So they do say I live out a completely pointless existence and try to wield influence in high places, the reality of which is rather that the Politicians are very interested in Government wrecking my finances while allowing local people to trap and use moral people that will not defend themselves by violence and show people who want power like the Politicians, what is possible with the stupidities of the human mind that operates in a way which makes them comfortable and what we have here is a very stupid Public that we have to put up with all the time being really good at using other people to get rich and using other peoples to build perspectives that facilitate fame and fortune and then trapping them where they will have to do some fighting to make the famous and fortunate comfortable with pleasures. I for my part must be a complete buffoon to keep surviving each time the Government wrecks my finances – partly the old story of how I am not good at what I do but want to tell others what to do which I don’t, partly as a matter of the Politicians showing me things I used to think about when I was a teenager can make people a comfortable living obviously but in terms of the former it’s an old story of how people start and as soon as anything progresses I am having to deal with entire communities, coupled with other matters such as the fact I am not stopping them from messing with matters of other people’s family concerns, especially the royals considering it becomes ever so often the most important thing to them to know what is happening in other people’s families, which facilitates that nonsense about using people to do things and complaining about Women by means of making sure the ones that are Mothers and therefore not Women are wrecking people’s lives for them, which is what they are complaining about globally at this stage all together, claiming I tell people what to do while I don’t – reality being I am only going to ensure they do not live till 70 as well as long as these games of using me abusively continues; tolerate it for 5 years and it’s a question but do for a decade and it’s a lifestyle change, which is where the Politicians and their goons get to complain about not seeing me try to stop them from interfering with other people’s families all the time – they have not yet dropped out of University as far as I am concerned and it might be helpful if they allowed me write and sell my Books rather than continue and expect if I write it on about them and it thus hurts I might have considered myself responsible for their predicament; it feeds into that question of the big thing that is me living on state support, which old story is one about the fact I have published Books to sell and academic pursuits to complete but the Politicians and their Public places goons are having alternative ideas right down to the bit where my mother is an asset for them as well; being that this is not the activity that pays the salary that gets to their Political, Celebrity and Media heads, we can see why it is such a massive problem. They do point to the Monarchy doing the same things to bring about Public inequality of course but we all know that is an old tale of the disobedient leadership Politicians supply and Media fools support, which generally means they do not wish to solve their problems around finances and academics and family without having a piece of the Country first of all, which is very offensive and is important that they do, apparently of which I am playing my own roles to find an acceptable middle ground for them on the matter too. The inequality story being measured mostly along the lines of Government wrecking the finances of people so that their disobedient society and culture idiots can find other alternative ways of killing people they hate in a way which does not involve bloodshed, only to show up and complain to their victims at the other end for a while, then issue a blame culture after – when questioned, they always claim government is about power and things such as myself should be staying out of it but everybody can see the power involved when I wreck the show for them and we can clearly see that the biggest problem they face is one where they work for a new show considering they are too lazy for that in the first place all together, never mind other complications that may follow because I will be around to watch as they do – it’s obviously very dirty but that is not to say they are not blabbing about power as it were. It’s the old tale of not being good at what I do versus the simplistic way I write my Books but the crux has always been that perhaps it is when Politicians drop out of University as well, that this whole mess they love so much will begin to make sense to them as whole, especially in terms of the many demands they make with it but there is no way that my Public image will ever become their own.


Half the time they say it is such an important position given to a nobody like myself who is a weakling and that things cannot be left to chance the way leave them but the reality we face has always been that the only Ach Prince that would get any form of regard or respect from them will be the ones that are their own Children and that when it does get serious like it has at present, it becomes a matter of them seeing they need to show that regard for the Bills that they are not paying – just like the story of markets being one of the fact I might have a Trust system which it tough to maintain by the way but it is not easy looking after my Patents everywhere in the world where by Books and or its contents may be found and hence important people get involved to buy the Books as there are no other ways of getting full information about all I do without doing so and I could really do without the gimmicks of those who want to fool around. This insanity always plays out fully whenever they wish to have conversations about my success and how it may fit in with the Royal Family as a whole and what they can do to prevent me from having any especially with Media and Politics – which I do not think is the main matter that they need to discuss on a daily basis like we see them so anyway, we all know there are measures I can take if sons of disobedience characters will not stop barricading me to cut me off from my finances until they are able to deploy my State provided security for their own private gain or indeed a copy of it alongside the theft of my Public image and Books all together as well. Hence generally there is really nothing legitimate that is preventing me from selling my Books by day and seeing how the numbers went by night but I have done everything to ensure these characters do not get to mess with my wellbeing by eliminating all opportunities, what they get off to and do regularly is create some as though we live in the same existence – this then plays into that tale that a sole proprietorship like I am stole customers from a broadcasting corporation for instance irrespective of the various other forms of business arrangements that exist between the two spectrum, only to show up in Public regularly and complain about the things I have done to them and the way I work on them which then gives rise to something they intend to copy, which I will not fancy all together as well. They always resort to that old panacea that I crack them up and insult them around the right hand side, which simple answer is that my right hand side and left hand side applies to them while their own does not apply to me because I am Royalty and they are not so important; where the matter becomes pressing for them being the bit whereby they need to do their Maths and their English and their First Degree exams etc. without having a piece of the Country first, instead of showing up on a regular basis to pass insults at me and move into mine i.e. they know that each occasion they graze or brush me in any slight way will result is severe and costly outcomes for them like this paragraph where the mainstay of their civil rights is that disobedience that means they want to deploy peoples state provided security to feel special going up in smoke in a short period of time but will happily take the risk, of which I am not saying the whole business is not distressing for me as well as such, it is but the question is which part of my success and my Books which is none of their business became a main feature of their media conversations, especially where it relates to the Royal Family as well and it’s an old case of stealing from people until their victims are suffering intensely which constitutes the kind of leadership they want to provide on Media whenever they had grabbed some Public attention as well – thus apart from heavy consequences from grazing me about which we have no business with each other save if they show up around my concerns to buy my Books – it has always been obvious that old tale about right hand side and left hand side was an indication they wanted nothing to do with me for the most part, considering we were mates all together as it were, it was never to be used as a tool for a corruption of involvement that meant they can move into my person and Public image with an outcome secured whereby if I don’t let them have it, they can shut it down and ensure I do not as well: it is an example of these stupidities they organise themselves to play up like a worthy activity every time through Politics and Media which does not have any effect unless the Politicians take part as well, each time they fail to see that attacking them is usually the answer for everything and there are a lot of good for nothing people well mixed into the general public out there. It’s like the great wonder if whether it is becoming a war between me and the well to do goons that do well in school and have neighbourhood cliques celebrities that have a go at me so violently everyday becoming a war between me and celebrities; which is actually the case at this point, like I have continued to point out to their security guard networks about the problems associated with not being able to take public transport without being abused all the way and being unprofessional at work with smell following me around on account somebody else had money and Media and they felt my life had to be flushed down the loo as a result since they do have an insane culture and society to play with for their part too. It’s not the one about stupid Women talking about a lack of respect for females as a whole here; that would be the one where the general question is usually whether she has found her mate to play around with talking about a public image and personality that can be collected to make her famous – I do not speak about their case much since it’s the way Women do it and we find out especially concerning the celebrity ones; that they are celebrities and others are not and the boyfriends that usually beat up people to collect fame will have to do it but not to a Woman who is also famous obviously, this usually causes them to hang up all tight somewhere and this is how those nonsense about seeking an exit for the way they have lived out their stupid existence becomes important especially when it is the means by which Political fools and Celebrity idiots never mind the media and security guard scum who are way too fond of their ruffian image as it were, speak of the amount of respect that befits me, so they can have a slice of my Public image in that way and keep making a mess of everything here as we all know that they soon want to know where my private body parts are thereafter too. In the end of which they are bullies obvious and it was ever news around here as a whole.

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