there is the question of what would replace the present state of affairs if we all got the racists to stop racism which by the way we all should and the Politicians be it the racists are swept aside for the purpose or not, got them what they wanted bearing in mind the standard they think we should all live by all together: so it has done new civil rights, toppled some ancient statues and I do not think it is too bad too, just what will be left of it if it cannot stop passing abuses and insults that it finds profitable my direction, since that will cause me to take it down as well (again). They speak of abusive things white people get up to which is pretty much an old story; there is a goon in the neighbourhood, he has a problem with my personal space and will not let me breathe, so there is a white man that enjoys fingering my bum and making me sore all over and perpetually tired on account I am not getting into a fight and then we will see the scumbags with the energy they have left, show up to express the fact they cannot make money in any manner which does not involve performing a service that gets insolent young people according to them, to put their bodies between violent gangs and the rest of society – it is the reason they hate my guts so much as it were. They can have their new civil rights, if it means that I can breathe as well. The being successful story is an old one: I really do not know why they bring it up since all it does to do so is cause me to secure myself commitment towards making them keep off my Books and their fingers off my Bum lest I break that stupid media for them and supervise them spend their time talking nonsense at their fucking mates, since I do not build the atmosphere at their Book writers office for their stupid beauty sleep and celebrity madness as it were; it is the oldest problem in the Books, they simply cannot leave people alone. The ones that say I wouldn’t say these things where it mattered, we all know are trying to take over a Royal Estate these days, an old story where they get to decide which wealth is built to dizzying heights that was their own to build and how it unfolds as it were; where we all know it is like women wearing Jewellery – so that the cleavage is attractive but it’s just normalcy to be distracted by the jewellery, rather than get into bother about the other questions of whose cleavage it is – you cannot go out there and perform some mad crazy killer bull routine at a stock market where there are 50 brokers with 10 bad ones, since we have 40 good ones to go by. Pretty much the same as politics that is the reason these goons are always talking nonsense at me i.e. Politicians wrecking my finances to let them get their money off the tax payer through development programmes and show up here to express something about Public disobedience I can do nothing about and we all know it is systematically becoming a case where the Politicians are happy to see me do something about it, which will let them find out what I really hate is the 50.00pm routine where the headlamps come on and the evils of the day they claim are jobs have been done and that saying so has never really been a bluff. As for the royal estate they will take over, that is to do with terrorism providing them an incentive to tackle the religion people practice in their personal lives, knowing they will end up working the religion too when I squeeze them for it but think they will use terrorism to provide themselves with power and dominance which of course isn’t really happening in my case – just an old matter of the lies the tell, the religion I do with their personal lives thereby provoking them being how they drive Buses and so on and then a tale of what I wouldn’t say where it really mattered. It feeds into that case where it is said that we British have been encroaching on German Manufacturing territory which is utter nonsense; we have always built things with quality in mind and this allows us to take out certain expensive aspects later to make products that poorer people can buy. The Germans are the ones who do efficiency all together i.e. if a graph plots how economy has grown, turn it upside down and it will plot how the economy would plummet, then think about the maths and science while you are at it – so it plays out that if a German made a Pigeon hole, the area in which the lock is located would be of a stronger, different or thicker material and then there would be design features around it to make the product as a whole pleasing, which adds up to direct mathematical and science based efficiency, while the British will make it one material that is strong enough to hold the lock, if it be too expensive, then so be it and then the later consideration will be that of the fact that for instance a food container with a string mess at the fulcrum area would add £30 to the price of a food container which only somebody will millions of pounds in saving would be able afford but leaving that area of the plastic flexible to allow opening and closing will mean that such a container can only last 18 months at most but since the price will be around £2 anybody can afford it, which makes business work. It’s a matter of the right time to discuss such matters when it is seen showing up all over the markets, since doing so at the wrong time creates outcomes where those who are finding out crime does not pay will locate ways of making money while they have not given up the criminal lifestyle. I would rather likely say anything I want where I want to say it otherwise. It’s like they say the Germans are big show lovers which is true to a certain extent, but it is the Spanish that are best at Crowd service. The other side of this story is of course that People want the British to take up Global Leadership which of course it’s difficult to see what is convincing people that we are not anyway: it’s a usually a matter of simple maths i.e. the more people who think that Jobs and Careers and Academics and Security is more important than all the other influence and power stuff are living human beings and not memories, is the more stability we end up having and of course it’s always said the Americans use and abuse but the Americans let us lead where we are good, what creates the confusion and crises being that of Europeans making a mess of it and then becoming really shocked at outcomes such as Brexit happening. They do claim I never really make it clear that I condemn racism but what is the joy is seeing a condition where somebody as a result of no apparent provocation attacks another person very violently, save the fact it sets the stage for those who wish to do perform such behaviour in order to grab wealth and property to do it while having somebody to blame as well? In the end I have taken certain measures to ensure Politicians toe the line i.e. when people knock on the door of armed robbers as well as that of Police Officers to win elections, it has now been made clear to them that scaling the state provided security fences to make my life difficult for bully’s fun especially will lead to serious and consequential results as these trouble makers will be allowed an insight into how their government office job works as well and then they can deploy what I go to the shops to spend my hard earned money to buy and return home to build for myself and family to run their career alongside their media fools, drag me out of University to sit about reacting to the stupidities of their culture and society goons and pass their exams in order to return to popular culture that they did not actually need the exams for in the first place and threaten me with some backup on the right hand side whose existence makes them a radical type from there as well. I have done this and having done so is not to say every goon can get on my public image to glorify themselves over their stupid civil rights as well, so they really do need to give it a rest: I am talking from the position of somebody who sees people just get off and start a story about how I am one of their kids that they need to control on whom their future depends, progressing to laying up popularity culture pipelines from the US to Japan across this Estate and garnishing the trouble they make with stories about being the lost tribe of Israel – thus considering 6 million Jews were gassed during world war two for instance, it is impossible to understand the precise reasons why anybody would behave in such ways; so they do not get to think it is apt to show up on my concerns to glorify themselves like we see them do all the time and as for the Media, those think they are not on anybody’s side and their pain is not hurting badly enough either, what they suppose they have become in a bunch of bullies, which I think is a position that exists only in their dreams as well. Now they say I am getting into trouble with The Queen and the Politicians are becoming more confident in the Country and I couldn’t understand what propels them to such behaviour for my part anyway; all I can say is that one day we will find this whole process where I have to handle stupid people which is not to say they are a threat to others but are likely to become one if they decide to be, will give way to letting the stupid Politicians have it their way with the Monarch as much as they wish too. It’s a known fact that if the Queen wants us out of the EU and I have some ideas by the way side, should the Monarch learn of those ideas, One will not be very pleased with them but that said, it is my work which HM approves that everybody is talking about all over the world – especially the part where I may find myself looking into a person’s gaze as they look at mine, to find out they have no way of defending themselves should they run into trouble for instance, which is why it is not necessarily the celebrities and super models who take their clothes off to do a job, which predisposes them to weakness, that is the main worry even though at some stage being they are usually silly people, can progress to a threat if they want it to be but even so, it is the University graduate that will grab my public image on account she already knows how to handle herself. What we find these Political idiots do is complain all the time at the Houses of Government and then show up on Media to issue threats at me when they are done influencing the decisions of the Monarchy with those threats at well and what they make of those decisions on media is never linked to reality as they continue that streak where they tell lies uncontrollably all of the time – what we find is that the Queen has adopted this position where people tell her I am bad and end up with questions as per whether they are dealing with a battle or getting into a fight as a result of it, what they make of it on media is that there is always something for me to do or correct about myself and cannot keep their fingers off my Bum. In the end we hear those stupidities we find Americans providing leadership for concerning freedom and we find that what it really means is that although I have told people it is never acceptable to pretend to be me, their freedom is still about cordoning areas of communities while others are not looking to round up women and have a certain kind of sex and this will be the part where they claim to be doing me favours too; so we find that they are always complaining about me as well and will blow off their big mouth about what I cannot do just before we find them complain about the United States of America not being what they thought it was and yet nobody has laid a hand on them more so, so far. In the end we all know even what I have said here will set out a new thing they can copy to make me history and handle my person but that would never have been a surprise since it is clear they are always talking about my tummy because their minds are so stupid there is no aspect of anything I say which they can understand no matter how many times or for how long I may have done so – translating into the fact they are stupid but being a threat is a matter of a question as per what the exact stage is that they have become one; so we know stupid people are not a threat, although celebrities are stupid most of the time, it is the University graduates that have worked out a way to grab my Public image and the same applies to everybody in public Office (The Political Class has run this nonsense along with the upper lower classes telling everybody else how to exist by means of threats and sexual context abuses to such an extent and we all know the brain was empty to begin with, nobody knows what we are to do with them now that this nonsense is the only thing in it all together).

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