It applies that there is this emerging process where people have stumbled on the fact that they have always thought celebrities and Television people were my main fans but in actual fact Politicians are and some of them do not fancy me in a good way, therefore socialists will make plans and make sure no decision is taken around here which favours me because they love the people more. I would rather they donít tempt me anyway as they cannot take any stupid decision in the detriment of a rat. All they know is how to make people angry and unhappy all the time and then turn out to tease them and set them up for their wickedness which want to be rich as well to take advantage of and of course they have connections with my mother of which I have warned them before she is my mother not their mother and they know nothing about it.

All they have in their baggage is how to come here to the UK and set people up they can abuse on grounds things need to be done the way they are done in Africa so they can do peoples stuff for them all the time and the same when they go to Africa as well and I do not want them to wind me up with all that rubbish about insulting people and stretching it all across the common wealth then turn up to do Political advancement to insult the person and show him the underside of treachery because you are superior to them rubbish. The way it will turn out will be seriously savage and really brutal too: so far I donít want them giving my evil mother any visa on me which will help them to do whatever they like with my earnings and claim to have gangs that can threaten me when I donít comply and they are moving the world to ensure that is how she gets her visa and it will not end well. They cannot take any stupid decision to the detriment of anything and I am quite happy to sit down and take rubbish from them all the time which is meant to provoke me and make me unhappy, all that stuff about loving the people better is just looking for trouble and they will get one here. They say my mother is evil I am half her evil in case they have not seen the signs yet-I was not adopted.

The fact I am black does not mean any black witch can do politics and take any decisions which affect me, I donít know what their names are, fuck their parents-they do not seem to be sacred of and can insult absolutely anything in their self conscious stupid black lives.

For the idea I mention too much I would like to grace my moment by stating that it is possible for people to do that when idiots cannot stop showing off their I am killing a human being but have no respect for them attitude around or they can rather think I say too many things.

Its like they are completely obsessed with finding out what I think about Scottish Nationalism in the UK these days. I have no idea what they want the fact of the matter being that every body have their own concerns Mr Salmon is himself concerned about how much of new Scotland would be infected by the previous UK as an ideology and the UK is worried about how much of UK Scotland would need. For me the reason issue is the questions that people must answer; who was responsible for the situation we have now, who idea it was to play the National front over the Union. For my part the way it think it unfolded was a case of these stupid individuals that seem to be saying that the economy of the world will never recover unless they are sure they are in the superior place to get rich and famous with what others work for get up to, especially the women who manage the celebrities to get rich as well and whilst they need to make themselves very clear so it might go all haywire around here since no body here is going to do any work for them, those who empowered them to the point they are so far need to give an account of the situation and what it has become way back to the pioneer of it all Mr Blair and his good friend Mr Brown who took up after him. The part where everybody in the country belong to them for the purpose of wrong publicity and now since the Scots donít want to play along they have got Americans and Africans into the action instead, which then harms the Scottish economy. Its Politics and the way Politics operates, I think Scotland should remain in the UK but we cannot afford to interfere with the coming events because of their constitutional significance etc. the whole process of planning to get to the room because he who gets to the door step will win must continue uninterrupted regardless of what I think or want; so I just want people to be accountable who were responsible for it all. Not tell me it happened when I become a Royalty and therefore I am responsible which is not the first time they have brought it up anyway; the first time of which what happened was a serious consideration of that their society where all they do is devil worship and the process of stifling other peoples existence and then having lots of excuses to cover it all up. They are going to talk again.

Itís about power you see; when you see American prostitutes do their things and the British ones do their thing but the Americans do the British thing for the British, it is clear that bearing in mind they know who the leaders in their countries are that I am being dominated by them. It has provoked me bearing in mind their insults and how much they damage my finances with and considering their friends mentioned above to the point where I have taken things into my hands making myself into this Royalty that handles prostitutes. Now the only way they can deal with it too is to manoeuvre from the white house to handle prostitutes as well but because the power was started by them it will not be enough and they will find themselves in a deeper hole, so I tend to win all of the time. its power and nothing like any of the things they mention and what is required of them is a process where they defend themselves not make excuses after they start.

Yes I am notorious for advocating a process where people are being oppressed as it were but I find it difficult to see the point since they were the ones that started marking out those that needed to be abused in order for the economy to recover. So I took steps as well to set them up for abuse as the people who must be taken advantage of whenever anything is going wrong with the economy because they are the ones doing the damage and must therefore know what is wrong. Their Politicians on the other hand will never get away with it because they make so many claims about my refusal to get involved with Parliamentary affairs; of which before I begin climbing any ropes they need to learn their lesson and realise that the only way out of them will continue to be the stealing of lots and lots of government funds through alternative means of embezzlement.

Now I must end here by moving onto the matter of how people each time they protect children must take the expense from my property because I donít care about children and pedophilia etc. it is the biggest load of rubbish that these thieves like to come up with all the time but on this occasion it is a good place to mention things such as the fact that, the way I think pedophilia should be handled is by a process of making sure any who mentions a case must have had a 10 fold success story to finish off their story with otherwise they shut it and get lost-obviously money does not do it for these children as some of them do grow up to be very rich. Perhaps in any case it will be the victims of pedophilia that have grown up that will have to take their case up against their assailants, I donít know, media idiots ust talk too many rubbish. What I mean is that if people at the age they are now are unable to get convinced about what is what and therefore happen to tell me they empathized with their assailants, then I have to assume that they were responsible for a condition where other innocent Children got sexually abused and that the only reason we hear from them is that they think they did not deserve it while those other children did. Somewhere in that society where they were big boys were other children being trapped trying to get out and this is where my sympathies lie, they on the other hand can get lost. What is likely to have happened would have been a condition where every child believes in God but they turn out to believe in God in their own way and bearing in mind this is not a heavy burden at all to laden a young person like themselves with as far as they are concerned, then the result will be that the person they dominate will have to put their believe in God away and stop being the good child which is something the pedophile can get hands on and then because he thinks that he is the dominant male there will ensue a fight between him and the pedophile as it were in which the pedophile will win and then it is when the others need to be silenced that the real horrors of pedophilia begin to come into the real world but when you understand the nature of the society in which pedophilia exists, you will begin to understand the depth of the problem. I do not sympathise with them in anyway whatsoever it is the other kids that need the confidence building thing and need to recover etc not them-they on the other hand need to come to terms with the truth. It is always run by some of the most evil women in the world, together with some of the most evil kids in the world and then there would be these men that these women have taken advantage of in the past and dumped somewhere, who will clearly now get another relationship bearing in mind that these women control the town and own all its gangs as it were. This is where it begins, the point where the evil kids feel they have rights, so they bully these men and bully other kids, then set up other kids for abuse and ensure that they never stop it and we do not speak of a bully and run issue we are speaking of a dig deep into peoples tummy full bodied bullying of men old enough to be their fathers. At this point of which the pedophiles will refuse to accept they have a problem and will never get help and they will tell me I advocate such things to happen to young children, of which saying such things as I have said has already meant people know too much about reality and therefore bad things will never happen to them anymore. Then they will tell me I admire good things that come from the kind of societies they build which is utter nonsense; what they are referring to is the things people with a good heart do, I am referring to the fact that when there is an economic crisis children tend to go to places in society that they have not been previously raised to understand and it is the old issue where somebody is leader of student Union for example but cannot apply the rules anymore because there is teacher pet in first year-those things they do are things they do because they expect that when people get hold of them people ought to treat them like pieces of meat as well. They also say I advocate bad things to happen to them and show no remorse for their suffering, which is clearly the same they show for other kids that have suffered because of them when they say things those such children talk about is incoherent because they are still being nice people and look funny when they try to find jobs; it is the feeling.

I am not particularly troubled about it anyway, the reason people get bothered is that they fail to see that these worlds most evil women that own societies where pedophiles exist have men that over see them too like every other women do in life, men that are greater than them and it is these men that people tend to report their problems to and what they get is always entirely expected: they get stood up in public places while people fail to understand their side of the story over and over and over again-there is no need to be angry about it, it is their side of society and absolutely what they are meant to do.

Where they have a problem with me is that it seem they like to follow me around and it tends to mean that their society is everywhere which is incredibly infuriating; I should loose them but the Politicians give them tax payers money, so I have got to loose them in other ways and one of those will have to be the completely destruction of those powers of media and corners of entertainment industry that they run all the way to the US. So they can claim it is something I do because I have been hurt by them and am now having revenge which is of course the wrong way to see it because where it really started was when the only gospel that will be spread in my life and around here will be the one they are sure will make them rich. Its like when I ask their Politicians what they think about films like Bed knobs and Broom sticks or Sounds of Music and they tell me it is the white man spreading more racism in the world which it isnít and I dare to mention it to them again with a big mouth-I am not bothered about getting involved with affairs at parliament, I just will never grace their corruptions and theft with my presence so they can continue to get out of it only by stealing government funds. For their victims of pedophilia, I will never buy their side of any story-they need to go fuck themselves. It is the old story, I donít want an idiot to move into my right because he is bigger than me and wants to have that power but they will vote for it and then vote again and again and then vote again because somebody has gotten to a place where he is now telling them how to use their votes.

Over matters of foreign Policy on the other hand, they claim one moment I do to bring more freedom the next I stifle it, which does mean it seems that providing leadership for middle and lower classes has resulted in a condition where what those two classes get up to is a function of what they think and get up to on the other hand.

On the contrary I do not sabotage my security by saying these things. I just donít at this time have anything to be safe from. Maybe I would have when I had not yet set up my business completely but it seems that was the time they were confused about what to kill with a big mouth. Now I am set up and know my work is with the big businesses I am involved with and I think the ladies are okay too and are now fully re-orientated around the cost of bringing personal business into the Media while they are at work, so there is nothing to be worried about. Save perhaps their decadent businesses and fame games based on wrong publicity where I say a thing about pedophilia for example and it gets to mean that they have somebody on Public TV that stands to gain most from it because he or she is most deserving and so I say things about things when those who stand to gain from it tell me thereof after. This kind of publicity I should move away from but politicians theirs that is wreck my finances and hold me down for them then give them tax payerís money like it is personal and private property to cause these troubles with. Now they have wrong Publicities in the fame industry with which to invent races with an inferior man and win for lifestyle and sex among other things all the time and so I will have to shut it down, bearing in mind the distance the put between my investments and finding capital with their insolent race familiarity intrusions and find out what Politicians will look like at the other end when I do. Just like those their girls always want to have sex with my women bearing in mind their fame and fortune cultures-clearly of which it is a matter of a giant Lesbian being in a relationship with a man because she is privileged and so they want to have their dominant male lesbian sex thing, which I suppose they can have with anybody they want as it were.

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