They do claim I am party to this idea Russia was the worst state that ever existed, but this is not quite the case; itís the way it is being run by Mr Putin all together. We have always lived in the west with this idea that being accountable for what you do with Government Office tends to cost the health and everything apart from the money including the sexuality but at the beginning of the 21 century we had moved on from this but have faced onslaught after onslaught from Russian Communism, hence the reason that they and everything they influence must be made to lose Territories in South America and the Middle East Ė we have seen them move into Asia now while some people in the Middle East are starting to learn that having anything to do with them means death and the assumption will continue to fester that we are all half backed and a work in progress as they deploy chemical weapons on London and ask their Syrian Puppets to make a case for one in the Middle East as well; progress report of course is that we had lost Crimea while Obama was having fun at the White House and the sense remains still that once there is a sense that every Western supporting Russia has been abandoned, Mr Putin will have them all Murdered.

The business of whether I am dealing with financial complications is an old one; I am not, itís all abusive insults to make me appear to and make me end up with a facial expression that suggests I am when I am not but itís an old story of what would happen when one does something as stupid as getting this scum out of the business of being cracked up to smell like their loo as though it was my fault they ended up in such a situation in the first place after years of abusing my Books and finances simply because they believe they can take advantage of it and then see what happens after; not a risk I am likely to experiment with then I suppose. I am not dealing with financial complications and they do agree with that too, just as they agree their insults is what they want to do with their time, same as the boasting about the boys getting the better of me when they are not done complaining about the consequences of inviting themselves into my Court concerns to feel safe while performing all these nonsense on Media.

I. Uno I

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