Of course we hear I donít know why things happen, only get involved and screw up political leadership but it is the Politicians who never want to spend their salaries and personal lives on completely worthless women while they feel they need to avail all of other peoples time and possession for it Ė so when these idiots make money they feel nothing can challenge them and no behaviour can ever be the wrong thing to do. The gamblers choice is the best decision and they think I am ear marked for squander with a big mouth and cannot accept they will place themselves in a bubble where there are no rules around here too as well; we do try and keep the torch for a moderate society alive of course clearly of which we take time out as a result to ensure murders are never justifiable Ė when they are spending their personal life and finances on their gamblers choice, that will be the day. They are always at a game about a need to live in a Country where these women have become celebrities and blame their ever increasing wealth through the destruction of peoples personal lives and livelihoods on the fact people are paying them the attention they seek which means each time they appear on media and lean on you they make you a retard and become clever and then make money from it and it will never ever be the wrong behaviour. Itís not unusual; the Politicians like to say this is what a Country where people are hard working looks like but we all know itís the goons that slept with the toughest boys in school thinking it is a perfectly sound choice to get Politicians to rip up other peoples finances until they are first famous with such persons livelihoods and personal lives before they are allowed to get on and there isnít a thing in the whole world they can do Ė threatening me is a scenario that will blow up in their face, that is a given. They do say itís the old stuff about black women on one hand and me messing with peoples wives on the other which is much the same story; what I do here is write books and if people are in the habit of choosing their wives friends they should not get into one about choosing mine Ė I need what goes on in my head to make a living and if people cannot respect that they will not have gay pride and every immoral movement that in my view is the disease of the west; they do speak of somebody being scared of them all the time, so this reality simply had to be cleared up, I am sure they understand why they do it. In the case of black women bullying, its largely a matter of everything that represents their evil and wickedness being attacked and stopped Ė I mean in the US things like Gay pride marches for instance you know is the spread and recruitment of sin and evil but its largely a matter of peoples choices when it does not affect yours so drastically and a benefit of doubt you had given them removed along with your tolerance for it over their bragging and media based insults and yet you know that if you stop those kinds of festivals for instance the sense black women have that they can handle you will take a turn for improvement. Itís not a matter of freedom of association, itís a matter of steps they have taken to do things that cause me harm Ė for their part a case of removing every tolerance and benefit of doubt I had for them over their cultures and societies and how it affects me and for my part they have taken steps too to ensure they wreck my finances and get famous with my public life then surround me with incessant and ceaseless violence of filth, so it does not imply when I ignore it and their Politicians have no clue what they are doing that these fools have ceased to be perfectly aware of what they are doing and hence I must make excuses for them too when I am their so called victim Ė they cannot leave people alone and it is obviously terrific. There are things that make them a problem; the back stage of celebrities where their gossips are most profitable and they sell cosmetics and make something out of their civil and criminal disobedience every single time that they want for instance and I believe I am clear too I make a living with what happens in my mind and they will know better than to screw with it like they think they can over some distant abuse based girly fight that helps others to get famous with my possessions so they might feel protected and so on; so we are right back where we started over Mr Obamaís supporters and my involvement with matters when I donít know why they happen. There is no getting into trouble with the rich either Ė itís like when these guys complain about their civil rights but everything I do benefits somebody else and causes me more harm so the general idea is that if it hurts me to preach the gospel I need to shut it down, same with my morals and so on same with the Royal Estate and same with the company and all they can enforce this with is a big mouth Ė it is the same with the rich where people think my empire does not exist because they have big buildings to show off for their own but it does as this is The Queenís real and I can do whatever I like practically, so traders are supposed to trade and keep their insults where it is better appreciated not turn up here to mess mine up. So they do say I am beginning to understand that I am messing with the influence of Russia for instance, which is utter nonsense; their insults and criminal disobedience will not be tolerated here and besides which I am not knocking this theory either as the Russians do know how to handle servants as it were and for where it affects me I am going to put a stop to it as it were my way. The story of making worse the problem of terrorism is very well understood; they do like to think the rest of us glamorise media work all the time but it is filthy and it is dirty and the presenters and the best thing that ever happened to it, so as long as this inescapable connection between doing such jobs and handling my office continues there will never be an end to their misery; so I am the boss and of course what I decide happens, enough games whereby I become a plaything for civil rights goons.

Itís never really been an issue in a wider sense; itís just abuses and attacks and sexual context violence that means I get to stage where I happen to understand that millionaire and the other and some A list star and the other is what they are targeting and I need to find my own patch and so on; these are completely relentless because if I donít make use of the ones I have they will recruit some young person to take it over and continue to pretend to control me while their fools make a case of having me trapped so they can gaze on something amazing to make their day before they speak of an interference with Russian Influence. So that the way it works is largely that they wind me up and I can never be a happy person just because they exist and what they do with it is claim I am not a good influence on Children and that they want to trap and fuck me and finish off with the destruction of my work to improve themselves and a sense that itís all made up so they can set me up and get my seriously beaten up by somebody that is larger than I am claiming they hate my kind and so on Ė it is all together such a fabulous use of my time. As for the part where I mess with them, itís not all made up; there is provocation and then there is response to it, I do so because I want them to be productive members of society Ė when it comes to their politicians locating somebody with empire at embryonic stage that can be sacrificed to better the wealth distribution in the world while they make connections with the rich, it was always easy to assume you have come across some of the most intelligent organisms of the planet and then get forgiven for thinking that too but the step of setting me out and reorganising the distribution of wealth because idiots should be reading economics texts as it were was the last straw Ė now I need to have them on my watch every time as they do business and make profit and pay off the deficit their Politicians created and that is why I mess with them; because of course from this position I will therefore continue to remain the guy who knows what must be done while they are the ones chosen by government to make money and we all know what the relationship between the two is supposed to be with that big mouth. They say this to Politicians and celebrities all the time; that I handle them and nobody gets to as far as they are concerned but I feel so hard done by because I was asked by women to assist them with matters of female professional society and I did that successfully with enough time to spare attending a University before they turn up with some mini war to rip that up and are now after everything else I own as well Ė so they will be out there making money and paying taxes to pay off the deficit, time out; its under supervision all those games about fame and fortune style jobs and money thing which means they can easily tell me that based on what they see me own and their access to me they have decided they are not doing any work in their life time Ė they are making the money and paying the taxes my way or their own anyway.

They say they have given me a hard time and I wouldnít know but they do understand there is racism in the UK looking for flustered people to attack; so my deal is that they know how rich the British Government is and understand what it means if it cannot take me down despite their using it for the last decade or so to try and do that; so the problem is that if I rip up their labour party I will have destroyed a major social institution that allows people to broker power and work their conduct out and that is a very serious matter as we do not know what the results of the next cast of the dice will be like; so because they love to handle me I have been provoked to a state where I am working on it too and we will therefore be very happy with a Liberal democrat/ Conservative society. They cannot leave people alone, it is their biggest problem. The economy in the UK is so responsive that we should be having a workable ecosystem that creates a whole new economic future that has not yet been defined in the text books because it is all possible whereby Parliament is linked with University and both are linked with the city centre and jobs can be controlled by public Policy and what the electorate votes for, hence it is difficult to locate what this dead weight of a socialist ideology really is about but they say it is manned by people who know how to have their way with the Crowd and it is never clear if they are supposed to have their way with me as well. So the story of being bullied into giving away secretes is absolute nonsense Ė if people push up my agenda and complain about the results I am at a loss as to how that got to mean that they have gotten secretes out of me anyway Ė itís like the story of what it is that seems to be my problem with black people which has always rather been as simple as a matter of the fact I want nothing to do with them but it does not matter if they want something to do with me and so when people have a problem with a governmentís handling of the gap between rich and poor for instance I end up with an empire where there is so much insolence the market equity is with the media to control and so on and that is when we are talking about physical damage and destruction not other abuses that are concerned with their twisted and evil nature and a problem they have with religion that others are practicing in their own personal lives. As for the story of how discriminative I am however, it needs handling in real terms too i.e. the Church does not discriminate, every priest preaches the same sermon to everybody that attends it and none will be turned away, it is against the Bible to but they however on the other hand have this plan about those who have things they donít and if they are not seen crying tears of the devil to get Politicians and media to get it for them and rob the owners existence is not actually worth it all together and then get are soon seen with some African friends that fancy slaves but cannot get them in the UK because it is too expensive unlike the way they get them in Africa finding ways of targeting those they have groomed and will not therefore mind and I am always targeted because they say I look like something they can beat up if there is any problem and so it goes even further to this state where they arrange for media and Politics to create a family with you being the ill fated onethat they can do whatever they like with and so it creates an outcome that is not exactly discrimination or nepotism but somewhere in the middle making use of both and for me in person however they have wrecked my finances but are still seen around my concerns knowing that doing so unravels every story they tell about how only the rich have the right to turn up anywhere near government office but get about doing anyway; my point is that they are the ones being discriminative, only that itís not something you feel low enough to mention. They do say these kinds of views make things worse but of course it is precisely the message for they are meant to seek out the discriminative not those they feel have things they want to confiscate.

Like this story of the UK Military Covenant which of course is by right the way the professionals handle the issues but I am a bit apprehensive about the suggestion there is something wrong with it although the real issue is that of the Politicians and a need to deploy soldiers and tell them they are killers, collect any small training they have to feel like they can fight with and to collect any little fraternity with the Nation they have to feel they are more connected to the Country than the Monarchy and therefore in charge. So that this need to deploy soldiers and get into parliament to make this mess that their media fools are joining in on as well has now reached fever pitch, however in a civilian point of view I am still concerned, not for the fact the professionals know the need to relook at the military convent because of the need these guys have to abuse other government operatives that allow those who seek revenge on them for what they have done to protect the Country which affected their relatives and so on, has meant I for example am always being abused and disturbed for secrets of British fighting skill to train themselves with and there is also an obsessive need to spy on me playing video games and chase my anus and penis to lumber me with violence and extract the effects for their own benefit which is the disparity between the unnecessary nonsense the Politicians come up with and the fact they do not speak to the Police regularly over this problem they have concerning an inability to identify what a criminal really looks like as it were until they have to in a condition where it is too late for them and therefore constitutes another personís problem as a result. I am concerned around the premise of a condition where these fools turn up at the Military to corrupt it and they do say they are already there and my concerns are too late which is utter nonsense as they are there because the MOD knows what it is doing and has been getting hold of and recruiting them to do the job as well which time again makes things go all quiet around their nuisance activities for a while but there is still this case of their socialist shit pieces thinking they are celebrities when they also call themselves socialites anyway and I know they are not famous because I made it so becoming more and more obsessed with a need to attack government operatives to make their fame then make links with a secret service operative that will protect them from those they wish to abuse whenever and wherever and however to make more fame and fortune, hence the sense people who work at National security really have no humanity going in their lives, which needs to be kept off my Book sales, especially around the stupid threats that they cannot get famous without and the abuses that follow it to extricate the beauties to do it with that seems to have to plans of fading or moving somewhere else as it were.

Of course they say I donít regard the fact that Military operatives are abusive and it will never be the part I am seen talking about but of course if they worked in the Military those who take advantage of women would be held in high esteem and those who abuse government operates especially as a means to an end would be looked upon as stars.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland