Now it is said that I am an impediment to the discourse on Police brutality and this is utter rubbish as we know what brings about Police brutality is what these idiots say to the Police which makes a case whereby, they were being arrested for a crime or being prevented from committing a crime, into something that sees Police Officers degenerate into outright violence. How this grows into a process where each protest about it upstages me, tends to show what the purpose of their activities really were, so the real loss is the Police Officer that has committed a crime but then again the Law is not actually blind to how it works when somebody says a Police Officer said something provocative to him which had caused him to wage a one man vendetta on the Police for weeks, until it reached a stage where he was stuck with the same issues of life and death violence that the Police had provoked him on and gotten off to a certain behaviour which got him arrested by the Police instead of stop and it is during this arrest that he says something to Officers which sent them off the Cliff. Police brutality is not a good thing, but Police are human beings and what these people say to them while being arrested to cause the provocation, has nothing to do with getting on with a daily concern in relative safety and security. I do get asked what I would do if I were to do it myself and this is usually a time when I acknowledge the Police are doing a good job, since it’s incredibly difficult to prevent the two instances where these fools are either seen hurting me physically or are seen working on me using any tools that they are hoping to make money from, which really, really hurts, hurts my tummy and make me smell 24/7 – no way of stopping them as their need to make excuses for it and develop reasons which suggest it’s all my fault know no bounds and then when something is actually said to make them think twice about this behaviour they express something that suggest they found it amusing and they have been caught out and the process of being caught out was even more amusing. I do think I would have done more brutality than the Police because there simply must be a way to stop these scums hurting me and or working on me, to show up on the other end claiming it is a sign of their superiority and prove they are my boss bossing me around. They do claim I don’t have a chance but those that are knowledgeable know they spend money on new cars and probably new homes to try and show they are not planning to steal something from me before they begin this nonsense as though they were a Law unto themselves and should it becomes a clash between me and their communities while I am determined to ensure they had stopped hurting me and it had stopped adding up to a gimmick associated with how Liberal society makes money without doing any work as well, we will find out how much of a chance I have got, especially if it is one of those times I am determined to ensure my response to it was the finale, due to the fact I had already given it a response that have now developed into a global stage phenomenon. They always claim they have justifiable reasons for handling me the way we see them do but I suppose since they do not teach it at Church, we will soon get to the point where there will be justifiable reasons for me to do the same to them as well, with respect to their incomes and careers and with a need to express something about wealth and social inequality. So I do get told that since the USA supports it there is little I can do and its utter nonsense as American Liberal fools are usually in league with communist gits all over the world, to find out it’s impossible for them to keep their eyes on the business shop floor and tell their minions to keep their imagination off peoples bottoms when people work on it, showing up here to enforce democratic rules, until I get its stupidities into a very difficult situation and return to the Office of an Arch Prince to show what its social status really is like. In the end the main problem is still the media; these goons are parasites who had decided hurting me and working on me was the way to solve their financial problems and are now fighting the Police they are determined will not be able to protect me from them due to their need – the American liberal Politicians are usually a handful of very evil fools blabbing as though they were in urgent need of the services of an exorcist and are now blabbing on my finances too; both would not be doing this if the British Media had not picked up what I did with the private security industry and set it up as something they controlled and decided how the public accessed about which the public helped them decide how I was going to serve them, the first time they planned their stupid career in a way which ensured what I did to get culture and society goons, city centre bullies and industry gits under control where I worked my daily concerns, it involved holding me down somewhere to build up publicity that will get me into trouble with gangs and criminals, once they were done running off corruption of involvement that allowed them invite themselves into my concerns and then hang around somewhere building up a sense of exclusive right to own the sensations of convenience which have emerged on the left hand side, making a mess of this Bookshop, so it always comes down to the Media all of the time. Wake up to the brutal distant violence that beats you down in bed because of the kind of leadership they have been supplying local communities and it will be the media that ensures you do not use the loo at the designated time because you were caught up in excitable and stressful public matters all day long and they have organised their career in this way to control me for industry trouble makers, fat cats and Celebrities for the last time in my view. Their favourite Labour Party is the party that has created this sense that I am afraid of them naturally by spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances and spend some more of it helping them build up a stupid self-confidence they show up here to gamble at my expense all the time; they all never stop taking the bait of showing up to buy shares with companies I have gotten employment from in order to handle me or picking up what I did with private security Industry to buy new show off property that suggested they had no reason to steal from me while they clung to my career and public image, so that when they had not found a way to stop working on me or stop hurting me to express their superiority, about which they get imagination up my bum because they are stupid and wish to find out what they needed to know to stop being such a bunch of idiots and I was determined to make a case out of the reasons they had to keep off my Books and stop peppering my Public image with comments, we can see clearly that is becomes a matter the fact I have all the chances in the world, contrary to their blabbing. In the end the Politicians have set the stage where the bread winner insults have never been more profitable in the history of the world literally and Liberal American Politicians needed to know why the threat, they issued at me with it had to come to a stop.

They claim I am completely naive of the race Politics that go on behind the scenes and its utter rubbish; I am just a Bird, keeping what I have done with myself from some very bad people and those who show up here to express something of the sort of evil that I find when I hang around meditating on the blessings of God at this Hermitage will find me take off and leave the problem for them to fix. The rest of it is that their insults have grown and grown to such an extent I can no longer sweep it under the Carpet and certain important people in my life have been affected such that it will never get better than what is being damaged, so we must start with an outcome where they got to explain the reasons their stupidities have now evolved and why it has been such an appealing idea to get somebody off somewhere fighting over their Assets and Asset base. They claim I live as though I have a lot of problem while there are people who should be living the way I do and its utter nonsense as what happens is that setting me a public reputation which suggested I was vulnerable to tribalism was when I had decided it was impossible to reason with them – when it progress to the stage of being in a position to serve the purposes of people in Government buildings who have a problem with those that have what Politicians have never had or tasted, they had to know they had gone too far – this business of sexual context abuses and distant violation that will make me one of them has gone too far; cracked up out of my league issuing threats over it all the time - so they have had to deal with all the social problems associated with being me and have been off doing their own which involved getting near the jobs of armed forces operatives to fight my wars and build communities that get imagination up my bum all the time.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland