So the biggest problem that the economy has got, with vanities seeking to control without settling what we must all come to terms with about their desire to buy shares in peoples business and control those who create enterprises, to create money making machines, with more money for them and bad working conditions for workers, which media friends make up for with wealth distribution rebellion, now claim to have feelings that men like me who don’t want to have sex with them because we think we are white refuse to recognise or respect. They have no feelings; if they live in tiny countries somewhere west of Africa, then they are likely to visit shrines for wealth and glory all the time. So when they see people, they want to have feelings for sex but once there is an advantage to it, then it begins to serve the devil. Same with when they come from South Africa and east Africa, except that in the case of South Africa, there is rubbish to be said at just about anybody or when they are American democrats or stupid republicans etc, we can never exhaust them as it were.

The real issue here is when Politicians give them tax payer’s money they clearly earn as it were, to go around telling people they did things with me in which they were the boss. After which tell me to deal with a problem I have got, while they then set off to say something on a pulpit with the British cote of arms on it in order to be famous. Then these idiots will tell me I have a great problem to deal with, when they need to do racists stuff for racists while racists do their own for them and they tell racists that they would be doing their stuff for them, if they murdered me, which is a part of my life which I live when I have financial problems because of them and their media celebrity culture and stupid girls that squander my income with it and rob it on my face when they do and the life I live when I don’t become a bit more relaxed as a person but in both cases God is the most important thing of all.

Of course now they know what my life looks like and they can get about living it if they want, as violently and insolently as possible-it is how they tell their girls to vandalise my income with some strange stupid shared ownership where they wait for me endlessly and then spend my property using their money to make more money, which will ensure things go contrary to the way God intended it, to make me look really bad when this is over, with a large Gob. When people do these things, they are likely to find people, wreck their lives, just so that they might be spared for doing so because the real reason was that they wanted to push them into an opposing side of society and turn out in the most important of their affairs, to show they have feelings. All of which is maintained by kicking people when they are down and then expecting people to kick them during the best of times instead of push them down first, so that when they kick them they can complain about discrimination.

I am not saying it is a huge problem. As I said, they are in love with giving people tax payers money to get off somewhere claiming they have been my boss and socialists are just crazy about telling lies that get support from the public, to give them access to things in my life they want, which they want to have in a way in which I have not given them by consent and the people who support them will suffer with them for it too, as daily as it happens. So there is no such thing as a process where I say too much either-like I said it, hurts and when they are at it they are deaf as well, so they must feel to hear. Not get around doing the ‘everybody has their own version of racism UK, Europe, US’ etc thing with my work. The purpose of being an author is to sell books I write and the more of it I sell, is more of the work being done. When they attack the sales because they want the world, which is not a new thing, they should never complain when they hear from me too. For now I am aware of really difficult issues that businesses have asked them to deal with, which is why they will bully me to hell in order to ensure it is done but I fail to see what it accomplishes anyway. Like they say, I copy most of the things I do and say from their dirt suicidal idiots, which is absolute rubbish, as I could never have successfully done so without being like them. The truth being that those idiots can be leaders of an organisation for example; I love to use the analogy of Student Union, but it becomes impossible to apply the rules because somebody else is teacher pet in first year and when they take and take and take and take, at some point do that rubbish they do at everybody, where they take peoples stuff and do it for them, then ask them about it and those people would have been powerful people, who then ensure their leadership disintegrates and before long they are victims of a revolution so they can pretend to be martyrs. They are not; even those idiots that are loyal to them exist in a place which as I said, every advantage in their stupid lives serves the devil and cannot stop clinging to peoples kids with intent on sacrificing them, which is how we end up in a place where I am really helpful here too; making sure they are doing racists stuff for racists and racists are doing their stuff for them. You see, the reason I always invite these problems is because when people see the bad aspects of their lives, which they put there because they are very wicked people but I notice because they want to usurp I own life and place in the world as well, it must be because they are strong and powerful enough to keep people pinned down when people come into contact with danger and thus decide to move away from it like all human beings do. Hence the primary prognosis is to ensure that when I get out, which I always do because I am a Royal Prince, it costs them absolutely everything they are and of course they will always claim it is what they wanted, so they can clear their hearts and head and go for something new and higher but we will see how that will play out too. For now it is my book sales they love to attack that will be their undoing. As far as I can work out of which their only problem with me is that I am not a divine creature, when they are the ones messing up my privacy, which must then suggest that my privacy is divine when I am not a divine creature, so it is the usual stuff anyway.

As for the everybody has their various kinds of racism and idiots with possession of incredibly stupid evil women, whose lives are developed around sex with me and destruction of all I own and or stand for. It seems the real issue is that Americans involved now expect there to exist at some point a situation where I realise things, until I come to the realisation they were correct about the way they handled the Iraq issue and this will never happen because at the time that Iraq was invaded; albeit against American interest, Saddam was beginning to change his ways. I mean he could always be caught, arrested, tried and executed, bearing in mind he was changing his old ways, whether or not this was done through the invasion. So this was the worst possible time imaginable to seek a second Gulf war and more so in the manner it was conducted i.e. declare an axis of evil, blame Russians and then invade Iraq. Bearing in mind that the way terrorism worked was that America hit people in the Arab world over a certain accepted standard, then deviated from that standard while it continued to punish others for doing so and at some point the thing which stood as the biggest problem was the world trade centre, where the biggest beneficiaries of America’s deviation lived out their high life, found ways of corrupting the Arab world and then get America to hit those as well: this led some to believe it was a just cause to bring down the trade centres and in fact since we are all westerners it was a good thing, even so for the US and they made their plans which resulted in ‘9/11’. Now the US also has its excuses for deviating from the standard and which was that everybody expected America to do everything and so it became abusive. There is no such thing as a process where I get to a point where I realise things, which will inform me that the way Iraq was handled was correct.

What I would rather like to make clear is that I do not make reference for all I say and do to myself and my office because I don’t trust anybody and need to look after my own life. The reason I do is for the stronger purpose when the job is being done of the reason of authentication and the secondary purpose of providing for my own responsibilities at my office and maybe the least relevant but very important none the less of my abject professional lack of appreciation for and when I take things from destructive women who it seems had better been girls. So idiots don’t make a habit of standing somewhere at my GCSE built career to tell me I rob shoulders with important people and it happens to have been the biggest problem they have, when over 90% of their professional work is still completely dependent on what they learnt academically and hence the lack of imagination and talent or even professionalism, which has continued to put me ahead of them and the old matter of my broken up academic work which I am stitching together currently anyway. Great old story about the question of what their problem seems to be with people who are better than them, where it should have been respect but because they are superior and no body knows until it is too late and they can thus have space to tell whatever lies they please to create alternative truths, it is a fight instead.

They seem to have settled in on this claim already with their insolent media, that they have had me seriously messed up and now they have broken up my life and settled in on a piece of it as their future history, together with their stupid Politicians. I have no idea whether to find it ridiculous or to get really angry about it but I do suppose they will bring it up again when I am not in such a good mood for it anyway. So it seems therefore that after a decade of barging into my life and the things I do with media friends, to do their corruptions of involvement that gets violent because they want to be rich and to have things, it turns out we are back again to where we were when it all began in 2001 and for what my sufferings and irritations is worth, I have always told them and their insults to live in reality as it is very helpful. As for the increasing threats of racism, I don’t know if they expect me to wait for God to come through from the heavens anyway, with their black secrete societies and white racist rubbish but I am for now aware the only means by which it gets into academic and professional work and more so to make their ten years of games with my life effective, the Politicians must be the ones to do it and I don’t know why those cannot shut up and fight and stop complaining while they are at it, I have no idea if they feel that they will win when they hold me down for a decade and bring it into my academic and professional life anyway or if they will rather risk the hornets nest? For now they seem to go on endlessly about how I bring it on myself by interfering with their side of the way things are and yet the first stage of my writing career was based on what I did to them for holding me down at the employment market and threats of homelessness, to move into my right and sit in the place of power to manipulate the world. This time it will have to be based on explaining away my life, especially my privacy to cover their wickedness and then think ‘why not?’ about my job and then my income as well and then my sexual behavior and then everything else with a big mouth. I suppose they think justice will be too big for me to have alone and have planned ahead incase it is, like they did the second world war-it is therefore expected I suppose we ought to get together and respect their human rights until then because they tell lies that they themselves believe all the time. Such as had me so much and anybody can have what is left over for example with their first come first serve insults, in a condition where they are democratic people as well. An old story about how democracy is good but it is the countries where leaders don’t actually have it that they happen to be better off and I believe I have mentioned no body has yet made an example of them for the 21st century, apart from the things I do to them for messing up my office and then going off to keep their own, especially when they kill other people in the process looking for more power, if there are a lots of them left at this point especially in the west that is, save all the media rubbish we have to put up with.

As for the reasons I take the decisions I take about people; it ought to be clear that when I put up with so much rubbish from others while I have to deal with difficult and heavy matters, it applies that it is my decision that is the most paramount matter as far as I am concerned. When they are reached, no body plays around with them. For now I am setting up matters involved with earning a living, once I am finished with that and their attitude does not change, especially the black ones that can follow anything as long as it is at the expense of others, it will begin to apply that their attitude will be the reasons anything important that they do is a stolen means to leadership for the future because that is what is being damaged by the bane of their insolent existence and any party in Parliament that crosses me in such ways will experience the same fate as well. It does not bother me like they suppose it does; they think they have so much money because they have a job and that is a advantage that must serve the devil, which then means they are richer than somebody who owns a Royal estate and a literary empire and a Global Intellectual space that people who are richer than they are keep in trust for him. I think people abuse others like that because if I lived somewhere in Africa then they would have been richer than me and their daughters would marry people like me against my wishes and do whatever they liked with me but I do not currently live in Africa, so it is rather a stupid thing to do because the Africa part is what will really ‘piss me off’ in a big way. I guess this is why I say little about it most of the time because it is an incredibly stupid thing for people to do or to be doing. When I deal with a crisis I seem to look stupid and funny to them and they can take advantage of me, any success gained is taken up by them and used up too; the last thing I expect is a condition where my decisions are interfered with, unless they are mad and the devil is black as well.

Now there is a big matter to settle involving me and what my role seems to be in the entertainment and or film industry. The fact about the way it works is very contrary to the claims that trouble makers who make out I am being used and then others who claim I should maybe have been dead first make the stories out to be. There is no such thing as a process where I am being used, what fans always think is a completely unpredictable matter and I should not speak of these things anyway either, I do because I have settled other contingencies that will allow me space and opportunity to do so. Take Lord of the Rings for example which has achieved near cult status with some here in the UK claiming Americans have taken their culture, while Americans think the culture belongs to them. The film was made by an American producer and so the costumes and designs were made by an American. The film on the other hand was mostly shot in New Zealand and the Book from which the film was made was written by an English Man so it is actually British culture. My point is that what the fans think is what the fans think and no body should try to change that. However the issue of where I am supposed to have fit into in the film industry is another matter entirely and what I am saying is that what the Film industry does is one thing, what I do is another and what the fans do is another thing entirely and all three are completely different. For me it is a favour because I have to find a way to ensure my world does not end up in the hands of criminal goons while I am at my job, bearing in mind only one of those can make me a living. Having set this matter out then, the truth on the other hand has more to do with the fact that an Arch Prince who is out on an expedition to settle social dispositions and mobility issues for economic reasons in the west is not an obscure individual, I am counted among the five most important men in the west if not in the world, I have a privacy people get involved with and some of it was always likely to end up in films and entertainment.

HH I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.