Now I know people really like the sociopaths story and want more details and goodness I am happy to supply that too aka it’s about the black ones because they are the source of all my problems all together; daddy runs a night club and he needs you to co-operate with the family business and they are not even my parents, only some get approval from my evil mother and that’s it and I have no idea what would convince them I am their mate or that of their stupid children like that all the time as well anyway. So that when I mention such warnings it changes nothing, changing nothing when I tell them they have daughters who have seen my books and whatever they think it does for them needs to be shut down, changing nothing even when I have told them to keep their girls off my finances and stop making the women feel scared in the head because I need to find a wife for my part, until that is you mention racism would never exist if people like them did not and hence the hatred begins because they think such facts are untouchable with that big mouth all the time – hence the reasons that touching it is so incredibly clever as well. Then there are the journalists who spend all their time doing nothing but exasperating me into coming up with answers to their problems so much that they make up ideas about how what I say is the answer they bullied out of me to ensure the process is underway and now they have ended up with a problem too because they cannot get on that Television to wear nice suits and have their hair done for them and makeup slapped on to steal my style for a job and so I need to get to them and get through to them all the time and without reasons and every single day as well, to be done over absolutely everything I do because they never ever listen. I don’t think it is a problem it’s just the facts about it and of course the fact I have warned them several times that the personal diaries here are full and if they were not I would write no more but since they are convinced their obsession with me was born out of things I do that they cannot which must be used without respect on account they have none for anybody, they can handle me as well; hence they do it and I hold down the bad guys for my part, since it is clear that while they do these things the reality is that they keep their fame and I lose mine and so they therefore come up with excuses to do them all the time even when there are no benefits to doing them – so let them do it while I hold down the bad guys for them. I want them off my books and off the industries and the reasons for that is that they are a collection of menaces.

I mean they do say the kid from the UK plays around with the Politics of any Country he wants especially in the Middle East but of course we all know my name is not ‘that kid’ and that my games do reflect my age by the way. Same old story about how I am an author but they have invented insults that now have happened so many times and for so long it has traumatised me in many ways and damaged my finances and quality of life in even more ways while they seek self improvements from the damages. It makes them feel as though I am a naked child walking around seeking a beating and they will get killed soon as well for my part. I am not that kid, I am somebody’s Arch Prince but to idiots like these I am an Author and it is important they address me like one and have some respect for what I do for a living thereof, instead of pretending it is not the insults that cause me to do the things I do to them for my part as well. Yes I know they speak of their culture and society most of the time and how I have damaged and will not release it but we all know if people threaten you in such ways and describe you as that kid from the UK messing about which conjures up images of a naked you asking for a beating, you in my shoes with the means I have, would want to control every aspect of their lives as well just in case you want to kill them silently. I am not giving back those stupid cultures and societies and they can come around and get it if they think they are tough enough - the alternative therefore is that they shut their gob and leave me alone. The things I do does indicate a possibility of either madness of backing by One who is incredibly powerful – they have no business wrecking my finances like that. 

Am I then ever concerned people like my so called parents from Africa will latch onto abusing me and calling me names because I am stupid? Of course not; when you have been in a place where peoples entire lives depend on how to put you through problems while they hold public office and find ways through those problems showing up in your life, to fix the problems for everybody, so intensely and so obsessively it is difficult to figure out where they get the facts that support their idiocy and that which suggests you are stupid. However I do not think it a difficult issue since it is globally obvious that getting involved with them is the easiest way to ensure it is impossible for you to taste any form of success with and over anything that you do and by the way of which getting them to whatever it is they want so they can move on and let others move on as well is being stupid, if they are now telling me I am stupid, these parents of mine from Africa, then it is time for them along with their insulting media racists to get going immediately hence if I explore it the results could lead to something else entirely. The diaries here are full, they need to move on or will be made to and need to stay off my book sales and stay off the Industries.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland