They say a lot of people are starting to hate me in a real way and I wonder if that matters at all; the hate is a function of being punished every day for 7 years since I wrote a Book on account things are happening on the left hand side and right hand side in other peopleís lives and they feel this arrangement where I have written a Book and want to see people read it predisposes me to all sort of things they dream of doing to other human beings under the guise of somebody who is selling a product and being made to work for it; so their hate is becoming a good thing for me all together as it is obvious I must run the Bookshop by making sure I only get involved with the good people in the community and not he bad ones on the left hand right and right hand side all together and will have to exclude them from trading concerns and will have to ensure they understand clearly that the way it works is that when people are punished, they are because they had done something wrong. What happens with my social media profiles is that five persons will follow what I am doing and in 24 hours the five persons will leave, in 48 hours the five persons will return after a mess of my whole life basically like some assessment of my attitude, where I am going and why my attitude must be handled and it is much the same as being punished because I am made to work for my Books on account something happened on the left and right hand side of their stupid lives which have nothing to do with reading my Books; we are not talking about that guy who dropped out of school because he was a bully, they usually claim those were the worst of the worst and the trolls everybody was talking about but we all know if you do not get yourself into the circle of concerns that apply to such persons you do not get bullied and even if they have a bad opinion about you, it always starts and stops where they are in their lives Ė what we are talking about here are idiots in suits who get involved with other peopleís concerns while being able to boast considerable education, under the guise of being a better human being; so I suppose I am going to make that stupid hate work to my advantage too all together. They always point out that not everybody has to deal with this problem and I agree as well; the reasons I deal with it all the time is because I want my life back i.e. people get involved with my so called body type that can tolerate a lot of bullying because they are being nice to me, so the question is why I lose those in return for absolute scumbags that are cracked up and out of my league save the fact that if there is anything they are skilled it, they are skilled at looking for trouble and need to get as much of it as they deserve; this is why I think they do it by the way, I am sure they have their own reasons but so am I that it would not matter. I do not think it is a problem; first itís about keeping myself pure before God, making sure that ripping up my finances to make me sick in the stomach as a way of having a means by which a culture about my tummy can be developed to facilitate a process where spiritual filth is being put into me like we see them do violent especially the stupid Americans who complain about me more than I do about them all the time is not the way it works and then it is also about a process where people get involved with me because of what I know and what I do being obvious as the reason they get involved with me and not the fact things happened on the left hand side and right hand side of other peopleís lives for instance Ė I have spoken of it the way I have since they talk of hate and processes of glorifying themselves until their stupid hate becomes a good thing for me all together. Itís like the case where it is constantly being suggested on Media that the British are stuck here or stuck there and it gets tiresome, since itís all about the fact that there is usually nothing wrong with assessing an economy and travelling around the world to look for trading grounds, unless you are British and then you will get held up somewhere while a collection of really stupid people top up their whatever for years on end as One engage oneself in processes of rising above the savagery while they blame me for their problems. It has been about seeing my Books and then becoming quite obsessed with playing games over an attitude that concerns a need to extract an income from my public image over very abusive matters concerning what happens on their account in their neighbourhoods because they are famous, so it does lead to a bit of a complain on a global stage all together, when it creates me financial complications for about a decade and gets personal thereafter. Itís a Country that has existed for Centuries obviously but what people do to get the British travelling to their Countries in the belief that others are being friendly is still a mystery to majority of the worldís population, especially the ones whose whole lives are based on what happens with Media Ė so itís not stuck anywhere and there need not be a conversation about it when people this insulting could put their comments where the money which gets to their heads is actually located. The other tale of how they want to see the softer side of me and then after that the nicer one is not an emotive one; first the Politicians spend a decade of my time ripping my finances and helping them build their own, after which it set out to sort government Policy on the basis of who is paying taxes which puts them in a position to have government policy decided in their favour but now this sort of stuff is only set to show that if they all got killed, their insults would have been the main cause; hence my question is whether I am being forced to show the nicer side of me on account their finances depend on it in this city just yet? We will not be talking about insults and abuses that understands I will want to make queer its society and culture so more idiots can tackle me with hurtful friendliness that wants to get along with those who make societies queer while they seek self-improvements as money loving madness insults and provocative nonsense they might also find stupidly amusing from the effects of me having done so in order to be myself and thus continue to get involved like it was their right as it were. So at this stage, people are being told to do their jobs properly and let me be and they claim they have found a new platform on which to seek further decency at my expense considering I need a process where they are threatened with job losses in order to feel safe: like we know is the reason to make me feel ashamed smelling like my toilet by sharing my personal space and strewn around for everybody little thing I do which of course is one of the biggest problem we have as I can never have my Office and any process of working on it with a right to peace and quiet or indeed have it to myself due to their practical jokes and community organised blame culture and distant violence through it too, incredible stupidities that have Political explanations and Industrial excuses laden with money loving blame that helps them leave a mess around here and find itís impossible to keep their insolence to themselves on account there is financial benefits attached at global sales. The reality of course is the nature of the matter if I did mention they appear to be unaware that they are dealing with somebody that is not going to come up being nice at the other end as a whole and then I get told its really bad to say that but we can see this whole matter is a case of how I am being informed that what they are doing with their popular and celebrity culture at the moment adds up to the most work they will do for a living if the answer to all their problems is that they know where to hurt me and Industries alongside governments can be blackmailed if I behaved in any way that hurts them as well. What we do know is that I have warned them enough times about the bits their Families do not know a conveniences seeking fools of what I have to tolerate from their stupidities everyday - we also know it is possible for me to take out a new Book project that involves the conveniences that have emerged from German supporting fools playing practical jokes on me hurtfully and abusively all the time, just as I have informed them enough times to spend their stupidities on their own families if they believe they need to do it and they want to do it safely too; it will be another project that I will be hated for creating but the bigger issues will be that I have to sell it - writing this as a blog for instance of which is my property and that is not what I am talking about here as it were. Ultimately, I am a writer and it is possible for them to listen to what others are saying to them as well for a change; show up here if they want a Book in case they complain when it goes horribly wrong. The superiority bits have always been a case of Lesbians, Security Guards and Money insane idiots who have Carnal needs and are usually unquestionable filthy and powerful and want to see the insides of other people all the time to clean up with; so the advantage of being an Arch Prince who was adopted by HM is that I can marry a Member of the Family without trouble, so now that they have realised they do not want others to get into relationships that will cause them to lose their Jobs, we can see that we are still not getting less insults and harassment in return (I am rather a fantasist who thinks he is an Arch Prince and will get seriously hurt for it, which as we all know their industry cowardice allows them work by having other people over a barrel as they do with everything including Natural environment security, in order to blackmail me and issue stupid threats of violence of conflict that makes me breathless and open to even more abuse that will continue to yield those financial results on my public image that makes them superior, what suffers as a result beingmy finances as selling my Books becomes impossible and their need for fun others can identify with and become a part of goes through the roof like criminals on drugs) and so the next case on their minds obviously is the regret that if they were not such a handful of bullies, perhaps I would have looked somewhere else for a relationship - which is what more insults like these will get me to explore next. We hear I am always talking about things I cannot do endlessly while reality goes beyond what my Royal Partner gets up to, becomes a big matter of what I cannot do developed around the need that we all know they have always had to abuse and mock Royalty in Public places Ė so what happens these days is that when they say I am homosexual it is personal and I might probably get hit physically as well with that big mouth. So what it really is all about is the activities of stupid society men sitting about having fun when their minions know where I live and so it seems I am a novelty and they are a novelty and when we have passed out of this world there would be no more things that look like me in human form and the ones that look like them as well, hence is always a story about the end, the end, the end with a big mouth and itís as though there is a weight on me built up from insults and abuses and need to cling to my property while expressing their stupidities that is supposed to make them money at Industry and it is used to hurt my anus and ensure that there is always one thing after another for me to do which I cannot say I was not aware was an activity they might engage in considering we have always heard women complain about it all together as it were, passing around those insults blabbing at me things I cannot do while it hates my Books first of all and is well aware I have been putting out warnings of those pressures being developed and left for society minions who know where I live to play with which means that there is nothing stopping me from taking my own action as well considering they have had enough time to choose another way of finding their stupid money, talking rubbish about what I cannot do.

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