They do boast that as long as a situation existed where they can act in way which shows they only had to think about themselves by bullying me to secure business deals and play with rich people, there was nothing I could do about them and it is utter nonsense. First of all, I do not engage with this kind of industry because it is borderline criminal, in effect it is still stealing from the National earnings and does nothing useful anyway, so it is not really borderline, I am simply speaking of immediate legality, when it shoots off its big mouth about the sense I am not the best place for people to be while its ability to solve immediate financial problems was the correct one – for my part however, there is no way I will get into a fight with any scum that fingers their Celebrity bottoms as well, as it is the way to ensure that I too had access to a problem they would want to solve and spent a lot of time an resources to ensure it was always beyond their reach like the Celebrities lead from the front and they do with my Bookshop earnings, to make money as I go along – changes nothing about the fact that stifling my Book sales is the cause of the entire response in itself, unless I write their Books in this place, living on Government support for 7 years because somebody else was having fun with my earnings had to be justified in some way.

The Politicians have suggested it would be nice if I shared the methods by which I got about it and they have suggested there was a history behind their need to run me down and persecute me. For the Politicians, there was not particular skill on the matter, just a measure of their abusiveness and intrusiveness, especially the famous idiots – that they have been attacking me and I have been fighting back, so the option now available for me to get on, is to build up all I had done to hurt them, into a tool that affects their bank balance and run my life on it; my plan is to begin a hatred campaign that targets popularity people. For their part, the history is the claim I have been using them whilst reality is more a matter of State Office wealth equity that was brokered with younger people becoming something they needed after practical jokes that ran me down and wrecked everything to leave me in student loan debt, botched qualification and much more, they needed it to make music that will be popular. I has since denied them access to the whole arrangement but they claim they still had the history which gave them access anyway and it is set to end badly on that front because that history is based on me being attacked so wealthy people may spend money on them, it is based on the destruction of this Bookshop earnings and any prospect of me completing my studies (if I find myself at the backyards of industry again negotiating gimmicks associated with blackmailing employers and industrial property owners at my expense and making me stop people from doing my career at great expense, I will be coming out of it all with a qualification that ensured that they lost their jobs).

The story never thus goes away, that I am on the whole a failure and would never be free of their insolence until I did better but I remember those insolence were always a feature back at school, when people made sense of the world as pupils. I am not the failure it suggests either: the process of completing University studies and getting my finances to fit my position, can be accomplished in 5 years if we began in a week from this moment – the major aspects of my career had been completed; concerning industry, about which if I find myself at the backyard of companies, trying to prevent people picking up my career again, I will secure myself a qualification for the process to solve the problem by making sure they lost the job or pension – in terms of government I had since built up enough equity to say that if the Government wanted to support people who should have picked up the career five years ago today, they would hit the ground running. Suffices to say we are comfortable with their stupidities playing with the Bookshop and complaining about the way the financial mess caused, looked on me. Its big mouth knows no limits naturally but it is nothing save a case of a bunch of idiots who think they were manipulative, celebrities and an interest in another persons reputably built company, as a matter of market that had emerged from an Arch Prince’s business because they thought they were entitled to more convenience but the big problem has always been the Heir to throne being friends of Gold diggers, so the hands of government was tied as per whether at some stage these fools were shown that this nonsense was the way to make a living back at University. My history is that there was a University fiasco years back, after that intellectual property administration was something I did because I wanted people to attack me on the streets for pretending to be more important than I am and now my financial condition is caused by their stupidities saying their survival relied on a process where they got to make sense of what I am doing, like idiots who only understood extreme violence, overall they are clearly no longer society goons, culture gits, celebrity and media at University studying something while trying to mitigate complicated student costs, which is where my finances stopped and it needs to find a real toy or I will find them one. I mean they do claim that my Book provokes them naturally but it really does not – they have spent a decade of my time stifling my finances to discover they could steal my career as well if they wanted to, in a bid to manoeuvre themselves into a position where my Books offended them, I suppose that when it leads to outcomes where I get my hands on the stupid society and culture, they got to see it for the last time ever, then will they figure out what to do with me, if the big mouth could stretch that far. Some people have as such suggested that whether or not my Books had anything to do with them was debatable but it is not, just the part where Clients needed to know I am not mincing facts when it came to interferences about which information and accountability was required, so the gits did show up on the Books to play and now that it is a market item they have to play forever – the alternative being that their stupidities could show up here to draw up controversial market and sell the Books thereof or mind their business and stay away.


They do suggest I brought it all upon myself which is hard to tell, since if I am having my personal and social life immersed in Police work and the social lives of the people in prisons, as a matter of responsibilities linked to celebrity social lives being transferred to me as a matter of superiority, does that imply this was what people did to them at work and that if they spent a portion of their incomes on the problem, they would end up on foodbanks? They do love it I suppose when I use their social lives to build my PR like so, a simple matter of publishing a Book and getting people as excited as I am, has now left me on government support, having my life run my social structures criminals built while those who did, did not wish to engage with the social lives of the criminals on Media everyday. So I have built up the Celebrity bits on my website, so Clients could see where they got involved and applicable consequences of them having done so, at this stage which I should have gained enough control to begin seeing the celebrity suicides show up on the news regularly but it is turned on me by ‘brought it all upon myself’ twats, whose profiles I needed to build up alongside that of the Celebrities as well.

Now it is suggested that the clash with people appeared to be something that I might be better off without but there is no clash with the people, this is what I need to do about a bunch of characters whose need to fool around 24/7, while using immoral society to ensure others paid the social and financial price for it, getting me to drop out of University years back and pursuing my income margins with disastrous personal, financial and social consequences attached, need to be handled. We can see that those who stop me from doing it do not fair better, just as much as we have been unable to explain the social need that motivates a result where I get bullied because I am a serious minded person and then get bullied because I had a personality that was the entitlement of Royalty thereafter, the same characters attack me because I am a coward who settled down on the left even when all could see that I was comfortable with both media and society whilst they were not, and are now attacking me because of the blow out associated with the fact that having been forced to, I have been standing up for myself. It likes to boast about the sense that I thought there was much I could do about them but now that it had something to add up, it can see the other insolent woman who runs the society show of doubts about my social status works for me as well, as she had become the main threat to their income margins, while I had found a way for her to assist the other people at the Monarchy who handled matters at the lower levels of society, therefore engages in unusual sexual activity to keep the society men in line, all together, they can see that they have made the most trouble and I have been the most manipulative. The fight with the Celebrities on the other hand was a matter of Celebrities running off the dream that I got to complain about other people handling my concerns to get famous, which then built up to the crisis created and now I want them to keep off my public work and they had decided they were too entitled to do so – the process was the claim that criminals were better persons and I a low life trying to rub shoulders with them endlessly, while they enjoyed breaching my patents to pick up my income margins because it was more prestigious and now they have befriended a bunch of gits who believed the well dressed hoodlum activities they performed was a form of imitation and therefore abusive, whilst they had also developed a habit of giving opportunities to people who came into contact with my career, which outcome regardless of the question not being answered as to the reasons they did it, save the supposition they were working their stupid famous ego, is now that I had a bookshop in which the client engagement was a struggle because society gits and half criminals were using it, hence vengeance is measured in terms of the frequency by which I tell them off and the number of years I have spent to do it. I am informed that my work could be of use to the authorities if I applied it to the fact that the British economy was the only one shrinking in the G7 but then again that was the main purpose of all this as the cause of the shrink was largely that Germans never stopped making a stupid statement about sizes and power, so each time they engaged with British Polity, the result was an alliance with society fools who decided to cling to peoples careers like they have done mine, built an abusive outcome of something they got accustomed to and hated the idea that I had gotten accustomed to something of my own which made them incredibly uncomfortable, set about organising younger people to run others down with abuses and put the labels on those they claim were less successful, then discover they had not done too well for themselves either and had to find a way it to mitigate the fact the younger people will tackle them with those insults as well and we end up with a crisis associated with industrial gits spending money on them every time they attacked others, unpredictable industrial Politics that causes people to lose money everyday which they boast about because their victims are not as stupid and never do the same things to their income margins and a gimmick which consequences we are set to reveal to ourselves years into the future, where they spent money on those who attacked peoples careers which was a waste, the lazy gits who took advantage of it designated it the only way to make a living and the victims were unproductive but then again which is not actually an issue, just that they are supposed to declare that they only cared about themselves and were out to serve only their needs but have failed to do that since. In the real world of which we know Politicians worked with Businesses on red tape and opening day issues and when it came to the festering corruption at Parliament, the real problem was that in terms of businesses being productive as a matter of the Politicians that handled their opening day and red tape issues, some Politicians were more talented than other politicians and this had to be monitored and administrated – for the businesses it was a matter of these gimmicks burning up new money i.e. the large companies and administrative authorities providing work and receiving revenue was said and done but we were not making new money as a matter of the highway available to big businesses that were too big to take the economic foot paths that their activities had opened up and the smaller businesses to made the revenue from those footpaths were being wrecked. The position I had taken, plays into the boasting we cannot seem to be free of i.e. my wealth equity public image which Celebrities now need to stay away from, considering it is the method by which they wrecked my finances to enjoy verbosity of being female and insane availability of men I had to fear who would serve them; I do not mind using them for Monarchic matters hence I don’t want to get rid of them completely, so that we get to make sense of what exactly the Prince’s Trust among others have been doing for years and I could use the disposition for sexual activities and other gimmicks of my own too. The wealth equity itself was to do with immoral society and popularity big wigs spending money on the Celebrities and people getting involved with my movement to build products they cannot resist and the society trouble makers appeared to be doing damage from facts concerning a real world eventuality where law enforcement were doing their work and they considered themselves to be victims of it, which will also play into the Monarchy and help me devise some gimmicks of my own concerning the Royal goons that never stopped tearing up my public work and as such my earnings too. Personally however, we know that the state of my diet had been picked up as a main concern by the Queen RIP, not necessarily what I ate as a whole but the contents of what I used and the reason this work was important was that people were spending their own money on the International business arena, therefore the support was necessary. The American role was the idea that I co-operated with the USA on every aspect of Office duty dispatch which was not actually true and the damage to my career and finances by idiots who did and told endless lies that their health relied upon it seems will not end until there was some statement and or gesture to express it.

I am told that they said one thing to me but I can always see they were mocking me because they expected me to fail and all the things they wanted to do because they hated the British to manifest. I could never tell for my part anyway, I know what has happened is that when products are sold to people, they spend that products but if the seller becomes wealthy they build a crowd to tackle such a person over wealth and social inequality, so if products are being designed to mitigate the wealth and social inequality, what then happens when the seller refuses to be swayed by wealth and social inequality movements is that Celebrities begin a war but the disadvantage of the daily gold digger Celebrity war, is that their gimmicks were exposed and nobody profitable for them like it would normally have been, hence the person responsible had started a fight that will never end too, which is utter nonsense like I have been warning them for years about what will happen if they take leave of their careers to spend most of their time attacking me, such that at some stage I decided I wanted to deny them access to my persons and my concerns as well i.e. it is a risk that a single individual brought the worlds economy to ruin and because none could believe it, he got away with it too. I have warned they are not making any sense and need to show up only to read my Books or I may begin to consider their means for paying their bills, the same way that their stupidities thought of mine. The rest of the story was that fuck that more, upon thinks that I was never going to walk it when they considered the life expectancy illnesses associated with their stupid insolent lifestyle, therefore I shared an existence with everything on two legs which possessed a penis.

Eventually we hear endlessly that something bad about my history was catching up with me; the truth being that I got tangled up with some modern Christians in my teens, we ended up in a situation where they did not like me and I did not like them since the situation was that I was getting around with my parents but they had to preach the gospel and get me getting around with them but apostacy was fun. We have ended up in a situation where I dropped out of University and within 14 years after, such a mess was made of my career and finances that I was stuck with them all over again, on account they were the preferable option for the famous. Speaking of the famous, was the other issue that suggested something about my history was catching up i.e. for each occasion associated with me experiencing the sexual context insults and the humiliation from them, the ball is always in their court 100% of the time and the outcome is always that I got to win every time too. Then there was the part I did to myself involving the imaginary anal sex situation I had with women, which should not have been a problem for me since I am not a woman. It is mostly a matter of insults and endless insults, taking advantage of the way I did not possess enough ego to pursue their gimmicks, needs talk less and read a Book at this shop for getting near it. they claim this anal sex state of affairs with women was an issue that I never really took into account but we also know that it will never stop trashing my finances to make me fight its enemies because it was entitled, unless I stopped its stupidities painfully; they lie all the time about the nature of sexual assault, so we find me dropping out of University over a need to ensure I paid attention to them by securing my attention sexually, then we find them hang about the streets running me down to put the labels on over claims they were geniuses, like a bunch of fucking idiots who deserved 100% of the physical violence, whilst their Politicians played with my career and finances with stupid comments, gestures and directives that caused such a mess and left me in such a messy mental state that somebody was able to devise sexual insults from it whilst I am actually not vulnerable to society abuses all together and then tell me it was the part where I joined the military, if I was not fighting government office twats 24/7 for my part as well.

It is routine as a whole, something that is seen all of the time, that they are always keen and interested in a business playing up the practical jokes on peoples lives, finances and career to such an extent the abused victims state of mind will decide social standing, whilst the Celebrities needed to know that the business of suspending my career and finances to say that each time they abused it, they also invariably raised awareness for the fact it belonged to me, hence I did not need to worry so much about recovery, is about to give way to an abuse of my Bookshop and career publicity producing outcomes where their parents got a feedback for it too (first time I suspended my career, I dropped out of University, after that it was something that happened because they needed to befriend wealthy people and now the work I did to make people fear the claustrophobic environment that is prison and thereby deter crime is being passed off as a time I had chosen to be a wise arse while they continued to have need of a process where I suspended my career and finances for their privilege, showing up here to peddle abuses at me and seek it everyday, as a method of making me deal with the life expectancy illnesses associated with their stupid lifestyles instead of themselves and I left to look like a character that was not vulnerable to society insults but vulnerable to sexual context abuses never the less, if the kind of insanity that ensured they could not exist without homosexuality was not being punished). I bunch of people so stupid that it was imperative to get ahead of me academically upon which their survival relied and now it has become a matter of survival for me too all together. They do claim it is my involvement with the security industry which brought it about and I understand entirely as a matter of there always being an ethnic group that was associated with me provoking their stupidities, it was a given that they would arrive at a conclusion they could do whatever they liked with my career and if I pushed back I would befriend criminals, such that it believes it can protect Celebrities from me but the part where its support for immoral society where people wrecked peoples lives, stopped by the Police, were off somewhere trying to sell products on the fact they either succeeded or tried and people were buying such a product, does not indicate or suggest to its powerful stupidities that there was a clash between its activities and the work of local Police. The problem is the Celebrities who had a need to get up on public places and tear down my finances over it everyday, no prospect that the times before they were famous will become a tool for abusive gratification on my part since the warning that well dressed hoodlums needed to take the business of bottom hurting issues associated with picking up my assets to make entertainment and fashion with a pinch of salt.

I. Uno I

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