It should be noted I am very much in line with the silly things that old foolish men get up to. It is what they must do to Teenagers and young men and women because they cannot really do them to Adults or Children, they keep doing them to me because I have not complained about the fact I am growing up and it is on the basis they do not notice that I am, that I derive a means by which I really cannot complain with respect to the results.

I think the Politicians read me very well in the matter; when people during a recession tell those in authority they have a set amount of money and want to get into business with it but do not know what to do and the Politicians think they want to be best friends of rich businesses and make rich people pay more taxes to help the more is more important and we wait and wait and wait and the logistics and security costs go through the root but once I had taken it up, they are all over the place to attack my business so intensely because they want to make a mark in the world that will go down in history about social equality and injustice with whether or not I earn a single penny from all my work. It is the single biggest and oldest Government and administration matter that they have got and more so around the existence this company and its property. It is always great to chase people around when business communities get together and make popular culture music tributes or accept them but completely lose sight of what to do when you are at the heart of the issues while unemployment is rising and businesses and shops are shutting down, then pretend that the tributes will never run out and that somebody else is not giving politicians a break with his madness and criticism when they are trying their best to get things done. I cannot remember criticising anybody around here either, when the problem is that they need to get off my earnings and stop acting like such a bunch of Clowns if they can help it.


I have made myself clear about the fame freaks and the journalists anyway, I do not see people deploy their schedule for riches and fame and of course I do not see people show disrespect to them to that extent either, so they are perfectly aware of the extent they have travelled and the story remains the same i.e. this is not their lives they need to leave me alone, get off my books, get out of my life and regardless of what I have done to them bearing in mind they cannot do anything about it, move on. Instead of turn out to make noise about worldwide movements of freedom with stupid parents who are rebels and a life to which they have incorporated all I own, that is being preserved for a time when the Country is changed into what they want and stupid insolent children that cannot exist unless some work is being forced on people so they can measure out decadence and fame. The idea I act over matters I have not achieved is rubbish too, the basis for that has always been the assumptions their Politicians make of some kind of right to handle other people’s property. Of course there are naturally things Americans think they can do and undo with, as far as I am concerned of which the idiots had never as they claimed removed me from their lives and cultures which happens to have been their declaration of my property as their own on media, in order to set me back to where my own really belongs and where my own is and what my own looks like and of course there is not a world where they can do such things and their stupid friends have not got a chance of it in hell either. I get it now: I am being manipulated by people into doing things I am actually not aware I am doing to serve their every whim, so they can play the sociopaths self training to be psychopaths who have got their hands on my income with me, for what appears to be every single second; idiots. We have now reach a point of crunch time for all that so called powerful reactionary insolent destruction of this company by Politicians who have never complained of years of damage to me needed to be in a place where they can do it at will and thereby control every aspect of my livelihood due to an absence of qualifications I can get jobs with (yap yap yap)  or indeed any jobs anybody is willing to give me (whoever is asking them for the time being, not that they are paying enough for damages done at present anyway) as much as they complain about me so far anyway and a reckoning for the media, fame culture and politics attrition that has continued over my income. I always say they cannot leave people alone, as which level I should be and which they should be over my income which is what it has come to on public media shows and of course cannot leave me alone in particular for that matter with a big mouth and the book sales, along the lines of their destroying it will be their undoing as well.

So of course I have taken a long time to act but they have been complaining around the world as well, conveniently leaving out the part where they orientate criminals to disobedience they have found out from government affairs are perfectly safe to practice on my income; for them it has been a daily affair on that for more than a decade now. I suppose in the end that the reasons my business suffers is that I have really never made a public clear statement that I actually do not know who these idiots are, especially the violent filthy society men and their idiots, who have fantasies about the properties of people who do business with them or they go out of their way to do business with in order to steal from on account of their age and cannot leave this one alone because media idiots help them make profits of insults and destruction and they think they know where my books are and therefore have access to it which has nothing to do with anything and does not change the fact their actions are criminal anyway when such nonsense is actually impossible with anything that belongs to or goes on in this company, hence setting that stage for a reckoning with their Politicians who have an opinion about me for them without hearing my side of the story and therefore suggests there is no point since there is nothing I can do about them (with a big mouth) - the obsession for peddling people’s homes and families continues of course along with their far east and Asia pacific friends and in my case their clubbing and party lifestyles is something that the livelihood of a Christian Prince has stolen from them which they need to recover and take their time at doing so, hence their belief that they have covered their tracks so well.


I do not think that most of these matters are a difficult issue either; I have been of the view I need to set straight my position on my me and media and businesses relationship which is entirely based on what should be done with and or about media deviance with corruptions of involvement that ends with the destruction of my life to offer prerogatives to those who are rich so their opinions might never have been wrong. I know some issues turn up such as my like for older women but I have no idea why it comes up either since it does not necessarily mean that I will marry or get into relationship with one; I just do not think there is a person my age out there that will be willing to think that media and businesses and media deviance is an important issue, all of them want a letter for a popular culture goon that will sign contracts and make them famous and for the older ones, they should have known better; my actions do indicate foolish games with my feelings can end with their demise. As for the part where I sabotage things done to better me personally in favour of National interest; first of all what they do is find out how to be relevant concerning issues on their American friends and then go there to deal with half the problem and get into an agreement with American popular culture vandalism and then return to cut me a deal when I never asked them in the first place, so we don’t have heads roll these days anymore as it were – the other side of it is that they simply cannot leave the part about state provided security which creates a process of me the me and me the bad me and simply get involved with me on the basis of my books. As for the middle east; my position is still the same as it is in Syria and Egypt i.e. the country is not full of traveller culture perversions and corruptions where people want big shows and seek out the lives of important people to wreck for it as it is in the UK for example but like most other Arab Nations suffer the delusion people have that they are ruled by tyrants and terrorists and people cannot have a simple quality of life. I mean in Egypt when people loyal to the president clash with the opposition what people see is Islam and freedom; reality is a simple thing the president should do about the fact businesses run by those loyal to him cannot allow businesses run by others to exist and carry on and normal, instead we have arrest of comedians whose remarks do not even fall into the class of opinion let alone criticism or indeed the so claimed insult we have heard people are arrested for but then again since these people cannot be allowed by the ruling party to sort out their problems by parliamentary debate we can see the beginnings of the unravelling of the new government there along with the new constitution it created. For Syria however the story is different which is that if we decided we wanted to make a play called Syria at the theatre I bet Russia will be arms seller and the US will exist in a position that cannot be described through words alone – point being of course that at some stage things will return in Syria to what it should be if they acted now but according to their schedule by then, hundreds, thousands or millions will have died.

The problem of Europe and a certain African idiots on the other hand is a different matter entirely i.e. the first being the need to confiscate the lucrative parts of cultures runs by popular culture fools and some intrusive and beneficially abusive access without permission to everything they want which makes them a lot of money that runs into millions through popular culture and popular music vandalism that never stops whenever it troubles people, the second being media goons with personalities that you can confiscate whenever they trouble you, I find it to be career therapeutic to do so because their insults never stop ever and the reasons they never do can be traced down to the third act I am dispensing equities to encourage people to do here, which is cause business slow down for them or you will have no right to any kind of quality of life whatsoever bearing in mind they practice strange sexual nonsense and if they have no respect for their bodies are likely to treat yours with any kind of regard whatsoever let alone any kind of respect – acting to cause business slow down for them on media and all other industries along with their plebes does work a treat and this is the part that is not a work in progress when it comes to dealing with the continued insolent irresponsibility, foolish money and lifestyle mad women and oppressive vandalism of bigger European Economies all together. As for me they have continued to thrive on attacking my health on grounds my work shows I am not confident when they could always get rid of sociopaths and stupidities they practice with them in order to stop being so frustrated in order to read or get involved any of my work and or business instead in the first place and it must stop too and stop my way especially for the industry female idiots with stupid children they plan to ensure feel superior to me and all kinds of nonsense they believe is a worthy use of my time too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland