I hear there is this case of me making the same mistakes that people always make and I am rather not aware of myself making any stupid mistakes; we know we live in a capitalist society and if people want to spend their time attacking others over money issues they will never run out of followers and admirers for it when they have themselves been badly affected by it, it does seem that the important bits of their issues is about how they need to listen to what others are saying as well not get about talking nonsense over body types and passing around insults pertaining to those they claim exaggerate their physical strength blabbing about Boxing as well with a big mouth. What has happened in my case is that they continue to show up here to purge themselves of all things that cause them to have need of my Books while they are gagging for it, which was what they wanted to do with their time of course, except now it has developed into a need to handle me all together which I have found can only be controlled when I had stifled their finances too; it has not encouraged them to let me be and move on, what it has encouraged their stupidities to do is get on media and set out stories which dispute the fact that it is what is really happening for as long as their insanity is seen played out all over my Books and I am unable to take a holiday away from their stupidities getting stuck in slavish nonsense while they blab their insanity about how I make mistakes which I am not aware I am making more so at this point. Especially not while their main concern is to cling to my book sales and get found every month or week or so, spending their salaries on alternative products and building publicity around the fact they are doing such things with my company all the time - apparently of which means that the insolence and abuse has now matured a worthwhile investment, while the talk of war when resisted is meant to show where the financial success will be heading obviously.

There is the constant talk associated with this, of how I have lost everything at the Monarchy because this is what this gimmick is all about, slipping past my sense of being and assuming a presence and sense of ownership over my whole life, armed with bread winner insolence and abuses that churn my tummy and destroy anything that might have been left untouched now that I have also had it protected, every goon is going to pillage absolutely every financial structure I have got over the way their personal decisions have affected them and where they have ended up in their silly lives and the entire time, the point of their involvement and this exercise were the Books that either somebody else was trying to gain access to or they were supposed to get these things from by reading and it tends to conjure up the need to harm Celebrities, Media and their Communities all the time.

I. Uno I

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