It is usually said that these people I have a problem with are nice people, which does not matter to me in anyway whatsoever: I am aware they take care of Women well even when they are doing popular culture etc. but I have a Court and a Royal Alliances to look after and they are wrong about their prognosis of who is the small power that their middle power disposition gets to bully and link with processes of getting rich too thereof. I understand they say its all fools errand going left and right and everywhere but I do not actually like to know what society and culture idiots think of the way the world works and they need to stop making me pay attention when people abuse me and tell me to eat some shit etc. everywhere I go; it is obviously what they want to do with their time and others need to make their own choices well about how they want to conduct themselves as this is not their own lives.

So they do say I try to save people like that all the time as well, which is utter nonsense; what happens is that in my world, we have certain Men who look after peoples interests and what you end up with when socialists have run off cases of a need to have a Millionaire that has been detached from his money so everybody can get into it and bully him or her for riches secretes, that the Nazis would have loved to top, we end up with people calling such Men names and shooting off these vibes of wanting to see them end up with a retirement where they had no money and when I do anything to show the fools what happens either when somebody becomes a millionaire who has not seen any of the millions because his whole life has been tracked by politicians and forced to produce the goods until he saw the millions that were taken from him and ends up with a reputation for being a rich person that lost it all and wants a second chance living on benefits, or indeed when somebody retires and lost it all because a retirement plan was not reached when his company went under etc, then another group who usually handle these fools at Parliament will get involved and speak of me trying to save them while I cannot save myself, turning a perfectly normal situation into a nightmare where I did not come through worse off all together. They always say I spend time on such things instead of my academics but we all know I stole peoples temperaments as a result of city centre people playing hide and seek with me for years and it was the main prognosis on which I dropped out of University due to illness and bullying as well - now they have spent money on community idiots who will trap me and own me like an item that will show them the road to a future of riches and fame too, but isn't success a function of the number of times we spend working instead of having fun as it were.

So City Centre people like to play with me which gave me an identity, since then I have been detached from it, dropped out of University and ended up trapped by society idiots as a tool that they can look upon for confidence and extricate secretes to get rich and famous - indicating how much of their jobs Politicians have been doing and more so with treasury money as well: they believe so much in their own importance that the idiots are now pinning the problems on me and cannot stop lying. I hear there is a case of women getting the better of me all the time, which really does not exist these are absolute scum whose position is one that can only be imagined when people have the time to think of where they are and where these fools are and how it is possible to meet total strangers and make them feel your finger up their bum etc. I end up thinking about it because of their stupidities going from a condition where inventing imaginary feminism over some sexual activity they have never seen me perform over money gives rise to direct threats as well, I end up thinking about it because it is obvious to me so often that they are evil and that law enforcement people happen to be the people who do a little evil to make it right and its the way public life worked. So, in the end we hear that blabbing of what I would say if they were the ones who had enrolled in the security services for some reason but which is precisely why I have blown off this information here since the fact there is a Police force means it is pointless to build a website or page that is about the armed forces to administer whatever is bothering their madness. These are what we describe as absolute scum who cannot seem to understand the reasons they need to stop passing around their insults, talking nonsense about owning me and controlling me, playing the part of my parents and siblings, clinging to my finances and chasing my private parts all the time, to sell on such prerogatives, while we know it is fear that propels them to do evil things as such and the peddling of that stupid culture and society has not yet informed them they have not been fucking anything around here like that big mouth suggests, since what we see frequently is people sleeping with those who peddle their culture and society and then getting off it looking good at the other end, hence as can also see that no tool or measure is good enough to keep them off my case for the time being with that big mouth. They always say they were the ones that ended up in prison but so do we all know that others that did not end up in prison are clearly the weak ones so as obviously as it may be the case that an Office split between Church and state is a world away from normal cultural and social activity and that popularity culture which is an activity away from both is a whole new lifestyle but there is still enough difficulty for the whole world in making them understand why those who do not wish to be a part of it clearly do not wish to as it were what we hear instead is the number of battles they have won when others are choking them because they have possessions, as much as we see that big mouth wag so often in public places after its abuses. So as mentioned, it is clearly not worth doing as they have not fucked anything around here nor do the black own anything here that shares a skin colour with their stupidities it is fear that makes them do it just as we hear them blab about how I am now stuck between bad women and bad men and chose to work on bad women because I think they are weak, once done we hear another story right away that I am not the innocent party in the matter since it is obvious that when they cling to me as I have people and crowds many times my size to deal with on account they want what I own, while the idiots leave their own part of sexual society to chase my private parts so the idiots in question can have things they have never had before, showing up to complain in public when I make them do it, talking nonsense about a war on women but can never be seen shutting their big mouths and its insults, talking about what actually matters to them if I can rather be seen serving customers who are right before my eyes losing a sense of what my business does, because toy boy criminal in the city centre will like them to sell up the public place proceeds of their insults. I believe I have made it clear as well that I will have tolerated enough of it by September of 2017 as it were, beyond this period of time will the world witness them find another way of making money or find out if what I say about their stupidities amounts to a bluff on my part too. They do wish to talk about what I get up to everyday and not what they get up to; the daily dripping insults of their women who leave people with a fair idea of human beings looked upon as pieces of meat characters, following that the older ones are no longer calling crowds on me over disrespect and then laden me with some disturbance from their right hand side, which is the main reason they do not have the culture and society anymore and these other ones with their dripping daily insults are next along with their LGBT Communities. They are fascinated by my character but not how it is made as the need to get on media and pass around insults that will get a response which will help them cope with what happened on the right hand side and left hand side, does not give credence to the academic influences I had in my life including my parents as such, the abusive behaviour of which only gets me to remind them they are not important, so they might get all over the place as well, blabbing of wanting to see me humiliated and brought low when we have gone from bothering the boring moral Christian who is incapable of having fun to being wound up all over how they get stuck with vices to a stage where they have to be homosexual. My point being that it seems a joke when there is about to be my Book sales one hand and their jobs on the other in order to make them understand but it is not a joke at all that people play with means through which others secure items to run a life by and we have never ever seen them play with their own it wants to talk about what I get up to and does not wish to talk about its own. I mean nothing is stopping me returning to college instead of trying to secure some minimum wage job through which I finance a writing career save the comments of journalists which is clearly not linked to their job description on the job every day, whereby I have not had it sorted out but wish to complicate matters by picking up an academic pursuit and nothing about their behaviour is serious enough to discuss yet in their view; its always been an old story about men who want women and kids to form a community that exists to serve them naturally but so are we aware it will give way to somebody spicing up his life and sex life by doing these sorts of things to me, which is the reason the world of fat wife at home and girlfriend at work, where they spice up their lives with mine and teach their children to do the same if I tell them I do not appreciate it, gives way to me ripping up everything in between as it were, so I am going to do it again on this matter and my Book sale margins versus their jobs is not a joke at all. They do speak of their motivation for it all being unstoppable but we all know its about buying shares and investing in stocks and behaving in ways that ensure the stocks are profitable and so are we aware it is the reasons I do my ones as well, since what we are looking at here is as serious as the fact that it has become impossible to decide that people are interested in my Books to such an extent that the Bank will lend me money because of their comments and insults they do not have an unstoppable motivation from where I am and yes they complain I get people stuck but so are we aware this is not their lives as it were and they are finding out they are not the stronger half of the two when I want to sell the Books and they want to make wealth with it and see me humiliated and dragged about in order to develop some Political power, there are no compromises that need to be made contrary to that nonsense we hear on media all the time, I am not interested in them, I never was.

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