Now I am also aware of talk that I set a high standard for people and criticise every bit of their actions but before I needed to criticise people so I might be beaten up at some stage, my very person was the plaything of their media and now that I have it has become a problem for them as well; having said that, the reality is that these are idiots and have no clue what they are doing, abuse me all the time because they have lots of friends on the playground which they think makes them leaders, then when they get elected cannot fathom working with civil services that are manned by people from other parties because it will mean the more they stay in power, the more powerless they become but above all, they will not settle for handling matters in a moral way when they have no clue what to do in an academic way in order to avoid harming people, so the outcome since they think government offices are places they can go to make any kind of mistake they like and get away with it is that somebody else who likes to criticise them is to blame. I know it happens because they hate me and a typical example of people who hate me are black people; idiots who have no idea what they are doing with themselves and as ever presume I want to have a conversation with them and therefore get into a habit of striking one up and more so as violently with that stupid media as they possibly can too. These are incredibly foolish individuals who have worked out they need to prevent me from assuming any position of leadership by making sure they wreck my finances and force me to do for them too everything I do for myself which will then bring about equality. They hate me and flirt with torture around me, to alter my personality and quality of life for trophy victories and decadence they can make money and copy and with me as though I like them very much and I cannot say enough time the books and sales of it is where whatever they want from me will blow into open since it appears I have not done enough yet as it were. They hate me but I have to attend Church regularly because I am interested in putting something into the society we take out of all the time, they hate me; I mean  cannot imagine myself doing things that their Muslim versions do, such as getting off to try and impose my faith on an entire country and yes they will say that we Christians do it anyway but the situation is always completely different when we do i.e. not just a case of if Christ laid down his life for his followers, let’s find out what happens when we harm you and then learn from it to hurt other people, find out if you are really that irresponsible, which they are finding out very well and good too – it is also and largely a case of 4 out of 5 members of a family attending Church which is part of society for example and the one person that does not attend believes in astrology and believes in science but it is not enough that he believes these things because he is also determined to give you one more task for absolutely everything that you go into an office of work to do, hence if the situation was today as it was in those days that their activities affected whether or not you got into an office to work or a Country has the right to be successful, we would have had the same results that we have had in the past and they would have had something to complain about yet again. I do not like them in any way, they are really stupid people and believe that those stupidities must be played out on your valuables as a sign of power they have over you, it is an activity they cannot do without and because of that their sense of self preservation and protectionism is astounding as well, even when what they have laid their hands on belongs to another who is by the way still alive and that is why their problem with my book sales is where it will blow up as well. The reality is that I am in charge and will not suffer their insults or let the effects of any of it go without retaliation and unless it stops I do not understand why they continue to complain; an example of this is my Working Court – women at work who are fans of a Royal Prince, I mean I do not get paid when they work but I don’t know why I do it when I do it anyway – however the realities about what society does to us is clear as it were of which in the end, good woman takes pictures of herself to impress me and makes it into a magazine and every idiot must be into it as well, as though there are no  men in their lives they can take pictures to impress if idiots are not compared to me on media so that such things can be workable – I mean this is an example that is used by them to provoke me for what seems to be every single second; where they use mine to do their own and do it for them as a society and a community, making a living doing so, a living they make specifically to earn millions of currency and be famous as well and to do threats in my direction as well as though they have not done enough by those things, leave me with violence and vandalise my property and control me by controlling my book sales, now they hate me of course and I say they need to keep striking up the conversations as well for I really want to have one with them too. On black people and racism I am in charge and they are not and they need to stay out of my leadership, it is an old question of how they get beaten at the fame issue and then get beaten over my privacy as well and how I never appear in public to do any of it regardless of how it is they want me outside and when I am want me inside so the fame can be theirs or stop complaining about the consequences of their insults, especially for those of them like all foolish men and their idiots, that are here anyway and nothing can move them on with a big mouth; they break everything and never ever, ever listen. I mean I do need to get the books circulated, get the job done.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland