I am told there was a lot of pleasure gained from causing me harm, but I wouldn’t know about the pleasure if it was tainted with a lot of complaining anyway: it is as people say I win whenever I respond to the gimmicks but none knew exactly what my position on these matters were as a whole, which is that this is meant to be an advanced stage of a gimmick where I am hunted and hounded by idiots that have established a link between causing me distress and making money, so I need to set out a premise by which causing them suffering or attacking them made money too. The rest of the time it was as simple as fundamental details where the other government office gits who enjoyed stopping me when I defend myself continued to forge for them a gimmick where they built up a habit and a history, blaming me for the consequences of their personal decisions, to get involved with and run my affairs from immoral society abusive nonsense and quasi crimes, implying that each time they made a mess of my finances the main beneficiaries were criminals and wrong doers, so the ethnic minority gits committed civil right crimes at my expense endlessly and they got to do themselves favours that allowed them to make their lives easier. Eventually the excuse is that what I write is pure insanity, whilst reality is that I am setting out instances where I engaged with property equity and product development processes at Industry, so their stupidities with a need to get involved with companies and hang about industrial offices ripping up my assets to talk nonsense on Media meeting up with it is absolutely disastrous in nature, that said, it needs to talk about its career and fool around somewhere else. It might be the case that I am upper class and can tolerate this nonsense for eternity if I wanted but the part where they built a habit and a history had to be stopped hence my responses. They do claim the main matter here is the way they wanted to make the most of the idea I had fallen from grace, such a thing which does not exist, we know they suggest State provided security provokes them because it turned out that it was not the new security service recruits that were sitting behind the desk at the system, whilst their need to attack people and use industrial offices to bully people and get rich escalated the work that others had to do to keep the public safe - for my part it had become a matter of what it is known I am good at doing and it is aware I am good at it all the way to the top governmental Offices, therefore no pressure to deliver often, this small matter of the way the public used their time as per according to statistics, that which produced the most instances of success, so arriving at this stage where I am left with a choice of following up setbacks caused by media and celebrities by going into overdrive with administrative activity alternatively getting my hands on their famous finances as well, considering that I might have devised a solution for the setbacks but if people did not have the confidence, the solution itself may become counterproductive, so there had to be a way to trash the finances of the famous being run down with a media narcissism everyday by a bunch of goons working all sorts of nonsense to get criminals deciding what I did for them. They speak of the clash with the famous which was something none could understand but there is no real clash - they decided to rip up my public image and crime control publicity, making a statement that the criminals and gangs, even those that were engaged in co-operation with the Law were more willing to take risks, make money and rub shoulders with them whilst I am a low life that wanted to rub shoulders with them when I had nothing, stifled the aspect of my career publicity which showed I am still single, to take advantage of my personal life and make even more money, so I decided whatever they were doing with me since 2006 needed to be shut down and the history consolidated, if it transpired I could not work my Office without popular culture involvement, I needed a new batch of people instead - they have said that a history of a time when they worked a processes that allowed people do the best work for career and finances had turned on them but then again so did they keep the money they extracted from the process, therefore not a conversation or scenario that I should entertain and it needs to cease hijacking my schedule (nothing unusual but it is still the same as they were during the teens, when it was mostly about seeing other peoples potential and finding ways to get into a fight with such persons, so their lives would be tangled up in a manner where victims had lesser choices about how personal and social affairs developed, they are now at a point where they were working woke stupidity government office and media narcissism that had been developed from gains made when suggesting other peoples livelihood were fun games which they could share if made to feel inferior, alongside threats they think will cause victims to lose something important).

They do claim that my activities did not actually solve the public problems that should be solved for the attention that I got – I could never tell anyway, I do know it was impossible to ascertain which public problems they thought they were solving if they were in control of broadcasting platforms and regularly needed to stand up in a public place to educate the masses about the affairs of the day, with their stupid minds. It is supposed to be a matter of the fact that the University fiasco atmosphere was being recreated for me by a bunch of twats who were so evil, they enjoyed nothing better than to get on public places and wreck the finances of those who had failed to serve their cause, whilst they kept their own. currently it was the gimmick concerning ideas about ways I was a Libra with a vault of peace that others needed but I would protect at any cost, whilst the processes that get them into current situation included milder ones that involved drinking themselves into such a state with alcohol, that the NHS ambulances attended their party scenes at midnight almost every weekend, the intermediary would involve an alliance with immoral and criminal society to order peoples steps and pretend normalcy had taken such a form and the serious an alliance with organised criminals to claim I am the problem whilst working on a business of bashing anything that allowed me protect my Libra peace at any cost in order to gain access to it, claiming I was in league with Mr Putin in Russia of which even if I was, it would still have indicated that I am in charge and they were not. So we are now at a stage where most of the deterrence had been spent and so we were looking at those claims there was nothing I could do about them, therefore the bottom hurting issues that gets their stupidities and that of their sports idiots to tackle politicians at regional affairs and constitutional matters as stupidly as anything which shows they were a bunch of pricks would have displayed, in order to get the authorities listening to their foolish feelings about me when I had not spent their communities on the sexual context insults to dump my problems on their comfort zones again, should be the best way to match all instances where they had worked to put me to an errand. It is like the current crisis being a product of a need to show where I stand on their gimmicks that hijacks my schedule and created a condition where it seems that the jobs at the work market had become a problem – so we hear them claim I got in league with fashion models as though that was my social class whilst tackling my schedule over claims I was living disgracefully, at the same time that reality showed fashion models were earning minimum wage and making most of their money from industrial endorsements. Nothing I can do about them yet until there is (I mean currently, part of their press controversy was to suggest I am a pariah that everybody was aware of whereas I was always a pariah and none needed them to introduce the idea - the problem is that they have informed none of how long I have been pariah because of their stupidities, they have only informed the country and even the world of the fact their insanity got a response for it. So although I am specific about the question of being a pariah, the problem is still one of a group of people so stupid, that they enjoyed getting up on a place where they can make sense from a desire to perform a narcissism that got me getting out of bed to face financial complications everyday on account they entitled gimmicks needed to play with my career, thus on keeping their own, there has yet been no way to inform them the fact they have ought to serve as means to information. The general situation being that they were a bunch of characters with ideas about ways I ought to slavishly protect them from criminals or they were to spend their money on the criminals and then I had to do it never the less with a big mouth, who are now complaining that I had a way to ensure they got fucked as well each time they appeared in public places to secure information from others as part of a career, since it would have served as the time that they too had to venture into areas of Town that they would not normally have attended. I do not actually have a duty to provide them with security but I am keeping this nonsense never the less as I intend to ensure the gimmick where a bid to consign their immoral ignorant and abusive society gimmicks to history via my academic pursuits were met with a toxic study environment and the process of doing it through sheer career work is now being trashed, is set to end very badly by my hands.). The big problem is that sometimes a brokers interest in me is an actual investment, so an investment being turned into a gimmick where some fools with media publicity picked up the Assets and PR part of abusive nonsense which was an insult that puts them in charge of my affairs, is to grave to get me paying attention to such nonsense as a suggestion that I am a pariah, it needs to make its media and famous comments about its own career or it is now looking for trouble and will find it.

I. Uno I

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