The thing with the media is not a big issue for me as such to say the least. All these things are happening because media idiots have big egos and stuff nothing else and when I say anything about it they simply get more fun. What blows my mind is how somebody would think it is important to have an ego when he has just barged into somebody elseís life with his western power insults and modernisation and has by it damaged the persons business because whatever he wants he always has and in this case he wanted to get involved with the person and that his beautiful Christianity from which he thinks he can exclude those who do not do the will of God and another will think about making shit noise at somebody who talks about it because they are ugly like to pretend to be more beautiful than others and hope to make them mentally ill all the time because they have communities all in the name of teasing somebody else? So if I am getting it correctly those times when I was targeted by people whose names I do not even know or care to remember because I have become am adult and my parents donít have to look after me any more and they can move me left and move into the history of my life they have moved me on from which is still not successful after a decade of unemployment and cash flow crisis, the purpose was to ensure they get fun teasing me. See why people should be concerned about what happens to them and how they look in the Political scheme of things; I mean donít get the wrong idea those are supposed to be idiots that women affiliated to men have clubbed in the past.

The reasons for it is that no matter what I do to them, they will never stop because they have media where they can change on a daily basis what people think about them whenever they want. So I have made it clear to them apparently since they have these media to do so with, build up perceptions that are not true and then live a new life but it but it is not enough and then complain currently that I fuck their wives which is not enough for me too as well, at some point I will take away the media and see what becomes of them when I do.

They love to claim to be responsible for the state of my finances which is utter rubbish, what they are responsible for is make a lot of noise about having more money than I do which means I can do nothing to them and therefore am meant to be their plaything by right. The truth is that if you have sex with Giant Lesbians as much as I do it will always have an effect on your finances. Yes whether or not I really do have sex with the giant Lesbians is none of their business, I am a Christian Prince and what I do with my Giant Lesbians is none of their business.

Of course they suppose they have had enough of the fun they needed to have at this point but I do not think this is a matter about which they can end in their own time, it is my life and work so when they sacrifice their own salaries for such fun they can decide when to end it. I say I will have my revenge no matter how long it takes and that is how it will be. I have already spent so much to keep it going over the years so selecting a Christian and moving him on to move into his right and have emotional and psychological management then a great defeat for a good history is not something people stop at their own time and it will always be that way for as long as it takes-my question was whether it required the sacrifice of their Political system and civil rights for it and it has taken a decade so far of unemployment and cash flow crisis for me and they already believe they will determine when they are satisfied with a big mouth, so in my time not theirs. Apparently their history now looks really good yap, yap, yap.

They say I am some kind of animal that needs to be controlled and their tone is always that of abuse at all times as it were. The truth is that I am not any stupid animal much less which needs to be controlled; this is what happens when people love to damage another persons business because they are extracting the equities and using them to get rich. So £30,000 PA in a comfortable job would be good enough but they donít want that so they make a point of duty wrecking my personal life to extract the equities and then my finances and academic work to keep control and now that I have nothing left and so much to loose and need only money as it were I just want the two things of friends that will help me make some and the downfall of my enemies and it is the Politicians that will fall hardest because it seems I owe them money and I owe them power as it were. So the big question at the end of the day is a matter of what if you were sharing your earnings, such that the distance between the acquisition of capital and investment is counted in years so that we can become rich before you are as a function of respect?This is my answer: I would put the products out on the market and take my time then-bet with you that you will get rich from it and I will loose the bet (which is what is happening currently).

I donít have a lot of trouble with them it is the Politicians who think these things are funny. I mean if that girl gets her hands on your bank account that is the end, you can only kill her and then you end up in prison for that but if you have two bank accounts because the attack on you is so intense it is Politicians that will deploy the state in order to give her access and you need to see them stand on public stage to laugh about it because the way it makes you stupid is funny. Result of course is that if it happens to an accountant it will therefore not happen to all accountants in the country and things will not spread to other industries hence the economic crisis is the fault of the Banks; they nicked all the Money and we all have to pay the Price; indeed. After all those years of racist fun about how stupid I would look and the games they can play with it and how it has affected others in similar industries and work of life.

For me this was just an opportunity not only to make it clear that at some point that distance between capital and investment in my business because somebody else is using it to get rich will become a real liability that I can no longer tie off by Capital protection like I am doing at the moment and then it will become a lot less funny when it is clear the things I do with media is not out of revenge for what they have done to me but because media is a corrupt entity and contains very evil and selfish destructive lairs who are unfathomable idiot and I am a Christian Prince whose existence does not quite go along with the existence of the media. For their Politicians it will be a betting case of whether I want to pick up the right I have to ensure the Prime Minister does not get his salary for the month in which they messed with my book sales or I will leave it for them to tease me on media with and wait until I am a pensioner to pick it up. This is all round therefore an opportunity to hit them as well bearing in mind people like me in the very existence of me embarrasses them because I should be doing flashy and modern things and so they get on public places to embarrass me all the time in revenge for my existence and how it embarrasses them.

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