National debt is a serious issue I mean we are not going to get into a conversation about that are we? I have never suggested that it is something the Government needs to tackle all at once. All I have been saying contrary to notions I dispute that, is that Politicians were simply meant to work hard and fast over a set period by which they come up with draft plans for infrastructure, most of the equities and needs thereof of which I had made publicly available already, so the condition were more than flexible, and then when finished put these plans in the wire and get the rest of us to see it, and then set off to look into market inflation and reducing the deficit which will then have been a set of National expenditure that they tie off and of course tie of the Welfare state in the same way too and that is all they needed to, do not sit back and waste all our time holding us to ransom and tinkering with things like the welfare state; when all efforts should be spent on getting the economy to recovery. The Prime Minister gets enough money to buy an Aston Martin every year and to fill it with £20,000 worth of fuel if he wants, why is this so impossible when the lowest paid Minister gets £65,000 a year which is at least £5,000 more than what a Barrister gets, to do this?

They say they want to lead us and it means every problem they have has got to do with out Bank balance, so when I speak of anything they tell me it will never be done. This is likely to continue until I take over the economy and do it for them and when I do they will take it off me and provide leadership for it somewhere in hell. I mean their problems with society which is what they have to deal with always seems to have something to do without our Bank balance even while they are funding idiots that always have girls that can do exactly what we do for a living which is a very destructive and powerful negative market equity. Now we do their jobs for them, we have our businesses wrecked by them while they seek social power and none of it has got anything to do with them anyway; like English men.

I suppose they usually tell me to stick it as if I am their fucking mate like they do because it is a dare and a bet, which I should guess they need to make more concrete so I can make my move as well. I am not taking up that stupid economy and doing it for them at the moment, what I am doing is holding my office which involves making sure I determine exactly what people take from the Land to be rich with and this is what they want to ensure that I can no longer do because they want the world and they want to gobble it up for good measure and this will never happen either. We are not talking about a stupid obsession with my privacy because they think that they will successfully push me into separatism, while they set off to create conditions where I will only have the choice to be a killer terrorist or let them do what they like with the Country to get rich without opposition and this is not even close to invading my privacy to find my projects then get off on public places to say something about it in order to make it part of their culture which their idiots can tap into like a Bank or indeed the process of their racist media idiots who want to ensure I am leading Africans because that is where the problem is when they know the biggest problem the world faces at the moment is the Eurozone debt crisis. It seems to go on and on and on like this endlessly.

We do not know what is so difficult about setting out plans for infrastructure, so that they can move onto matters of debt reduction and market inflation, we just have no idea, no body knows what is difficult about it and telling me to stick it was here the last occasion at which I did put up with it and its insolent body language stuff. It will be the very last as well, over and done with that (who the hell do they think they are?). Its got nothing to do with them; the reason I am the way I am is because I am a young royalty and everybody has got their own estates and their own connections and their own people and so to get things off people means it is a world where respect is almost everything, bearing in mind all they own will be passed onto their children-it has got nothing to do with Political idiots and how I need to stick it boy. “Who is their stick it boy”, boy anyway? It is the last I am not doing that anymore-I don’t want to be a separatist, I want to be an author and they have not gotten it yet in ten years so far. I have already put up with a decade of cash flow crisis and everybody pulling out stops to ensure I don’t get a back up job to help me with financial issues while I deal with crisis matters from my office after they wrecked my work to delay me on the financial, when it has got nothing to do with them or their jobs or their lives; all so they can move into my right in order to feel glorious. It is the very last no more. 

HH I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.