It is of course is not a new occurrence that these are a group of idiots with a working culture of stealing other peoples personality and then commandeering it as well; for those of them that do for power it is no wonder others have trouble finding jobs because when people get confused employers do not appreciate those who will not give it their best and for those of them that seek fame the insults are astounding and happen every single second as though that is what they exist for and nothing else.

Now the idea I want affirmation of my Royal position from my parents and the Labour Party is a load of rubbish. I want nothing from those two groups of people, it is just a fact that they will never take my royal estate from me and make sure the rest of my life is spent in the suffering of fighting over one thing after another, like they claim they want to and need to in order to fulfil their stupid dreams. It is much the same like those claims they make that they are the biggest problem I have in a financial sense which is utter rubbish as well because the problem is that setting up, settling in on the title, settling in on the scope of work the Queen wants done and everything that needs to be prepared takes time and I have pulled it off in a decade which is a good enough time, along side demonstrations of my abilities with respect to society, culture and religion; all over the west and the middle east. So some of these things are to express the fact that contrary to their insults and whatever have you, it is true that if a rope was placed in a hand of mine while they had both hands available and were living on state office funded salaries while I had nothing, they would never win the tug of war.

There is no such thing as being one big responsibility after another. The truth is that it is not surprising an Arch Prince would turn an entire parliament in a direction he wishes, bearing in mind only madness would drive Politicians to claim his office to be something that is free for all. They can attack the finances later on of course it is a worthy activity as it were.

I want nothing from Labour, not affirmation of and or approval or anything else. To be blunt, I do not expect my parents at my wedding even if I have a royal one, I wish to severe all links as it is the only way to secure the future of my Children from such vile nonsense and I have no idea why people are preventing me from cutting off the right arm that leads me into hell anyway; it is my own right arm as it were, I mean every single black people in UK cannot possibly be my relative, what sort of parent are those? I guess they are testing the waters so to speak, wickedness that I will reward with enough excuses to last generations I guess, they are finding out how big it really is with all the insolence they can muster and of course locating how much of the insults and abuse will be necessary to achieve absolute power and control over it with a big mouth.

It is no new thing that these matters are all born out of wickedness of an epic proportion, I mean the way it began was that my own mother had decided I was this person that had a special relationship with God, so as to develop a temperament that will enable a process where I go off to suffer intensely while people watch from a distance who are responsible, get killed at the hands of racists maybe as a sacrifice for those who want to come in and live in the UK from Africa and then with my blood split, there will be enough suffering to cover them from the evils they stirred to make it happen. Now the big problem is that I cannot have enough to seeing them die to cover me from those evils and they cannot have enough to getting in touch with Politicians to change that even if it exist as fantasy and will never change a thing. The remarkable thing is that having considered these things happen because every day they see me, they cannot rest easy on account I should have been dead, going off to find my own place and live my own life eventually meant that spell of opportunity where Her Majesty got involved and this is where they re-established contact to bring about their intention and watch from afar as it happens, stirring racism and what have you absolutely everywhere I go and it is their biggest problem of course for they cannot leave other people alone and be by themselves; they said they needed to prevent a condition where one of their slaves ended up a member of the royal household, they also said the purpose was to secure their superiority as well. These days it is something completely mind blowing for me that they actually think their existence embarrasses me and that is why I have the dilemma in that no body will ever believe I am who I say I am and of course that it can only happen if they approve it with a big mouth and it blows my mind because if at all I became a member of the Royal family, I want a total and absolute destruction of the link with my parents for the purpose; I have the right to my own life you see before the sharing of skin colour with me which means they are never really far off becomes a real liability for them as well. As I said, that I need approval from them is something I cannot understand or get my head to understand; the idiots think the only way anybody gets any respect for having a Royal Estate is when the person is one of their own and I do not think that has anything to do with me as such, although there will be serious issues if my authority is challenged and insults will save no body on such occasions. Apart from that I owe them nothing and need nothing from any of them and that is where this story begins and ends.

Its all together not a major problem for me; these idiots tend to do nothing with their time but tell their stupid little children that my very existence and all I do is the way people do their stuff for them, the way their future is built, their entire body language and personality has nothing else to say except the means by which I am a particular thing and what the rest of the world thinks about it is attributed to them and as a society they exist in no other way but usurping peoples lives right down to the personality which they do with violence and a big mouth and then the whole thing will create that condition where Humans behave like animals and racists come up with their own story as well about how some are superior and others are animals of which I say they have a point because, these guys really do behave like animals socially and temperamentally, body language and everything, more so instinctively and without knowing that it is what they are and force others to do the same so they can gain access to their lives but this end product is where they prove themselves to be at their best in the sense that somebody else has the responsibility of fighting the racists as well with a big mouth. Now people do not sell books like this and even if I did not plan to do the severing relations with my mother who is apparently their biggest asset thing, they would win this fight somewhere in hell.

It is not that I am too bothered about it as such, the facts just need to be set out; first of all as it stands they complain because I have extricated a Policy of less culture more work for them and do nothing with my time but manage their lives while they work, pay taxes, boast and threaten which is fine by me. This process gives me access I need to absolutely every aspect of their lives whenever I want to because the usual stuff is to take steps to ensure peoples hired murder and gang stuff do not come anywhere near me and the means to do that is to mess with their society and then set about killing them usually people say without reason but obviously that happens later on. So for now I think managing their lives, less culture and more work is acceptable. The whole process whereby people do not do book sale business while others tell their stupid children such persons existence is how the future is done for them or that a body language which means nothing but the fact a person is a person but what the world thinks about it is attributed to them is just one of those things I would do at the end of the day by working with the American government and any Arab friends I can find or have left and of course anything else I have left here in Europe; so I simply needed to make clear the facts not state anything which suggests it is a difficult task as such.

Whatever is left over from here as a question is likely to relate to my working Court which is simply the journalism village of my literary empire trust, entire run by female journalists of course, so no body would be in doubt about anything. Doing this was clearly always going to cost them their culture society and community relations, hence the reasons we have less culture more work policy which I manage their lives for currently to allow the access because no body will ever understand what I am doing at their level in society with such unfathomable suffering when they know they hate my guts so much or what makes them think that they will not pay for any of the extracted valuables by which they hope to have things they have never had with a big mouth.

Now it seems the most important thing that is happening recently is that of the need to remind people, especially Bankers that they need to wear their white shirts and flash suits and speak to the Politicians to do something to increase their business productivity as they will find none here. The reason being that they have been yapping off again about how they will rewrite the rule books by having a control of my finances and then pushing me to a point where I happen to say something about attacking everybody because I feel that will finish off the problem and then they will be the doers while I am the speaker on the finishing off the problem issue. You get the sense that a banking idiot wants to insert some fuel into his Ferrari this week and feels a Boy is standing in the way of that, when I have never asked them to hand my work and property to fuel their Ferrari with in the first place, hence am not in any way responsible for any actions I may need to take to look after myself. As for the media, I wonder what they suppose I mean and whom they suppose I am referring to when I mention something about rewriting the rule book.

Of course there are other explanations to what I say the way I say it, I have no idea who really thinks that matters anyway. The truth about banking regardless of what motivates me, has to do with an investment sector which has to do with selling products to businesses that help them manage their finances, which they get to pay for and for the retail sector, selling some nature of products to consumers which help them manage their property and finances which they are paying for. Technically holding peoples money for it and being paid for so doing; so if there is a systemic glitch anywhere in world the whole thing will fall apart. What exactly would any body suppose or imagine they want from me exactly? What do they know about the rule books then actually? I suppose any normal person would count my words as a warning too.

I spend so much property to protect a system against money laundering, industrial espionage and black markets and guess who are hurting me the most? Of course it is the people it is meant to benefit the most i.e. bankers and I have no idea who tells such monumental idiots to get involved with or in the business world anyway the last time I spoke comprehensively about the matter of people waiting for others to create the business in order that they might go in to take up jobs was at the very start of the crisis, of which it does not matter who does which in actual fact but it matters that we have people who know how to do which doing the which they know how to do.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland