They do claim it annoys them inconsolably that I had chosen to be part of the system of repression that was the Monarchy, so incredibly stupid at my expense endlessly and needs to stick to talking about what it knew. I cannot find an alternative method to assist with their ego and insolence, except to inform them without doubt that they were not important persons or more like they were but needed to cease making the stupid media narcissism comments about my career every day. It need not let me stop its fun though, it needs to keep fucking people all over the place, when it invents conversations about how I had become part of a system of repression, I suppose we may have arrived at the stage where it wanted to tell others that it did not know what antisemitism looked like. It is not really a crisis from my point of view, I mean when I say so people at the system think I always think everything was never a crisis but it really isn’t a crisis; the premise for its unusual interest in me was interference – so perhaps I interfered with my own sleep pattern because I had to get something important completed, they will pick this up and keep it going up to the point where it would make them money on my public image, same as when I faced a challenging situation in my career, I ended up looking that way permanently, unless of course if it does not cease messing about with my Bookshop and public image, I will transfer the same behaviour and activities to its career and finances, hence not really a crisis, just that it wants to have a conversation about ways I had become part of a system of repression and needed to keep its mouth shut, stick to what it knew and read a book when it shows up near my Bookshop. Not clear exactly when we will be free of this nonsense where we lived in a world of gangs and the big gangs were quietly confident, their stupidities and that of their famous fools were the middle gangs who bullied small gangs like me, especially when they were bullied by the big gangs, in which condition somebody had to collect taxes. Needs to shoot off its big mouth and be a media narcissism poof somewhere else. It is like a group of people who are yet to experience a response from me, thus they were an outstanding issue, for what is such a gimmick that security services were accused of the antisemitism as there were few options available to people with respect to ways that communication can be put forward towards the job that involved working the problems they created.

They do claim that I am an embarrassment but it is nothing unusual in the circumstances, we know it is a product of an assumption that I do not look at the mirrors, so that the access they have had to my privacy played such a role in it as meant that the fact I never applied cosmetics to my body because I had an oily skin, of which getting a hair cut more often would have been such a convenience for me but I am too lazy to do – so that 15 years of ripping up my career and finances to chase ownership of my social life and public image had since left me a victim that is embarrassing  on account I was seen doing my shopping, as stupidly as possible and so on. It then feeds into the idea that I had no control of my own life which is not the case as what happens is that when the men and the Politicians make me look overworked, they made the most of it alongside their silly celebrities, same as when I am being showered by abuses and insults, eventually setbacks created for me to help them get ahead and we are now having a conversation associated with people bugging me because it did not end well. We then make sense of what it is when it is suggested I got myself into trouble with private security industry; the history which is that I am a normal person and then I got caught up with people who worked the system because they liked the way I ran my concerns, for no reason this was replaced by a bunch of idiots who then set about inflicting one form of abuse based pain of a sexual nature on me every time I stepped out of my door and every person that handled CCTV professionally was removed, building up to where we are now, of which it had become rather clear that they were not good enough to protect the stupid Celebrities from me as well, while the Duke of Sussex had left his family to avoid the responsibility of what he helped create, same story about people who felt privileged, doing something to express the idea they would like to be on the good side of modernity, the continued damage to my finances indicating they did not respect the idea that I wanted to end it badly as well.

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