There is that talk of course of how what people do to me is a function of what they had suffered in the past while fighting for their civil rights and it is important to people to ensure what has happened to them does not happen again. The reality of course is that their Politicians whom they have never addressed in such ways set them up on global media to feel they can get involved with absolutely anybody they want and do whatever they bumping into anybody they like for as many times as they might want to in any given day. So I have got this sense I can get involved with anybody and it is all built up like at atmosphere on the Global scene as well, for if it makes people money it should make anybody money and I will not be the one to jump on their stupidities since it is against International Law to regularly humiliate people, although they do me because they want me to return their civil rights back to somewhere around the 60s and the idiots among their ranks who talk nonsense with their foolish media about their violence and more so due to their greed want some of mine as well. I have a Media based working Court for this reason and have before warned they exist as a deterrence but are things I can arm at will never the less since this sort of self-defence was never going to sit well with Politicians, especially the American ones and their really pragmatically insolent media.  Besides which it is entirely normal to consider the matter of ideologies of evil being associated with Ones business and of course the matter of publicity that those who patronise it give to it over one’s trading activities, Property Equity, Creative Equity and Temperamental Equity. I am aware for security purposes it is said I jeopardise myself over my work but in actual fact I really do not; I simply do not expect people to find out what the Queen of England thinks about me and then get off to do the same things she does to me to me as well, I bet they do get the same thing The Queen gets from it too anyway. In the end I do not want them around my Office and person life as it is the worst possible feeling of insecurity and for the sake of violence happening right now, I should dispel the idea it is guaranteed I will be beaten by stating for their information that those Pop stars and twisted kids with an eye for fame and fortune are not their age mates the problem that those create of which they should be dealing with and it is important they stay off my book sales, my finances and earnings and stop tempting me.

Now I should mention that either by direct Equities and Securities written out or Live Equities and Securities that are set out as blogs, I have in certain ways aligned myself with some of the most evil and mortally violent behaviours in the world on This site or on the subsidiaries sites, to secure Equities and Securities as may apply. The Main issue therefore shifts to the matter of being insulted by media and Political idiots who then claim I cheapen their lives and businesses and it is a little known fact they are so important that if I wanted to do something to reduce their fame and importance it would never have ran out - so this is what must be put to the test as well, bearing in mind they have insulted everything here to destruction and continue to seek out personal and intimate forms of abuse as the answer to everything in their stupid lives as well and the media ones cannot show regard for wars happening anywhere in the world, which I think is indication they are seeking real problems in their lives as well. The other side is meant to apply to those who got too close to the Monarchy and therefore endlessly feel as though they want to secure a condition where the Queen regards one person or another as their favourite in other to find out if I can leave up to my boasting and for this I have finished stage one of detaching them from a Monarch that does not want to get around Her Business choosing sides and positively intend to finish up and hence to replace them completely all together. Remarkable it must be noted despite the destruction their insolence causes, how much ideas you can get from them.


It happens all the time, getting vibes from popular culture idiots with a tendency for crime that they handle intimate areas of my body as so on, especially when such fools are black and then you hear it from them while they are hard at it, the idea that have access to things, are media connected and want to be rich pretending my Royal Work is a walk in the park, destroying anything that looks like finances and then giving off ideas talking nonsense about people cheapening their stuff and they say they work for The Queen or other Members of the Royal family as well. I am not saying it is a problem, it is not a problem; I could live on state support for 6 years and the fundamental reason can easily be that a Christian will not give a toss if people are driving expensive cars or not, unless they are at a state when they are wholesomely desperate for a bit for cash and the fathers can play with their feelings and threaten them, it is after this they turn up to pretend we ought to live in the same life at my expense as well while they carry on.  It is eventually a question of whether it is who I am i.e. somebody who gets his bum fingered like popular culture fools with a tendency to do crime put to me all the time because this is the back door media connected secret service information they send out and discuss with their idiots all the time? They say my books hurt people and those people think they must act; first of all which they wanted to control me before I am allowed to get an education and a job on account I don’t like to be served a peddled faith and they like to be free and love to use their ears for something else over how others wish to live their lives but then again apparently people can tell me to take my books off the market if it hurts their feelings – this we must put to the test as well; they are clearly good for and good at violent and destructive consumerism which they claim they do for power but nobody knows why they are adamant that they must get rich or be served by the environment that another created integrated into his Royal Property to trade and serve his own people and customers with, then again it might be one of those issues about which the very end must be observed. So, do I work surreptitiously at the Office because I am scared of the Monarchy and strange things will happen to me if I commit? Utter nonsense of course because where HM is involved the two matters are to ensure when I am incapable One can take back Her Job at any time and the other is to ensure I am always doing my part when required. Where HM is not concerned it may have just applied that I enjoy a lot of affection from the British People that I have reached a stage where they feel comfortable about my cashing into it which brings us to the other story of how miserable I am in the UK for people spend their own private equity to administrate intellectual property for companies for a living when they are miserable, or perhaps, just perhaps, too many idiots are putting their opinions through - since it is actually clear One is having too much fun in the UK, so much that it does affect the bottom line which is a problem that needs be rectified. The other side of the story that does not involve Royalty is about those who know conspiracy and backbiting and slander so well that they can do and undo, it just so happens I know justice so well that I can do and undo as well and there is no pressure there when they feel I must be beaten; I mean they do say One does not care about people when they are the ones that want to count heads and settle numbers and play a few greed games here and there to destroy people’s lives and get rich and just because I cannot be beaten I must be beaten by any means - so if they wind me up I will definitely do them again.

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