So I do get told that past disrespect of Women is the main centre piece of all my problems but I suppose I have explained that well in the past; every case where women and girls complain about me is usually a matter of long it takes for me to become Mr Goat with everything about a Public image I have spent years praying and fasting to be blessed with blocked off with a sense of conveniences they have planned for themselves as a matter of their superiority. Usually I wait a couple of minutes on meeting those who might and when I starts I can move on so it only took less than three weeks for me to become a renowned Mr Goat in Hackney on my return to the UK, while my temper was something that needed to be discussed as the disturbing behaviour of a young person that was 21 years of age at the time. So, when they got cracked up and I had to understand with more of such abuses thrown my way because they assume I would never know and even if I did, nobody else would understand is the main centrepiece of their complains concerning me as well. These are not the points where it kicked up all together; it did when Mr Goat had exceeded their expectation by getting a job and then I lost that to redundancy and returned to the University seeing the image they had built for me on the radio waves especially over my Public image and the use of it and so they followed me there, where they made it bad enough for a life time I dropped out and my health got terrible, they had no need to tackle me in a manner that ensures others do not understand until they come up with an accusation and an explanation because my tummy was in a terrible state and I had started suffering from haemorrhoids, so I needed something to go by as well and now we can see they will not lay off my Estate or my income margins as well, so I guess less is mentioned about Female stalking all together as it were and its all fine I suppose if I am not the one complaining about it. I get told it plays into the hands of the Men which is utter nonsense; the Men are the bits where I have written a Book and they do not have the time to read it let alone buy but want to make use of it, so I have been set out as the character on whom they shall give themselves a second attempt at getting a life and making money, so I am finding out what they got for it as well, which is why they think I want to help them out with women in order to avoid getting into trouble but it continues the same insulting behaviour where I walk down to the Bus stop and it can walk down there better but is complaining about what I do when people make me feel that saying I am not homosexual is not enough for them.

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