(Emporium and CEO: Firm's negative Equity securitisation Liabilities)



There are three main facts to this old problem of lots of destruction in the small business community, making far Eastern movement games and returning to manipulate media to gather the fanaticism of blind fans to tell lies and paint a different picture of themselves with that fans can rally to which they think is funny, while other loose income and more still lose their own fame, livelihood and reputation the latter of which is the category I fall into and another group still lose their jobs. One of those is the American led insolence of using my stuff to do dirty jobs and clean themselves up as well, then tell people to stay  away from buying it because of what it has been used for in a bid to preserve my livelihood for themselves, protect it from the world claiming it is their means to fighting their battles in life and what they will do with those who buy it and now they understand I do have a working Court whose stuff I use to do things and all of them are white women that work on media and I will be taking an inventory on the payments they make for it which is a matter of whether they like it or not at the Office which will be declared at the office web presence, the other is the Music industry and their idiots using my work and along with their media goons everything that belongs to me down to my very body to do things - of course I have tried tolerating them and will no more, updates for payment to fund it will be placed at law and order normalcy in the Royal Court sub page at the Bookshop and the next time these idiots and any of their fanatic idiots around the world wind me up playing games with my earnings, I will get another job that will be based on wrecking their earnings for a living.

The trouble between me and black people, rather than being a matter of race and how their insolent problems must affect me too, is largely juts like the stripping me of earnings in order to make me fight racism without a job, while racists have jobs, a problem associated with the idea that if I am left alone and there are no body with some form of shared attribute with me, to whom part of absolutely everything I own and or work for should belong, then the prospects, not even the earnings for that has not come yet because they are planning ahead, but the prospects of my earnings will be such that is too big for them to tolerate as something that a Christian owns due to the fact they hate such people. So it has come to the but where it is a real problem for them as well because nobody told them to get around finding out who is brokering equities with whom, so that when they want a Mercedes for example, they get feeling from me with their insults and save the money to create their own Mercedes business; the first time it was about ripping to pieces those stupid culture, this time it will be about kicking them and those public television false confidence building insults, especially the South Africans that like to think they rule everybody. So I have come to draw the line doe to the fact misunderstandings continue and this history being made by them from a process where there has never been such physical and violent animosity towards a personís earning power and earnings has gone completely out of hand with their media idiots who get preferential treatment from them to betray anybody they want after working their silly corruptions of involvement where nobody wants them to be, finding people to insult and abuse in order to milk it as well and they can cross this line too if they wish.

As for the business ones, they claim things are going slow in the economy and run their media out on an attack again and again and again and again to make money. We say itís a recession and nobody knows what monumental idiots that claims to have his own business would do such things and it gets worse, these days they are taking over my earnings at a point where Political discrimination will be possible, which they do not seem to realise when they have ensured the efforts to protect myself from their insults with respect to it has failed, I will take hold of the west and bend it back the other way as well, confiscate all those beauties they gather from those kinds of insolent abuses and those stupid business and pay for the damages it has done to me with it, so they can come round and get it if they want. So for small businesses it is a matter of how they used to get their stock on a Tuesday but these days get it four weeks later and for the National economy a process where it is an economic cycle or business cycle never the less but the kind it is, will come through some 12 years from now and there will be several economic and business cycles in the middle between 11 and 13 to estimate an exact number, so who is paying? I always say they are getting off light because once those their silly companies are handled as well things will improve, for when you tell them it is a recession, a kind of economic cycle but in actual fact a deformity that will require a complex set of operations at different dates to fix, they say it is not and play games with your right to earn a living while working on it, after entangling it with areas that were not previously affected. Getting all over the place to drag us into every single recession around the world they can lay their hands on as though the British sterling is for sharing and everybody is afraid of their stupidities, making even more noise about markets that we write off here in the UK leadership and the precise things they must think about as businesses.

It works for them and their socialist media as well as socialist fame industry of course; where people get to think that if they get rid of the GCSEs which are a group of exams that test young people on a collection of what is social, articulation, professionalism, general and professional knowledge, they will have succeeded in creating competition for me which wrecks my career so that somebody can be rich in its place and I just fail to see how that will be the case when they get rid of GCSEs and then have to think about an alternative more so, obviously they have only so much work to do on it. Not which it is unusual anyway bearing in mind they go to Music school to work out whom they ought to target with the plans they made that on a certain day they will behave in a certain way and the person will react in a certain way and then something will happen on media or in court about it and they will politics in a certain way and then write down in their diary all the things they must do to manipulate people which may involve some pain but the end result will be riches and fame for them, which of course is what all those stupid media insults really are about. Now there is this seeming connection on public media regularly too, which has a lot to do with the rise of separatism and changes to the global economy; I mean the global economy has changed alright but with respect to services some people instigate with the rich while they offer their own services of oppression, it is not in anybody's interest for there to be some form of confusion about the fact the Global economy has not changed as those who like to work hard to preserve their so called connection with rich communists in order to blackmail the rest of us claim that it has, even though it has, so generally like every normal person I do not wish to be in anyway entangled between or among their stupidities and the increasingly spreading separatism across the world. I am involved at all because they like to talk too much of their rubbish with respect to it, which has more to do with ruling Christians that they claim are a slave race to them with a big mouth. Hence there is no ripping the yarns of Government going on like they love to make out for their media scandals either and certainly none such around or in this Firm.

On a personal basis, I acquire all these payments I do from the means they have created through the abuse and destruction of me or my property because I view it as something that keeps my mind focused on the fact anything I endure from them is entirely provisional no matter how long it lasts for. I have not been deceived or taken for a ride on what my Property and or company is worth, rather it is something else filling in that space i.e. a very insolent form of abuse which sees I am never free to feel I have done a satisfactory job in my own office and privacy and because it is thinking intensive work, it is very exhausting as a result of that too.

I. Uno I on behalf of the Company

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