I do get told when I speak in such ways it stokes up tensions as Canadians do not get along with Americans but everybody knows Canadians do not get along with American regardless of being very similar people Canadians are responsible for most of the bottom hurting that Americans complain about and the reasons are such things as we have seen performed on my Books I.e. I have only just had 6 years history of insults built up, developed around my body type and what sorts of sex that would make for the purpose of protecting people from general bullying and my Book sales as stifled until the Public image of a Writer Royal is replaced with this so you cannot get fried on both sides of the reputation that lets you make friends and secure jobs and on the other hand the fanaticisms of those who like what you do which makes you appear to have some influence on crowds of people, unless those responsible for such nonsense are seeking a response. For my part where animosity is to be measured however, its all the great old case of the various forms of madness associated with taking candy from a baby and we all know they are already complaining about my sexual habits so that would be a start on my part too; we do not get to discuss this matter and it seems that the US being the only economy that does not want to work itself out of the recession but take over other peoples work all over the world is going to get us all burned and we have to look at the process of this behaviour to settle up on the results we expect i.e. they played the greater part is causing the financial crash, then they put their money away and made enough trouble for the Government to see them as Capital providers with everybody else being the workers, having put away the money they made creating the crash, a desperate government now has to get everybody working to make them some more money to bring about recovery and I suppose when they put that away there will be no more money and the government will print new money and the stock of value will diminish, their money will be worth less, there will be endemic poverty but I do not suppose anybody cares for my part they are really looking like they want me to get along with the people and are about to annoy me with that well enough to see me do it and get them to supervise until this behaviour stops. I mean there are reality to be considered about how I make them tired but we all know I was getting on well until they decided that when Obama was in Office Elite British Armed Forces were deployed for mundane mission after mundane mission until their will was broken, so I decided they had to take something seriously for a change in their silly lives and this was the result, I can never stop blabbing it and they can never stop beating themselves to the loo, after all, they do pick a fight with people they have never met a death dealing arrangement like they have got it that much. The whole thing is built now on a premise that the stricter you are on the female half is the more you can grab assets and property from people to get rich and they never follow their rules, so we find them getting strict at people who are not female at all. Its like when they say I never take seriously the matters of wealth and social inequality but we know its the Politicians that are responsible for instance for the fact that I am unable to return and finish my academic work because I smell and the reason was to ensure I was getting into a fight that can be used to improve individual Political careers, never mind how much of such nonsense is now a gift for tall city centre goons getting dangerous with money, such that I am unable to sell my Books because of my mood, which feeds into stupid Americans getting famous and is now pushed up a notch looking for more of what they are complaining about I am by the way one of the persons that knows what to do in the matter and yet it affects me so much, I do have to then spare a thought for those who do not know what to do, quite incredible the same wish to discuss wealth and social inequality with me, would like to see them put down the business of using those makeup to wear my face and temperaments and go into the city with their own real faces all together or buy the Books I have written and stop making my life toxic. Its an old case that brought us to the position we find ourselves presently i.e. it will chase me around for what I know until I drop out of University, then when I write a Book there is a mini war associated with who owns and shared the Country because they do not want to buy the Books and hence the case of how I get to tell them off but since I am not the one complaining, I do rather think I have made a good start same as tales of how this is a matter of problems created by my race being solved by me, which is utter nonsense; the Police are the ones dealing with Public problems and people can ask them about which race creates them, not show up here talking nonsense all the time from a point of total public insignificance. In the end when they point out its a matter of those who have money which I have not got, it becomes a matter of the way I had set up my concerns i.e. get off a hermitage and make some money when I need to pay my way and if it runs out it does and I have to do it again, if it does not run out then it doesnt and I do not have to worry about money but I find it difficult to understand why people cannot read this feelings that their money is a threat to a Royal Hermitage Estate and that it will not do. It feeds into that case of me being hated at the Monarchy, thus my plight should serve an example for all who get involved with the Monarchy and such nonsense was completely detached from what was happening at the Monarchy i.e. I do not think people to behave in a way that demand HM does their work of punishing others for them and it usually comes to a head when they have little respect for the profession of Armed Forces personnel, who will then make statements at some point about who is using their own to do it and then somebody must be punished for disrespect, I think they need to do their own punishment by themselves where they do it to me as well involves the fact that Clients like to deploy Publicity that has resulted from Celebrities showing up to wreck everything here and get me off into a fight that will make them feel special, protected and important, which makes a mess of public work, creates controversy and builds publicity they will pick up and make my whole world toxic by so when there is a show from the Monarchy to tell me I was not using mine to get things done and need to step aside, it becomes difficult for Client to control their Client employees, such as the Fashion models that have been drafted in for the runway etc, so it might appear an extreme process to take the Fashion connections from them but with these facts in view, along with the business of deploying sexual violence as a tool that ensures they were in charge everywhere instead of showing respect and regard for others and property, it is not.

So they claim I never talk of gender equality which is not really meant to be a complicated matter as they have made out anyway we know they spend all their time making sure everything people do is seen within the prism of homosexuality, my bottom hurts and they have not given me a reason for it yet, looking like they want to give me a closure for it all together; they did claim it was a world of consenting Adults and I cannot understand exactly why I have to deal with them getting at my bottom all the time anyway. Its largely a matter of the fact that I must raise a Family that is prepared to serve the Monarchy if required and whilst I am not yet married, I have lost something already on account some queer goon wants to play up their gender inequality all over it. I do like the look of them when they are complaining in the City about what people have done to ensure they do not have to show as much respect to the millionaires as they should have anyway and do rather love to get on my own journey of self-discovery to find out why people like to think I am homosexual, at the end of which I return with a public face persona that suggests nobody is born homosexual and then will they have a real and proper back breaking work to do that is not paying them as well. The part about me and anal sex if I am not homosexual is largely a case of the fact there is a link between making women feel sore in the groin and drawing up a sense of fraternity with land and Country and yet whenever there is nothing wrong with their fraternity with land and Country to say the least, the emergency services will be hard at work during midnight, bailing them out of a death dealing situation because they were so drunk they nearly gave up the ghost.

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