It is claimed for a large proportion of the times that I interfere with Politics. The facts can be settled along the lines of matters of racism for example; where we have come to think racism is best tackled using the apparatus of state and the way politicians react to it is that if so, then the future seems to suggest that white Politicians are ahead on new beauties and this needs to be maintained by making sure gangs are tackled in the black communities, only when the black communities can be trusted. Hence ongoing consultation programes. These of which would have been successful if they had neglected to involve me the Christian on their left with a big mouth, that they don’t trust. After years of a condition where I am so ‘Christianny’ that from me perversions are possible by which their secrete society idiots will be both proud of them and show them lots of respect for.

Bearing in mind I mean Royal Prince or not of which the fact I am one seems to be their biggest problem, when people want new perversion from the life of a Christian neglecting to consider the fact he is also a government operative on this occasion, it must mean an affront to the Law and nothing more in the first place but I must always be out there saving others as far as they are concerned, as a matter of black mail from them without end, while I get decimated and stupid girls get famous because they simulate such rubbish. The wrong publicity of which I have made clear I don’t want anymore.

This is not however why I hate Politicians anyway. The reason I do is because they always want to build that society where people always laugh at others and people are so frustrated that the only way to keep their heads, is to find somebody to hurt and in order to do so, always locate me by name and identity-around whom it should be built and the more I have done nothing to harm or provoke them the more powerful the situation becomes for them and therefore the better, with a big mouth. So what is so attractive about me for such purposes anyway, why me and more so all the time? It does not apply anybody here is scared of those stupid threats and more so with respect to my career; I think I have been clear they can do their worst, so I can whack them as well.

Neither is it true that I am angry at everybody when the real issue is that lovers want to play around and spend time with me and that the vast number of them around the world are becoming more uncertain about issues. It is a matter of a Policy they seem to have of barging into my life to tell me the opposing Political side in their own concerns is evil and when I ignore them, it gets violent, so I can kick them as well-aka “the other side is evil didn’t you hear me?”- and the “or else what?” response from me. They do need to shut it and fight; besides which they ought to live in reality, which doing so is helpful and they hate my guts too when I have said such things or suggested it.

The politicians are not a problem, they seem to have this thing about corruptions which endear hem to idiots that speak of change and how there are girls out there that can do jobs that other people have, while they find ways of ensuring those do not earn from their jobs and then set off to get more and more confident about it.  So it never stops happening; how they should become hard working men without ending dealing with all the problems associated with evil women who think they can be pushed around, while at the same time being the ones that happen to be the biggest problem that hard working women have and the reason for this, is that they do not want any of the issues associated with problems they create for others because others are better and or more successful than they are, to affect them-hence very intense and violent corruption which is all they do with their time, except it is not their property on this occasion to be corrupt with and the State is not their property either and it does not even mean they are prepared to work as hard then when done with it. In fact, they expect the same people they abuse to do work for them too, with a big mouth. My personal favourite is the one where they single out certain strategically placed people to bully until they can predict every one of their complains, then go into government office to blow off these complaints for themselves and from then on anything anybody does to defend themselves is met by a justification for revenge on their part, so they can do whatever they like with people they don’t even know and this is because they have done me.

I said it does not constitute a problem for me because being the Christian on whom everybody dumps their problems is something that must be funded, it wreaks havoc on my job, my work and my earnings, especially my health and they never use their ears, so when I say it is painful, they are busy having so much fun. It seems so far that paying for the cost of this pleasure is the biggest problem here and yet I am still waiting for a time they will become less stroppy yet.

Their wickedness is not something which gives me sleepless nights. I am only likely to wake up to being manipulated by lies people tell in public about how they control me because the world is being split between me and everybody else, along the lines of a certain part I am allowed to say anything about God and Christianity in and another in which they are allowed recognised by me with a large gob when they know I am a Christian, where they can spread any evil ideology that they want. It would not be the first time that I have set off to take apart and waste everything that is built anywhere in this world along those lines-God help people if it is an economy. Did I say they need to leave me alone?

So the questions always come in very simple terms: when do they plan to have what I have so they can leave me alone anyway? When they were teenagers they were immoral people, when they started earning money they became evil and when they started having families they became selfish. So when do they plan to have what I have so they can leave me alone, when do they plan to start? In the future? Bloody idiots.

Whoever on earth would get off giving an ear to such fools, when they have an office of state to look after? The way it operates was that they were supposed to get on Television to do jobs which have to do with being paid a lot of money to report something that is actually fact. It applies thereof that their wickedness meant it was impossible to do that, which is why them and their community idiots are always attacking me violently, then tell lies about the reasons for my acts of revenge. Now it so happens that I tell them about the Bible all the time because it seems they want to carry that instead, since they have already gotten paid for reporting facts without reporting them because they are evil, facts which they alter and provoke me with perversions sought from my life on Public media in order to be evil, then attack me with their stupid power for perversions and make it intensely violent with their community idiots and a big mouth. When they issue threats I suppose it is always a question of whether they have enough right to be sure that God will be on their side too as it were, so that is not what I tend to media and fame industry worry about. I have taken up that stupid left and any work they should have been doing, done it for them and shared a little bit of the done work with them too for good measure and a big mouth filled. They just cannot stop the insults which get them into trouble all the time, knowing fully each time they do there is a reciprocate act from me of completely destroying all that fame rubbish as will pay for the effects of their insults in the direction of my office, because it wrecks my finances while they work racism and discrimination on me until I am vulnerable to it. seems good they always get their stupid top Politicians involved as well, so those can become lame-duck leaders and incapable of leading for their good too, then talk rubbish all the time in my direction and pretend something else is the way it is happening in public, looking for insolent fame they don’t deserve somewhere close to my office all over again.

This process of always being on the left so I can do so has not created any stupid new state of affairs like they make out. I will return to being myself when I see fit. The insults however will never go un-avenged and I particularly like those jibes about how they live in the city and have plans to get rich. With respect to environmental matters of which I must also make clear where I stand is also of a simple mantra: in the last 600 years at least, not one extinction occasion has been a function of the Natural environment. They are all man made and the extinction of a living thing by the hands of a person has got to be criminal. We have enough meat, fish, insects, anything we want in the domesticated food chain and people can always spend lots of money to buy areas of land where animals live to preserve animals they like to destroy because they are bush meat. Why should a human being be responsible for the extinction of another living thing? More so why should it be without consequences? So environmental protection, conservation etc are the same thing in this respect.

They speak of markets being freer and fairer. I have no idea how freer and fairer it needs to get if I detach myself from the insolent mantra of how I will continue to keep that my thing where everybody can have access to it, while they make education incredibly expensive and those who want to make it cheap are doing me favours and then jobs impossible to get, while everybody are being pushed to be productive with a big mouth; as it stands it is the struggle yes I can acknowledge that too but the way it still works is that they do not earn from my job but I do-it cannot be a freer or fairer the market than that and if perceptions and wrong Publicities change this they will neither save their idiots or themselves yet again at great expense. When they complain what they like to omit the most which is why I also like to make them complain so intensely, then take over all complain based fame myself and win again, is that they barge into my life in order use my life and work as perversion for riches, then call the attention of racist idiots and try to get them to assume ownership of my personal life so they can become suicidal,  which they then force on me and is no longer therefore a matter of whether or not I want to be a Priest that makes people rich or choice to be shrine for wealth and glory. They never mention either that it is when they have lost this they get their children involved and then connected to top Political offices which is even more insulting, to force role model roles on me and out of m, while their other older idiots take over all I own to get richer and then pleasure themselves my income with a big mouth. All of which has got nothing to do with market but their desire to cause people pain with their filthy sadism, that they feel they can practice on just about anybody, which they give their idiots chances for by making people available to them to spend time getting confident about life on - over such a period of time as wrong Publicities will be possible to make them rich as if it is their own income lives or property.


Each time we speak of the economy Politicians seem to speak of nothing else but how to get around the corridors of Westminster in the case of the UK, to gather up extra cash they can invest in the City with and it is becoming increasingly provocative because they make reference to other people’s jobs in order to govern it and like to make reference to my Holdings especially in the film industry because if I say anything about it, their chances of trying to control the land and ensure no body tells them what to and not to take from it to be rich with will improve greatly.

Yes there is that old problem I agree, the one where people put distance between me and any chances of finding capital for investment but those are supposed to have been their Political allies in the first place, while they now know everything about economic recovery around my office because I am earning a living from selling books I write; now imagine if I wanted to do something to take away everything else from them, like I usually do, in order to ensure that each time I am at work I am less angry and my head is straight and clear enough for me to do my job, isn’t it a really stupid game? The markets do not need opening up-they are free and fair as they stand.

It seems we will recover economically when they get seriously hurt, especially the Politicians. For now its Mr. Miliband and his “long term value creation” and Mr Cameron who thinks having become Prime Minister means he is no longer Mr Cameron and therefore needs tax payers money for his freedom of movement, when we don’t know his family and he knows ours and his opened up “freer and fairer markets” (obviously there are really evil people that know their Families but it is my problem as it were, since I got them into it-its incredible). Its like the old question of where I stand; of which there is no controversy to that. The fact is that these people are provocative, at least so they say but this is on another level entirely.

I mean some reporter can meet the CEO of a company and get asked the question of whether she has access to me and if she does, gets to show something to prove it; maybe something I said, maybe a photo of me etc and 3 years down the line and there will be insolent and abusive Pop music from which people earn a lot of money designed to show how I upset traditional relations between Brasil and the USA for example and it goes on like that endlessly and about which by the way they will feel me too for as long as it does. It is always said they are provocative people but this is on another level entirely and they will learn their place as well. “Shut up! shut up” Pop music; I wonder what they suppose powers of state mean? I intend to shut them up too; I have said I want no more of the wrong publicities around me by which they get rich and if they don’t shut it down I will shut it down for them.

The reason I don’t get so worried about it is that when they are finished with me they always set off to re-orientate themselves with a sense of respect and regard for other people and so I am always left with the mantra ‘not a problem, they will start off from scratch all over again later’; it works very well with those that are close to drawing their stupid pensions, while I can then get famous with their insults too. “Shut up” Pop music is all good; I say they can talk but let’s see how it will all turn out as well. When I ask why they would do these things, it is always a purely rhetorical question. I know they are a set of fools who want to steal money rather than work for it and things like “shut up” Pop music industry is a means of stealing money without going to prison. It’s much the same with the way they use social media; most of the time it has anything to do with me, it has something to do with how people like me should be caused a lot of pain and suffering-some will even say shot. Then when I have had enough and registered for an account in one or several, they cannot shoot anymore because they are busy saving their own stupid lives. The idea I brought it on myself by the things I do to society does not apply either; when next people want to be father figures and I need to loose contact with my sense of professional imagination, so I might never bee seen as employment material, while others find little things to get rich with, they will want to keep to the boundaries of doing it with their own stupid kids or they can always spend money on pop stars and start a racism of how it is something I meant to deal with, so I can clear them out on the left and shut down that stupid wrong Publicity industry as well, I couldn’t care less personally if they did.

Of course I have been clear about where I stand with regards to their insolent innovations by force thing and the idea their Politicians create that I am now due for a job is the biggest load of rubbish ever; fact being that I am getting geared up to make everybody involved in my ten year unemployment and cash flow issues to keep me detached from other Royals in the world, as if this was their own lives of business, so people can try to move into my right to be glorious, have paid for their wickedness and the electorate that vote for it because I am telling them how to use their votes, the media and the Politicians themselves all have punishments set out for them respectively. I am not talking about doing something that will get me into trouble with the law, that would have involved arming myself with a knife and a gun over peoples cultural power and witchcraft spiritual envy by which they tell me when I am due for a job and when they have problems target me, others have problems target me etc, so that when I shoot them, I can cut them up as well because I cannot get rid of the anger; it is not a new thing and the very reason that when you avoid black idiots and their culture, that you warn them you don’t want to see otherwise you will destroy because it does nothing but harm you and they will have to kill you themselves, what they do is bring it into your life get more privileges of injustice from Politicians to change arguments and shout you down and have more confidence and get out into the open to show off and brag about their power. I am talking about good punishments, even in light of claiming they want to ensure no body is doing things about them to be famous, as a means of invading my privacy to bastardise my work as I create them, in order to be the rebels that are getting people to kill me instead of them, while their wickedness does not seem to gain any changes in the direction of improved situation. I am thinking about the diplomatic and international front at this point and my warning is that their insults and big mouth will escalate the situation. That I am due for a job is just too insulting and incredibly patronising.

For the whites of course the big problem is their street idiots and media scum; each time I do anything of which is always associated with my job, they must turn out to split its effects along the lines of racial divisions, which means not only that somebody else can do it too on the white side but that the white side is superior in that what I do to the blacks does not apply to them and that I wouldn’t dare. Their reason is the size of their fist of which I would not want to find myself at the receiving end of etc. Its not the first occasion, the first was when they refused to realise they had their own lives and were free to do things they attribute to their stupid left or to their stupid right in it and that I will not tolerate any rubbish from them, more so that media idiots can pick up on too. They always tell me I will get stabbed along this line of thinking and it is incredibly infuriating too, since it is obvious each time I look at them, they always look as though they know absolutely everything about the correct thing to do but choose to do the wrong-so it must always apply that when they get involved in a fight with those who do not know better,  stab those, then talk rubbish at the prisons and about their developed gang badge and it means they should expect to get into a fight with everybody without a weapon and talk rubbish everywhere especially from prison. It was the same years ago with football people; when they see stupid men do “kick knack paddy wag-give a dog a bone” they set people up for it and believe such persons cannot understand the underlying insult of “deal with it black boy”; so when I soften them up for the fascism and clubber them as well so they can really feel like coming round to prove a thing to two, it becomes a National News problem daily until they feel better. It does not bother me so much, as equally as I have warned them about games at my office and their stupid football being something I bump into each time I get to work or try to earn from my job, even when I make mention of settling issues with street noise makers who say things like the Queens Arch Prince had better not get in the way of what I want or he will be dead with their big mouth but what I will not ignore however is a process where they split my authority and talk rubbish about how a white boy will do white communities and I wouldn’t dare.

So far their problem has been sex with pretty women which I have done them up for all the way to telling older ones to bring their matrimony so somebody can use it to be famous and I really have a thing for that fame and fortune rubbish and celebrity culture nonsense and football millionaire insults where they buy expensive cars that are created along intellectual consultations with me and turn around to stir their filthy societies to throw around messages on media which suggests they want more respect from me but by far my favourite point of attack is the Politicians and media that hold me down so that I might concentrate on a particular thing for long enough for them to wind me up and thus become excessively confident, then become surprised they are the first ones I attack as well because racists are the real problem and they can push my buttons and fight for my civil rights before I was born before then.

None of it gives me sleepless nights, all that size of their fist and the fact I would not want to be on the receiving end of it is something they hear from somewhere i.e. idiots that work from home and because I am black and work from home as well, think they can develop a hate habit around me; they don’t even know why they would say such things in my direction and then media idiots will pick up on it to make headlines and that will never stop wrecking my career until I have to walk into their studio and bash those computers over their heads or something.

I have made it clear I want these wrong Publicities to cease but they want their own history of having teased me so badly I begged people to stop and the Politicians and Media idiots will be overworked by me over a period of years to create balance and security over the matter too.

HH I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.