They do claim I believed Industry people got along with me while they did not and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that I now have no relationship with character that have taken their need to shoot off their mouth in terms of demagogues which impress them the most about my Bookshop until the Clients felt it was too much trouble to engage, on account they were in the company of colleagues, talking rubbish about the way I picked up a job that was too big for me and should have been their own. On the Internet I had no relationship with them save a publicity gimmick that involved handling service processes to get to my earning margins and it is about to end very badly for the bottom chasing patriarchy stupidities targeting me all the time as well – I intend to ensure they faced so much trouble, their entire lives where about work, family concerns and shopping. The Celebrities on the other hand are entering a stage where the money they made plugging their gimmicks into my social life will no longer be factor, since the business of doing it while picking up my income is also completely unnecessary, and they have made it out to be instances where they got rid of all their enemies and made me a into a lucrative big enemy that gives them greater rewards. It has been 20 years of this nonsense and it now needs to move on, as there was a real prospect, I will not be able to recover my finances through the Bookshop – whilst the matter of it being a product of their need to pick up what the Royal Family and the Queen thinks of me, is about to develop into a point of hatred by which we got our daily concerns fulfilled i.e. I intend to ensure the Celebrity money was no longer a factor and if they lost it in the process, its just good riddance while the business of the idea I am squeezing the public was simply another group of idiots fooling around as we can see that none is paying them to feel entitled to my career, should they have showed up here to engage with Books instead of practical jokes, the problem would never have arisen. They always planned to handle my concerns as a tool for fighting their corner in life obviously, they would then have it by being so abusive and so insolent as it were.

They do claim that they were working to stop me handling people which is utter rubbish – it is supposed to play out as a three part story, westerners with their market practical jokes, played into other peoples personal finances – Communist business men who never take anything seriously in their lives – our Middle East friends with men’s sale job, so I suppose the threats imply those feeble gimmicks they perform with their celebrities will be enough to prevent me from posing a danger to them, instead of not picking up my PR and my income margins, now that their disrespect had come to a head. They claim that they found me irritating – we have been doing this for 20 years, it is nothing but a history of men ripping up my career and social life because of their personal decisions and we know their stupidities were not paying the bills yet: something about those gimmicks where it gestures me to the left, I could never understand what it meant but I know that their grandmothers cannot stop handling other peoples children because they were conducting tribalism raids to create market on other peoples lives and property, in the US resulting in mass shootings and in the UK in street stabbings. If they gesture me to the left, I suppose it was an insult but they likely meant it in a violent manner with a big mouth – so I suppose in terms of the violent manner, we have never really been told how their left and right gestures came to be, why they use it to run off societies that existed in secret which was used to funnel peoples wealth into their lives and to build communities that got imagination up peoples bottoms, talking rubbish at me as if what they were saying was the law of the land, about which we usually find out what it was when we end up in the Law Courts – what they needed to know of my view of it is that it had no meaning and no purpose, people may avoid complaining about me when they do not raise the point in my case, as I would have had to explain it to the Monarch at some stage if I got caught up in it. So we can see for what they were irritated at, they were upper class and could never carry on without engaging in these sorts of life damaging stupidities which effects they blamed others for as well.

The point is raised about the Russia – NATO crisis in Ukraine but we know it had since developed into a question of what we have and what we do not have; so we know that if this was a matter of Russians understanding the no mans land between communism and democracy was a place where they should expect to see people from the west as much as the west expected to see them, it would not have developed into the crisis that it had become – same applicable to the fact that the business of Russia putting up arms in land that belongs to Russia while NATO puts up arms in territories that belonged to its allies does not really make any sense although it is a dangerous standoff, the underlying factors being such reality where a bunch of patriarchy bottom chasing idiots have been running around the world with US dollars, making trouble for everybody and we are caught up with their gimmicks because we consistently show indications we wanted to live in the world where we banter to their bidding, whilst in reality they are simply characters that we get caught up with when we abandon official positions people who have been driven mad by other peoples social status: so they are all over my case because of the Prince of Wales (who appears to be seeking instances where the Heir to the Throne can go certain places to gamble away his fortune, starting off with claims his mother is dredging the society of men so he had nothing to rule with, whilst on the background I should be poor until he is King, which I did not take seriously until I ended up dropping out of University) while the Americans who get them all over my case, need stop complaining and get out of it. They claim it is an example of the fact I am not passionate about anything but they have not answered the question even though I am sore all over, the question of what their plans were in an instance where they were forced to do things which they had to leave behind at the battle field because it was not compatible with general population civil living, in terms of which I am doing a better fighting than they are, while they showed up here with insults to get me losing grounds that I gain. I do get told the crisis still comes back to me and I am keeping vital secrets but I am not – it is the insolence these people run off all day long which had become their biggest problem; the Politicians take down my measures and hang about at parliament goading me while they found themselves and opportunity to decide how I ought to exist because I dared to have possessions that they did not and they made my life hell over it. Not that it is an issue as it appears all Politicians in Parliament were the Prime Minister, so they had to win elections while I set about telling these gits how the best parts of their jobs worked, once they support the trouble makers to a point of no return. The point is that I am an Arch Prince with duties to the Church and if I am not protecting people from societies that are developed to get imagination up peoples bottoms, get wives and husbands to give up on matrimony and career etc, then I am not fulfilling my duties, not least so because it is tied to my personality, I am known to be very good at it: they claim this was a matter of cowardice on my part, people like me talking about it and doing nothing but there is nothing to do about it, there is no physical contact just a lot of insults that gets you taking leave of your career to spend time on making decisions about their civil rights ego taking an interest in your career, such that they were made to understand that further interference will get something else coming to them all together, while their stupidities hung about trying to make the most of your public image instead of getting a job, to avoid being criminals outright – it hangs about somewhere seeking out your personal life, finances and social life to make a proper mess out of it and does not really affect me, only gets imagination up my bum when Celebrities are involved and Celebrities do what they do to make it happen because they were famous people who were also incredibly stupid at the same time. Now we had since arrived at a stage where I said that they were on one side while the public work was on the other, zen zone achieved, then they change it for practical jokes when they are not blabbing insults about the reasons I should be serving them because their stupidities were more important – so I have since advanced it to another zen zone where people who get imagination up my bum were the same as the famous idiots, soon to embark on a process of making sure their stupid money was no longer a factor in this place. They do raise the point about my single status and Princess Beatrice of York but that was a case where HRH was off playing around with my love life, then her people made so much trouble about the idea that we were in love, she bowed to pressure and married somebody else, facts were revealed where they realised I was the better partner, so they had to create this outcome where people didn’t marry me, they married somebody else and got what they wanted from me. So apart from the Prince of Wales, the rest were usually likely to find somebody they can marry in terms of the idea that such a person will have married my concerns, such that we are now talking about people finding me irritating and a need for people to come up with a process of making sure I was kept away from others, whilst it is easier to stop picking up my PR i.e. everything I did which factored into what people wanted to be part of at the Bookshop and my income margins facilitated by both my patents and the intentions of Clients who obtained services and marked out income to acquire a copy of the Books.

They do claim they had created me a sordid existence which they had not – I do all the things I do because I want to do them, the stress is a product of their distant violence and the distant violence was a product of saying that two persons were in love, sometimes they were apart from each other, somebody then got involved with that gap and made it violent to achieve his money making madness which will cause the victims pain all day long and everyday. It is an example of the vileness of fame idiots before we hear them complaining and is developing into a statement whereby they will hear from me a lot, that we are not mates and others were doing their gangs and crime for them. The rest was the homosexuals running around the City to decide how much respect was to be given to their tribalism raid CEOs who never stopped making stupid statements about me picking up a  career that was too big for me and should have been their own until they crash my Book sales unnecessarily, every day. They claim nobody in their right mind would allow me a relationship with their daughters but none was asking them as such either, we cannot be free of their stupidities building a family life where people are working careers on account they were destructive, opportunistic, self centred, lazy twats and no Royalty wants a relationship with them either – that said, the lower classes want you to make them financially comfortable before a relationship is considered and when it had been achieved you had no idea what they were doing anymore, in the upper class, it was more a matter of who wanted to marry position or power and it is their need to interfere with my availability and that of their stupid celebrities to pick up my PR and earnings which had led to what we are currently doing. In the end if parents would not give their daughters to me it already indicates that all this mess is a product of my single status and the way that Celebrities turned up on it to blow kisses at criminals on my Public image, then finish off building places people can go to claim my career as their own, so if I kept them informed of the career all day so they may continue to make a mess of it deciding how I am to exist, they could claim that career as their own; there is already enough bottom chasing gimmicks to indicate that I would likely get hitched with somebody who had a bad daddy, which is none of their business and that stupid idea that I liked anal sex while they had no way to prove that I did. In the end we see them pay the price for it, no longer just LGBT, now LGBTQ+ but the need to show up and make a mess about which I had to interfere with their sexual relationships because it is not enough to just say I am not gay, until some are cured of it and all could see that none was born homosexual while the rest found it painful, they never stop. In fact we have now got new German influence twats with ideas about what I did and said which I will take back, if their stupidities had access to CCTV and I think that I am going to fuck the patriarchy up for them properly if they were to shut it down and move off. So, it has been 20 years.

They do claim I behaved as if I am cursed while I am not – I am not cursed in anyway, they simply need to stop picking up my income and my PR first of all and secondly, I don’t hate people you only get tangled up with when you abandon an Official position, it is a matter of leadership fortitude – this matter of people realising that showering me with insults will wreck my Royal finances and give them opportunities to seek things they have never had has been going on for long enough – as I mentioned, we have done 20 years, it needs to move on or I will move it. Generally however, it is not an intention of mine, to put a stop to their fun, as the consequences do suit them well. They do say what they had achieved was a process where I whimpered all day while being beaten by the young people and it is utter nonsense – they are simply hanging about looking for areas of my career, finances and personal well fare to make a proper mess with and it may continue with those gimmicks where I will take back something I said or did and I smelled which will get me into trouble with a big mouth and of course fail to realise that they were not a main concern as if they were, they would have been able to make sense of instances where a decision had to be made on whether or not they want to stop handling me. In effect they currently all look like they would love me to get out of a hermitage and clash with them and it is about to happen when their celebrities continued to pick up my income and PR, while their stupidities got to gesture me to the left. I do get told that I brought these upon myself and now what I am doing and what Government is doing with me had become very confusing which it had not – these goons suggested they were working areas of market where people chased bottoms but now we know they want nothing else but to pick up my income and my PR; before then I went to University and they tore it down, I devised a process to broker equity with companies at a Royal Hermitage and they trashed it, either way I believe they are working areas of market where people chased bottoms and I think they are so fed up with it they cannot do a thing without handling me, so I am set to confiscate it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland