Naturally the risks of selling equities extends from the viciousness and violence of the trappings of the wickedness and generally wickedness of cultural power, by which insults eventually get to transpire on Media that men can ask questions with respect to property and in this case mine, to the effect of creating me security costs on which their activities make them extra money, this vandalism has respect for nothing and is basically usually a process of earning my income with some other product instead of working for their own, asking questions with regards to what is fact or fiction thereof. Bearing in mind as such then that this firm operates at the market on book sales and briefed equities and securities, this happening while their women locate the Christian that will be forced to fight for them while they are decadent on account they are women means a wide ranging responsibility and this is always before gangs become a real issue as dig whispered and invited by them, by which time they are Politicians and profess to be responsible for the damages no longer, at least in their view, especially damages which are associated with wealth grabbing; associated with question of where on earth the wealth is supposed to have come from and whatever on earth people are busy grabbing and more so with respect to their wickedness, violence and trappings of power that later tend to be so funny on Public media when the real meaning have been actualised in a condition where they suppose that there can be no consequences. Naturally, they spend more time doing so than they spend time realising they need money because they intend to provide through Politics and violence and the fact others have got too much of it because they were selfish enough to work for it, which is what makes their socialist platform and its complicity with the worst ideologies of wickedness and evil important and effective. What really creates an issue being that after it must have over a period of time been Government Policy to behave in such ways, to fund deviance and vandalism at the end of which they need money, damage more of other people’s livelihood to create a powerful effect when they get it from the treasury on account that they have, which later becomes funny and then the bragging thereof, which means the victim can do nothing about it. Obviously those who practice such things are usually used to leaving a mess that violence and war in society can play around with after they get rich, to the thievery supported with the notion that people like or love me is simply developed by those who think we are going to keep those things that usually through stealing and abuse is taken away from the owners, while my life which is associated with it is collected over a period of time, until enough had been gathered to make me irrelevant, has been realised over years of temporary abuse allowed by civil rights when the same civil rights will not tolerate it by law, based on claims to fundamental rights and wealth distribution. It therefore makes so much sense when wealth distribution is against those that they have over a period of abuse become financially better off than, bearing in mind that public funds were their personal and private property as it were and that it is everybody that goes along with the notion it is legitimate Government Policy, agreed and hushed up as a community and society and played out in Politics for fun before financial issues begin to become the problem associated with those that can get the so claimed problems settled all over again, which is the only lucrative reason politicians do Politics obviously, where people expect to get away with  it or thereof never pay for the products they abuse or destroy; all of which is at the same time to be put into some kind of agreed based history that "everybody" can tap into in order to get rich, hence very little comes forth to public of the wickedness which the chuckle over the deviousness is an open secret. These are of course, besides the 'pay me for my wickedness and I will later find it funny' games, the most reliable indication of the operations of con artists and organised criminals that Politicians must have become very acquainted with i.e. individuals that have been given tax payer funds recently to get out of illegal trades because somebody has completely destroyed the power associated with it, to set up phoney legitimate ones that form a platform for revenge instead of business, on which they already suppose an entire economy will be based, for the purpose of attacking those who simply see the wealth and want to have a go at them by being one of those, therefore and others will wait for that to happen too otherwise they would have acquired reputations of cowardice, while the Politicians responsible get into government buildings to pretend they own it and have no idea how provocative doing this really is. Obviously apart from owning your property for you because they need to hurt themselves by the existence of rich people by themselves and will never let you do it by becoming successful with what you have, people just get up and attack both criminals and barely criminal and especially so they would over their business and livelihood as it were, whereby individuals that run fronts of legitimate businesses for them (whether or not they consciously support them of which is irrelevant: bearing in mind they don't have to as they always do with their arrogance, ego and insults, generally trying to rule those that are greater than them through personality wars by making scandals out of other people's income or businesses, with a completely irregular sense of right and wrong supported only by the suffering of others and their desire to know or get closer to somebody that is of higher authority or power at the right time to in order to as other than the person whose property they target as plans to get rich) and Governments that support them as well as Government Officials that support them, there are always some kind of insecurity for other people’s products because of some opinion or something that seems to have been cultural norm that such a person is not aware of which is completely irrelevant unless they are the ones people are doing it to because such persons are not interested like in my case for example. In the Financial Markets they always wish to go after some modern insolent process of somebody being branded seer by them, of doing business with the very process of the securitisation of the effects of these things on the open economy, which I have created and not the actual equities I have made economically available - for the purpose of the job of which I must sell my books to consummate them. In the process as such they will be the rich irresponsible idiots that destroy parts of their business and my entire marketplace and then start a fight to make me pay, claiming the reasons was that nobody gets to tell them what to do with their own money. Further picked up by their silly women as a description of what is to them, stillborn acts on my part of desperately trying to live off my own property, which becomes something funny on Public and especially on public television and I for my part will also deem one more act of attack on my book sales, especially those that have to do with what fathers deserve as compared to me and more so when they are black, to be an act of squaring up for one. One of the major issues around this matter of security and its brokerage is of course the careers of their incredibly stupid children who are the reason behind how there are endless reasons and induced conversations about wrecking mine to give them inspiration; largely a function, naturally, of course, of an intense and incredible level of disrespect for others. This is a matter mostly of the kind of information people conspire among themselves to give to each other and their siblings, it can be concerning because of its violent content but I do not suppose there is a use for it either, they actually expect to be able to describe others as stupid in future with it when they go along with it as a function of something claimed by them to be a direction towards success and a process of dealing with frustrations, while they are always entirely destructively and insolently based on other people’s careers; people who have refused to give them inspiration as they love to claim the case is i.e. destruction that everybody else should be a mug for by accepting their explanations and rewarding them therefore with either money and or jobs they know nothing about. The offer of power is the condition in which they describe it as inspiration that is necessary for success, on account I suppose, that the world revolves around them and this is the problem that must be settled on this occasion, as it is no longer a thing that can be ignored with respect to an increasing desire these places and creates for power and the offer of abusing me that they propose too, most favourite of theirs for these games, apart from the civil service being the Media and Politics and so is the entire purpose of it expressed thus - less must be said about the fact it is hurting people to get rich each time they get their hands on any.

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