I mean how does a process whereby you supply property that can be used by a group of people to show the white man they can stand on their own in the world and do not have to look like they need to travel to white peoples country in order to exist, be wrought through you by taking up a decade of your time to ensure with so much incredible violence on a daily basis, to ensure that you thought you could hide the fact that you can do it but they got you stuck in and now you cannot escape and they can have some progress and if you donít do it people will use media to deploy your stuff to do it which will be all the better. Itís not just a matter of their wickedness as it is apparent, which ensures that they get to do things to a royal prince that they never get the chance to do which will then give them something special which is at the same time powerful and the Popular culture along with it never complain even during the early days when it these things happened on the basis of civil rights Ė they complain when it is time to use problems to spend even more of your own life for you; so I am not as they do suppose deluded about the fact that somebody are just full of a need to look for trouble as they normally think I am.

Then we hear talk that all these things happen on account I complicate the work of some of those that work for top members of the Royal family but of course the reality is that I have never on any occasion asked them to set off to finish off any of my work or something like that; besides which if I were to do something about aspects of my work I am to chase once I finish the ones I have, it would have been a matter of civil service managers and train services managers and Unions and the problem of popular culture and inflation etc not set off to make the Prince of Walesgreat ruler and more so when he has not asked me to do such a thing. I donít think it s a problem for my part either; the reality of it is that these media goons will always barge into your life and sit between you and your job to get bigger and bigger and bigger and if they do not fear you, you will never be a happy person.

That nonsense they do about the left hand side and right hand side they say has to do with self expression over the fact I have taken away their culture and their areas of fame as a society but as I have mentioned before it is a matter of the fact there are two issues to government work and only the two Ė one is that there is ease and the other is that there are complications; the country gets the former and you get the latter; for the insults I endure from these idiots I am not giving it back and they can come round and get it too if they want. After all I have handled that stupid culture as well and we have reached a stage where between me and those especially the blacks there will be big enough trouble to get the Politicians to ban the society and culture legally as well, like they have always hoped killing me will get them to ban my faith and religion. I know some may ask if I donít think people should resolve something about their culture before they pass away at old age or not but I donít if I have to hyper ventilate every time and all day long. I do it because they are ugly and I am not as well and those stupid threats were a cause for concern as well.

Now there is talk of how I am the biggest disgrace to African people and my parents because I cannot get a job in the UK; all something they make up of course because between 2001 and 2005 I had a certain social advantage and a certain amount of money to live on bearing in mind they were always determined to achieve this sort of nonsense from the highest possible levels of Government with that stupid Labour Party; now I have no such money and any Job I have will be the base line for funding my academic work and my books business and this is what they are determined to ensure does not occur hence regularly realise they lose their foolish insolent black parents grip on things and get on media to make noise about how I cannot get a job in the UK to break my spirit and vice versa but I donít think it is a major issue, itís just a simple fact I donít like what they have to offer and if British Royalty was one of their own they will feel if they can control him they can have anything with that big mouth that suggest people are more important than they are because such people can be controlled, I had enough time of course to take care of the matter before I got married and had children because I will not tolerate it at that stage anyway Ė had it all my life and its time it was caged too. So this was supposed to have led to a condition where they pile of goods at a warehouse and see a Royal Prince write equities and securities which makes him a mug in their view and so they are out on a prowl; not a matter either, I mean it has reached a stage where I have handed my books to them to play around with because I know proper trouble making American freedom and democracy goons are doing the same, alarm bells have not rung for them yet since they think they are invincible, they want to be able to ensure if they were to have died I will have died in their place with that big mouth and it is much the same with my evil mother who starts it all up for them too Ė I mean I cannot imagine wrecking my childís finances and then making them homeless again and again to draw their spirit into the air and allow popular culture idiots to play around with them to get rich but she did and it has become a major preoccupation of the Politicians which is as she wanted too; nothing in it for her then except the attention and when she is not getting enough make noise about how her child stole a white manís beauty and then the trouble makers will say nothing better than my own mother saying so anyway; I am not saying it does happen without reason, there are reasons; for example the fact I am eternally grateful for whomsoever it is that caused her to carry me for 9 months and give birth to me and breast feed me etc even while she thinks herself an ultra feminist Ė the person is a genius Ė the Politicians just need to stay out of their ideas about peoples evil mothers being their best allies on account they must be made to give up their careers to those who deserve it better otherwise stop complaining about my actions as well. I am not jobless, I have a royal estate and it is these things and that stupid media between me as a person and the various activities concerned with that royal estate, growing bigger and bigger with Politics all the time and in bed I feel I have just come through a big speech and so on; besides the issue of being made to show huge lack of respect for those who are charged with running me affairs and providing me with security when I am doing no such thing, in order to forge this means of making me think about being responsible for others when in the classical world it is a taboo and I can never be seen thinking about it, I know I will never be a happy person unless they fear me.††

The greatest story they do tell however is that I am my biggest problem but it is not a problem but rather a misunderstanding; I have no wish to sell my books without religious activity and I have no wish to sell my books in order to be popular culture famous, I am already famous and the argument that is usually made is that popular culture or not people are actually being successful but I know they are because they get music CDs sold to largely civil corporation management idiots who fancy themselves bullies and themselves help them make those millions because they are planning to get the money refunded from some other means that is meant to be another personís expense i.e. if you collected all the money in the world right now, the fact they are rich would not have added to it but would have been a case where existing money pots have something taken out of it to give to them by those who hope to gain the dividends at my expense and this is what they will never get in hell.

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