I do get told I face all the crisis of the world and appear to be doing rather well but I don’t think so from here; half the time it’s what I have been conditioned to know and do which I don’t advise those who have not been to follow suit, the rest of the time it’s largely a matter of people deciding where they got access to my work is an obscure environment which means that it didn’t matter if I was famous myself or my work was patented, as long as their media said it was obscure environment and they had celebrities to play with, they would get it out there and make their own money with it, then show up with life changing abuses that will ensure I did not become a threat into the future, the life changing abuses which does untold damage and if I attacked them, I am certain I will be left with the feeling I don’t actually have the right to punish people for being stupid. So, it is left with the sense that they do it because they are stupid and want me to behave in a certain way that prevents them being so stupid at my expense.

I like to think of it as a defence mechanism, created by a handful of gits who do not want me to stuff their minds with what I am thinking anymore but then again, I dropped out of University 13 years ago because of them and this behaviour has persisted since they ensured that University did not rob them of access to my so-called personality and their need to get paid for being popular through it. It needs to stay away from my books and shut down the media comments, this is an exit that works for everybody – they do say that they wanted to know what I might do if they failed to comply but we know the black communities and the Caribbeans and Jamaicans have not allowed my tummy a moments peace over this stupid need to get paid for being popular on my personality, the story has always been that getting rid of this nonsense created bigger problems that I certainly didn’t want to face, yap yapping and the whites are usually another story all together, they are usually responsible for outcomes in which the bank balance had a voice of its own and appeared to bring me down to face facts on the balance as per what it is, is what the idiots spend most of their time on. I do not see that for all the complains of injustice they blab about, anybody has subjected them to this tummy abuses for over decade and a half every day in that period, just to get paid for being popular on their personality, so it is utter trash to me – this is what I will do when they fail to comply.

I have never seen anything like it – another month of poor book sale due to their involvement, insults, and comments because the years I had done nothing about it encourages them to do it, on the premise that there is nothing I can do. I mean my yard stick now is that having spent 12 years working out other avenues for a career because the academic environment had become toxic for me, I had reached an understanding they will not give me a breathing space unless I took it but in the time I had spent building the bookshop, for each time I worked, they followed me around with an abusive practice joke that turned their civil disobedience into happiness that facilitated marketing, such that each time I finished building anything the interest the Public showed was converted toward this nonsense, three years of my time having gone by, I want to ensure their stupidities made sense of it too.

They do claim it is the way my Books provoke them, but my Books were written around the sensibilities of the reasons we work our careers the way each person works the careers in their lives – they do not get to decide what I write or what others read with touchy criminal stupidities, if they were done punishing the Politicians talking nonsense about punishing me for my Books with a big mouth. And of course it does not end here because I want to teach their celebrity and industry idiots a lesson for what they have done to me over the way they think my Books should be used as well; the stupidities on the streets being that they want to be free of any defence mechanisms I had developed while getting imagination up my anus because I am selfish and do not want to get involved with criminal activity, while their industry fools picked up my service processes to build me publicity that said I should be getting into a fight with people to pay my dues, leaving me to look like a coward because there was no way I would set up a business without doing it correctly in the first place, of which there is nothing to fight – driving market into a corner that facilitated finances for their stupidities on account of the fighting and sex I engaged myself in, looking for as much trouble as their stupidities can find.

It has always been their popularity if they are asking what I would do about it if they didn’t stop handling my concerns – nobody is thinking people who lived in the Caribbean for instance would want to pass exams at University and get a Job, they all want to be Celebrities instead, it is the biggest thing in their world but I also do not think that this extent of destruction being levied on another person’s career on account they were trying to share it is justified as well – however the benefit is that we have entered a stage where it is no longer possible for people, especially their politicians, to deny their view of other people’s daily concerns when they want to present themselves as victims – this is what I am going to do when they fail to comply. I do get told that I always respond subjectively and none knows what my real views of these matters were; the real view is that having ended up in an environment that is reserved for those who commit crimes or support people that are doing it, without reason to be in such an environment – having been we have a history where we only got along if I wasn’t counted among their silly children on the streets, picking themselves up only when they emulated Celebrities and never stop talking nonsense about people doing their lives and careers – having been we were originally worried about my thought processes ending up in the hands of those who live a life of crime but since last it meant that I am important when I am nothing, we have now ended up worrying about prospects that criminals might be using me to make what happens when the law catches up with them easier for them to handle and yet it could not have been easier than a process where the idiots kept from my Books and stopped shooting off their stupid comments at me as there is really nothing that they can do about me for my part in the matter as well as such. So, it does feel as though I am properly caught up in an environment where matters associated with my interests and career is really kicking off and it would be nice if the effing twats allowed the career to move on alongside it too. They do say that this is a clash with the Labour Party and Celebrities were still my biggest headache – I do agree with both naturally; the clash with labour bits is to do with the Labour party being the party of my parents, so it is full of very stupid individuals who think that they didn’t like what I did but if it were financially successful I would be able to contend with them for family leadership and they had to prevent this by making sure it wasn’t, the problem being that the bills don’t get paid and their ageist stupidities that had spent enough time in the workforce to gather enough money for two according to them isn’t paying the bills either, so it is a fact that the idiots leave outside of every story they tell when they complained about my attitude with a big mouth. The Celebrity bits is to do with getting into violent activity to deserve your creations and the income that comes with it which they set about enforcing – so if the complexities of setting up your business like mine is integrated with the products, they will rally the parents who children want the military at beck and call to make a complete mess of it, then set about picking up your service processes to build you reputation that developed into a crowd that forced you to do something violent with yourself in order to improve the wellbeing of women, thereby stopping you from being so selfish that you had not done so, which completely wrecks everything – if for instance you did end up having to defend your work and property in difficult circumstances, it will become a reputation for you that creates problems and if you do it when they ask, the process of doing it would be counterproductive; it is quite the baggage and if they had not stopped setting agenda for my Bookshop with that big mouth while the ethnic minorities spent time making a mess of everything to show up here and blaze my fucking trail, it will end very badly all together. They do point out the German influence side of it but it’s an old story about a handful of idiots who love to get imagination around peoples anus, clashing with those who really hated it; first time round I simply underestimated them and dropped out of University, now they simply believe they can do and undo, set me out as a sweet thing they can handle to cool off in life of which I didn’t have a choice about the matter with a big mouth. So it is the years and years of civil corruption getting completely out of hand – the original disposition is that they love to find the problems and dig it out so that they got on media to call out the problem blazing my trail when they are cracked up out of my league, asking me what I would do if they failed to keep from my Books and stop blowing off their big mouth all over my social life, while I simply tend to ensure each time these issues get too close I made sense of it on my own social life and public image which meant that stupid celebrities and fame idiots could take advantage of me if they wanted, which they have to destroy.

So they say I do not really speak of the fact this matter is incredibly complicated but it isn’t; what is really happening here is a case of the way I was raised in a Christian setting, followed by their need to hang around somewhere driving me towards criminal, racial and violent activity from a safe distance, gawping at me over prospects of power that would be available for their stupidities to play with at my expense, which then quickly degenerated into a case of the way my personality should be used to help people get paid for being popular and this then degenerated into the way I can be used to help people manage their bad feelings when they had been disrespected by others, even their own children etc and I don’t remember either meeting these scumbags as a minor or a time that their stupidities got the pay in the bills around here in the last 19 years – so if this continues, they are set to see the insults I will get accustomed to as well, especially when we are talking about another week of poor book sales because of their involvement being a matter of years I had done nothing about it indicating they had a right to, as I was unlikely to do a thing about it anyway. It’s like when they say that my Books are a mess but we know they have never read it in their lives and it comes down to the old case of imploring them to allow the public that gets involved with it to ask the questions and not their stupid media, celebrity and political selves; however should I want to clear up the matter, what happens then being that property equity brokers that are responsible for my Public image which sets out who I am in the mind of the Public receive a different form of hospitality from me, as compared to clients who pay for the Books that they pay for as a matter of the Public image that property equity brokers have helped to build for instance but these idiots do not get to ask, they need to allow the Public ask. It is an old story about taking up my Books to hang around somewhere abusing me over claims that I ought to get involved with a violent situation to deserve it, but I want to keep the consequences of their stupidities working on an Official capacity for the time being i.e., they need allow the Public ask, they do not get to, unless they are reading my Books.

They do claim I am chasing power against Americans and it will lead to no good ending which is utter nonsense; the only power being chased here is one where republicans like my Books but do not wish to read it which I can live with but democrats liked my Books and whilst they do not wish to read it, have developed a series of premises by which they can ensure all that suggests my career does not belong to them were eliminated. The threats are good naturally until such a time as I had devised a way to get around it when I really want to handle them as well as it were. I mean I have never seen anything like it; the years that I had done nothing if ignoring them gets them to move on, is the reason for one more year of financial complications and then another and another because there is evidence that there is nothing I can do, and people were free to do with it as they pleased. I mean when they picks up my Bookshop and smashes it, to run off the works as some tribute in a bigger US market, I am sure there is no marketing text Book that suggests people can be successful in that way and it also knows I can build up deterrence for it and hit them until I got results, so I don’t understand why we are always at it, except they really do believe they have a reputation to look for as much trouble as they can find. Another story linked to this is one about my position at the Monarchy being thrown into question while reality is that I like to describe myself as a Hermit and I did that enough times I will end up suggesting my position ought to pass to another person, because it will have indicated I had passed up responsibility enough times for that to be the case, however which I work best when I work in conjunction with my sensibility as a Hermit and of course when a handful of idiots spend time working on what kind of power they would have based on the sex of the reigning Monarch and we spend time working hard on giving them what they wanted, it’s not clear what we hope to achieve but I am now completely fed up with this nonsense getting me to drop out of academic activity time and again; we are not yet talking about a handful of twats who then pass their exams and hang about the work place with a public image that encourages young people to get imagination up my bum if I am seen near academic institutions while their stupid parents who want security services at beck and call shoved hoodlums through the academic system on my social life and public image talking rubbish about respect and cannot keep their stupid hands to themselves, pillaging my good reputation all day. Then the German influence idiots get all over it naturally and they have gone from a handful of twats who need to get people on hospital beds in a bid to build a sense of security for the public and therefore drive through market success that made the general public feel safe, whereby money solved all problems and whether it does for victims of such shit was a matter of the attitude that the victims exhibited with a big mouth – so I have been telling them to lay off my Books and go to hell, while the scumbags have been getting violent because I had, again with a big mouth naturally since this nonsense was clearly my plan and it was up to me to see it through as such. They do claim it’s a matter of getting me to give up what I had given and it’s an old story where I will pick up a project and chase applicable property equity, whereby we will hear it again on a global stage should I bump into their stupidities again – it’s the story that can go on endlessly, half the time people are rich because they were stolen from and the rest of the time people deserved to suffer because they had chosen poverty in order to play up practical jokes; hence this business of explaining the reasons people are rich had to be done, leaving them with the filth that nobody wants to face alongside their stupidities, so their children become unbearably insulting on the streets. It has already built up its stupidities with respect to a sense it should be able to walk into my concerns and take what it wants and I should be spending time working on what it wants at my Office, looking for more of it – as for the Labour Party, if the neighbourhood I live in does not necessarily determine what becomes of my social life and public image as a writer, their activities may be left out of the story while their stupidities complained about my attitude with a big mouth as well.

They do say that it’s not clear why I an agitated if I am doing so well but I am not agitated because I am doing badly, I am agitated because I am losing touch with my schedule; it’s the same gimmicks that are meant to ensure you were in 2nd grade when you were meant to be in 4th grade and it will pick it up from here and run off all sorts of nonsense that played up at people who are beyond your league, culture and society gits, books that must be read and lots of shit, showing up to make sense of its career by getting other people’s career to suffer for it, while it’s not really being paid to carry it around in the first place – from here it shows up to get the better of you when you have business with companies and the companies had vested interests that wanted their own access to you, performing all kinds of nonsense – homosexuality, all sorts of filth, abuses that should not be criticised or stopped, even black people say that I am disgrace to their race, about which I think they should make a mess of my best talents and best work for my career while burning in hell, as we can see that I have achieved everything save the money bits that was their obsession the last time checked and it clearly hurts them more than it does me – so they hate statements that public security operatives make and none makes statements about their own jobs naturally, so it tends to go on for eternity. So we see that it happens because they needed to ensure a mind that would build an empire was deployed to solve the social matters that niggle away at them: it is incredibly destructive naturally but not if people understand they do it to make show business profitable and so this is what shows that Celebrities spend most of their time selling nothing but deviance i.e. they need to show that it is possible to gain access to peoples personal life, social life, public image, career and finances and the lot by buying into the self-exhibitionism that they believe people needed to watch when they had caused so much suffering to make people want body bribery as a way out – so on the subject of how destructive this nonsense is, they don’t know it yet, I believe that the fact they needed to stop handling my Public image and cease setting market agenda for my Books and Bookshop was made very clear.

They do claim that Celebrities have got me in a corner that I cannot get out of, but this claim is not in any way linked to reality. The real world is that on one hand is this problem with those who handle my Books while I had signed no contract with them that gave the right to, ripping up my income over something as stupid as the idea my responses would be amusing and fill gaps that were applicable to what they wanted but could not have, on the other hand is Celebrities beating people down to make body bribery more appealing and apparently I am being beaten down as well but I know what the body bribery does and want no part of it but they usually think otherwise most of the time, so it must play out. I mean I built up wealth equity and Celebrities set it out as a sharing of my public image and income margins but is it is what wealth equity does now that we are facing a crisis because of their behaviour? Is it what I told them wealth equity does or what I told them I built one such up for anyway? So, it appeals to the mind that they are oblivious to the destructive content of their behaviour and are very keen to see what will come of it when I am forced to make public appearance for its sake. They do claim that my preoccupation causes a lot of problems for others and it probably does, since every time a Member of the Royal Family gets married or has children, there must be a way that celebrity and popularity culture is set out to define my entire existence thereof – now it seems they have a lot of their plate and wish to speak of how I got to slow down to make their lives easier. I have always been under the impression a simple case of Companies that broker equities with me being responsible for my Public image upon which people buy and read Books I have written, with the National coat of Arms on my websites showing I am not self-employed Royalty, was good enough for them to work with but then again I am not talking as though these are important Royals with opinions either; we know I had tidied up this well enough to ensure that people who came to the UK to do business could thoroughly enjoy themselves and therefore usually came here with some of their best behaved children to build a future – now what I have is a problem with statements that armed forces operatives make while doing the job, German influence stupidities and a lot of abusive behaviour they claim might get better if I signed up to the Military, wants me to slow down in order to improve its life. They speak of the way I made up my position, but we know that either way, deploying my Office to work with companies in a manner that got them drawing public stability from a major source of Governmental decisions and public influence, encourages them to set up business in the UK, which provides people jobs and revenue for the Government, we know that they are not doing this for their part as well.

They do say they want to know what makes me so agitated: it’s a three part story – one is the part where all my public work is being spent by some silly characters who want to sell sex and violence, claiming it’s an unusual thing they cannot have enough of doing, even though they know it is public service – then there is the German influence community idiots with their ignorant rivalry that ensures my bottom hurts so much I cannot concentrate and cannot write, which is quickly followed with campaigns to get my Publishers making somebody else write my Books, which is also quickly followed with a campaign to build a crowd that got me losing something important to a woman – then there is the Celebrities and their alliance with quasi criminals and society gits; at the end of these they make comments to really get it going, those comments will make a total mess of my Bookshop and they will say that the history where I had done nothing about it encouraged them and gave them the entitlement to do so. Thereafter they claim I am trying to run a business without money, time and again it shows up to skewer my sales figures and I had no idea if the idiots thought I needed money so I might buy my own Books anyway but then again, they have been aware that they have everything going for them, the road between home and work where they attend to saddle me with the effects of all the tribalism raids they cannot conduct without ripping up my social life is undisturbed, worth pointing out because they are starting to push for a response on my part on this. So we hear it has never been this bad on business with Royalty but we know what happens is that I pick up business with a Client, we have been in broker activity for 3 years, I will put up on social media my position and theirs – my trading arrangement and theirs and alongside both trading standard which comprised of government expectations for trading; somebody picks this up to build me publicity that suggested I should be fighting gangs and hoodlums to make them feel protected and important, destroys public interest in my Books with it and sets about selling the sex and violence that I will be engaging in, then there are some who had eccentric characters, never have they gotten involved with people’s concerns the legitimate way, so they did this without being part of my network and always had an eye for my Royal Public image – on a scale of 1 to 10, I just want people to help out with respect to the stage that such stupidities fit. I do understand the reasons for some however – some cases are due to clients suffering this sort from people they had modelling contracts with for instance and they got me involved, so it is usually either such an occasion or that some idiot really loves to screw with me when he is done complaining. In effect, they would say I kill people without knowing it, fi I decided the same environment that I had set out for clients to sort out matters with out-of-control client employees, is the same their stupidities would sort out their sex and violence problems, I will certainly get away with doing a lot of damage for my part too. It is so annoying when they speak of the way my Books make people feel being the source of financial complications, since I did not follow on my career with the popularity insults they spent their time on, especially as media gets around to a process where an obsession with my social life and public image for it helped them make such an amount of money as it would be futile for me to start a fight over it and hence shouldn’t have to pay the price for the effects.

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