The boast is one about people taking advantage of me with Media and especially when they were celebrities, whilst I was powerless to do a thing about it. I am not in anyway powerless, I have tried to make it easier for them, now that it had not yet developed into a matter of a clash between me and the immoral society with me being able to say that I was interested in seeing how far the big mouth would go as such, that there was public leadership which made more policies than professional leadership that only applied to accredited members of the public who engaged in a profession, then the several other vested interests of society before we arrived at their famous immoral society gimmicks and the question of whether it added up to any kind of public leadership as such. It does have the power to abuse others to such an extent that victims were no longer able to leave the Home and attend the daily concerns naturally and this is where all its power lay, as applies to me there is already a history that it never stopped building up an environment where it pulled my legs and that of criminality characters that constantly protested law enforcement work being done, constantly learned the ethics of law enforcement work to push other people around with and constantly aligned themselves with localised terrorism, the history being that they ended up in a difficult situation where they had to sort out the problems they created out of nothing but clearly they have not yet given up making a mess of what was an instance where people thought I was some gold digger character bugging the Monarchy and took a course of action which I have supported as something they were within their right to do if I were a gold digger bugging the Monarchy as such, never stopped making a mess of it which has now since run into an added 6 year career mess, where I got out of bed every day, to contend with poor Book sales numbers over practical jokes performed because they had taken up positions of public notoriety where people could do to them as they did to me, since the last time they became famous, irrelevant if they handled my public image to do so. It has been this simple matter of a process where my career does not meet with their own anywhere and there are activities associated with my public life which interests international communities and the American Government, which they really needed to avoid and keep off my financial well being thereof, never mind that they make everything so difficult if I had a low level qualification and was doing a lot of heavy lifting when working with others at Industry, whilst their activities towards me meant that asset maintenance was work that was never really finished. It needs to stop handling me, needs to stop getting on my nerves and when it famous immoral society rude gimmicks shows up here, talk less unless it was talking about its career and buy a Book to read, then all would be well, alternatively, it stops handling my concerns and tries to ensure its fame did not involve building communities that made use of my personal space after years of abuse meant that I cut them off from them, such that the idiots that were assigned to, had become violent enough to finger my bum and grab my penis all day in their stupid imagination, and it was intense enough for me to feel it. It is 2023 when I wrote this item, dropped out of University on their account 12 years ago which adds up to a threefold opportunity to have it finished, being wasted. It seems to have become such a matter of prime interest that they were important whilst I am the one with a personality and personal life they cannot live without, on account I had to prepare myself to meet dignitaries whilst also being able to help eliminate public problems.

They do claim the Parliamentary system does not take a liking to me at all but this was an exercise in the destruction of civil activity, the type channelled at me was so useless that it entirely relied on how I felt about their abuses in my mind and nothing to do with what they claim was found on my physical appearances which would have encouraged it - at the same time apart from their famous idiots being able to steal what is on my mind thereof, we have not seen anything of a tendency to do the military or Police part of public leadership activities, if they were so keen to destroy the civil parts of it, we see their stupidities share the way I stand up for myself with the enemy, to build fitness communities, then cling to my earning margins, promising to fight my battles and lay claims of ownership to it on a later date, reading my birth sign everyday with a big mouth. Eventually, it seemed that they had done nothing to make themselves likable to anybody whatsoever and tended to show up here with a thousand and one inventive stupid things they can do with my life and career because they were trying to make money, as though there was a good reason to adopt a mindset where the sight of a certain people builds up to a sense that they were deserving of some violent activity already.

I. Uno I

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