Indeed I have put these packaged security bundles into writing and contrary to the notion I cannot defend them because they leave much to be desired on account that some people just always want to be in a condition where the idea that material things belong to other, so unless given legally or sold can never be their own or indeed make a living with it, which is a sensibility that prevails much when foolish women that wreck my property with intent of making me angry enough to have sex with them, especially when they come from the United States of America and think curtesy is the aspect of life you get to keep to yourself, while stupid friends in Africa get a lot of attention to travel to the UK to pretend to have social powers that women should normally have or the men travel to the UK to claim to have found a place where it is easy to get rich and so it is not possible to buy them as books-the literary aspects of which are purely entertainment in nature and serve their purpose in that respect. However, they all comprise of nothing else but pages and pages of written Business and Financial equity. So, One gets informed a lot that he makes these things up as he goes along but what really happens rather is that I write some things because of what I know and write other things because of what I have done and the need therefore to tell people I have done it and hurting them too when they hurt me works along these lines. The way it works is that if I want to write securities to do with economic recovery, then what I do is the job and after which I put down the securities and equities with which I did it from my Office, so people can buy that. It is rather unfair when they suppose my office offers up teases for their wickedness, I do not have to be accountable to their foolishness. The idea they put forward is that their problem is the price of the creation of my books themselves, which has no bearing with reality when there is death everywhere in the air around me bred by insolent lower classes I wish to stay away from, the rest of facts about how the books are created of which will be settled by history. All they need and all they know they need can only be fleeced off me, this is what their status is and such lies are just a process of criminals taking others for fools, it is always found somewhere in my life and I intend they let the customers and myself decide that for ourselves for our protection and security; as for the products, they are perfectly fine and more so as some ideologies must be left where they are found whenever they are, otherwise it will never be good enough to just tell me I make these things up at some point. It is therefore of no use when people complain about the things I do to other people’s business and their devised means of getting rich, when there is no other way to sell securities that cost up to £50.00 a piece in a condition where my entire Literary Empire and the System by which the securities are supported lays in tatters on account that some people are the big boys and have got media and politics or either of the two and like the idea of a weak me while they devise a certain society that is based on abusing me as violently and provocatively and insolently as they like, which they feel is what civil rights exists to buy them time to do. I intend to restore the empire as well, as there is no known alternative way to sell these Equities and Securities or indeed earn a living and raise enough funds to fulfil all the roles of royal office; it is my property and I need not answer to anybody about how much I have in actual fact nor will anybody take advantage of me for that fact, unless they have a separate planet to run to - this is a measure of how simple it was before they got involved uninvited. Of course, I am playing around annoyingly with the influence and power of the United States of America in and over the world and for me too, there is an alternative United States of America somewhere else that I can go to do the things I want to do with a United States of America, since the one that is currently is not playing my game. This I suppose therefore is not hurting badly enough yet apparently. Hence their lies and insult people are doing things that belong to them, thinking they should practice how to insult people and move them on and do what people should be doing for themselves to get rich and then move into people's right is acceptable, which is where their games have bumped into something too. It is the point of having to make progress with intense destruction I would like to deter them by mentioning the process of security there is here and why they need to stay off my income, security which involves confronting them for fun, protecting the market for my books and making sure Celebrities chosen and Fans of mine are spending anything that results from my problems when needed, bearing in mind my allies and friends in Royal circles and my work too. With respect to the issue of International development and the discussions governments have around this firm, there are no threats of any kind except that of governments playing fun games of provocation and destruction that men who like to be fathers that cause others setbacks they cannot recover from in order to get involved with jobs they know nothing about, to force others to share income really love because they think all everybody else can so is demand them to be rich which they will be only when they can keep it all to themselves and everybody else is poor and while they complain with the provocative power seeking Politics, they never mention alongside the process of complains and demands for quick changes that will secure them privileges of injustice, which I find very frustrating, considering those fathers that like to get involved with jobs they know nothing about to damage peoples earnings and finances are good people as it were. I say that in the UK we should not be surprised when Politicians begin to choose a different Politics to avoid me, before I spend so much time, no matter how long, trying to make sense of why they like to annoy and insult me so regularly that I forget they are making sure they can control every aspect of my earnings while they are at it. So I do suppose the big question is whether it is in my interest for Politicians to use International development as a route to corruption, along the lines of the fact that they think it is funny to ask me for things that they are certain I will never give them which is incredibly insulting; the answer to this is 'yes'; it is in my interest for Politicians to be corrupt over international development and the major reason for this is the matter of the securing processes of the less politicians know because of their personal corruptions and unaccountability, which works along the lines of my human rights; people can say 'no' to them of course if they want but as it stands it is too late to do but however which there is still record of income I had lost at a time when it was not - for the essence of using other people’s jobs to do things being monumental stupidities are very costly for others to tolerate and then the daily mockery of claiming it is a form of power while they trying to run a livelihood or an economy. The fact however behind why we ask these kinds of questions these days of course is that other people’s existence no matter who are never recognised by socialists while they complain of disrespect to cover their tracks. I mean we can see socialist governments are leaders of thieves basically and that the man at the top is the one that gets to work for the country by turning against his own thieves. How they become the democratic and liberal ones is a conundrum nobody will ever understand except that we can clearly see that they do not recognise other people’s existence and it plays out all the time in public i.e., they have their own politics but are always running other people’s own and other people live. Here in the UK the way that plays out at Parliament is that they tend to forget the name for their position as it stands 2012 is 'the opposition'; so what they do all the time is contrary what exists really within the parameters of their organisation, the only obligation required of them being that of the need to scrutinise government Policy for the tax payer and set out arguments with the government about the contents of their own. For me personally it seems that their popular  and their celebrity culture especially the music industry will not let my business grow on a daily basis from that old cultural wickedness thing and I mean zero sales made to happen by other people’s hands and so if it carries on like this, so we are clearly moving to the point where we will have to work out exactly how much of that stupid Pop music the Christian Prince really likes, towards a reckoning over it. I have mentioned it because they clearly know how to identify threats others issue in their direction how they feel they are on a high - I mean the idiots have an eye for the finer things in life obviously. It’s like when their Politicians tell me it is my fault they do those things they do, so that when we consider that 'I am a female reporter and he likes to attack me with public violence and sexual narcissism and so I mess around with a Prince and it hurts them badly and now it hurts them good all over again and I can exist,' it leads to an attack on me where people move into my right to help stupid girls to my earnings, about which it is my fault. It is not to say we will see the end of complaints about how what I say and do are a function of complains about my own problems that are born out of a desire to hurt myself with a religious belief and the notion others have no right to dominate me, then tell other people about what others have done to me, which I suppose I have the right to spend a lot of other people’s time and right to fame to bring to public notice. The reasons for this is that Politicians that work for them are never really content with getting on Public places to tell them to vandalise my property and loot it because they are seeking social equality but also love to pretend that they own me and the scenario by which that happens as a matter of an attachment to their career prospects is something they believe everybody gets along with, which is what creates the need for them to back it up as well and they hate to do so much but will not give up and find their own level. However, for the people themselves it seems that when others are so good at wrecking peoples’ livelihoods but tend to have enough problems to seek social equality and wealth distribution with at the same time, while others will work for the money, they are afraid of being told about the problems. In the end it is all baffling to me how possible it is that people think that other people, especially a person who offers up for a living Intellectual Property Administration solution, does not know that Media and Politicians do Civil rights because it is a convenient con. The part where the meaning and purpose of such things is to force me to have problems that involve everybody's problems, that I am get out in public to talk about because it is the only way to solve it but will get to mean that they move into my right and have no regard for my property or privacy - then carry out pre-emptive attacks to foil my revenge and self-protection while getting on mental illness for me propelled high about the domination of heir wickedness that everybody will get along with because they are using me to acquire power for it. Then claim I have obtained help to talk about it in private, which then goes public and such that it gets to affect how they live their insolent lives and that it needs to be stopped, while I take care of anything they have as leverage which has caused them the ego by which they act towards me in such ways, which is natural of course as the part where what they want has been done but better people, as I would never survive or have the right to live or exist unless they say so, if I did not. The world is an evil place of course and they have danced around me for quite long enough especially the black and African ones. I wish to sell books in an evil world, and nothing will stand in the way of that - this again is how simple it was before they got involved. With respect to Politics and Politicians the question is always whether I can do what I have said but it is not the first time I have set out my faith and they have understood I have enough connections and support all over the world to make a process of intolerance for their cultural wickedness a reality; the last time it happened they became half Politicians have Christians, half club life and drug baron clients and half Christians, half Media scum half Christians etc, to show that they are really part of all I do but I cheat them out of everything, which shows they deserve to use my work and property to build a fighting force of their own.

I. Uno I

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