In terms of Audience and Client confidence, they do claim I am now in s very sorry disposition and yet I would never stop trying to fight or actually fighting people as powerful as the Media and Celebrities, the process will then be followed by gimmicks that involved tackling those that identified with me, tackling State provided security and making a mess of my finances that can be followed on by Culture and society gits to boast and boast and boast all day. The truth of it on the other hand is that I have done nothing to attack of right them in a decade while it has not given me a days peace yet so far – still the same provocation we have been pointing out for the last 2 decades, where they are always seen with a need to invent ideas on how I should be used to make other people comfortable, knowing that they had racism going in their society: this nonsense had since grown to such an extent that whilst all I needed to do for a Bookshop was to be nice to paying Clients I am in a struggle for my life because media exposure is brought to bear on the business of how I should be used and quickly followed up with a process where they got to be nice to people that worked with and did business with them on my Public image, topped up these days by the Media and fame idiots getting to familiarise with the rich on the same Public image. The exit for what has become a problem for them in the sense that when I start paying attention to them, the reasons they repeat these activities despite the problems associated with doing so, being that they had spent so much of their personal and career time to get to this stage and cannot withdraw in an instant, while I do not have more time to give to their practical jokes and yet the exit is never effective, it never keeps from my Books and will not yet be seen dead making its stupid comments on its own career and keeping its fingers off my bum. I am told that if this has not broken me, people had reasons to be worried but it is an old story that I have not been fighting them – I mean the business of not giving them time to withdraw when they cannot handle me is damaging, the process of trashing their Celebrity culture is damaging, the business of making sure the culture and society gits spent the means to those abuses until they had nothing left, which I can finish off by making sure their children picked up the effects of their abuses towards me at school and they picked up the one they have taught their children to work on me at work but the real destruction is likely to come when I had begun to ensure that the effects of those stupidities especially the part that helps them claim that there is nothing I can do about them getting whatever they wanted from it at the end were reciprocated. It should have been enough to say that they wanted to get paid for being popular by attacking and abusing me whenever people who had money to spare needed to hurt me, but we can see that whilst this improves the solution to their wealth and social inequality problem, the more money they had was the more they destroyed real wealth creation i.e. their wealth and social position is a comparative one and if they had a penny, they only needed somebody else to have less, so that they might feel important, hence it is clearly continuing because it had since not yet developed into the classic government versus Media and Celebrities scenario. On my part personally, it is a matter if saying that I want to be an Arch Prince by working with those who employed and did business with them to demand more of them until their financial situation was set out as a control measure and it might seem simple enough but what it really means is that I am prepared to attack them at the corner shops, the super markets, the jobs markets, sports, Media, Celebrity and Industry – all I need to do here is be nice to those that are paying for my Books, when I need to raise funds that pays for Royal work in this place, I do not need to do anything to impress them and their silly Celebrities, I mean normal people do not tackle another person’s finances to a point where it is the withdrawal from such a bad behaviour that constitutes as Achilles’ heel, they would rather fancy the rest of us thought they were geniuses and therefore entitled to this nonsense.

The scope of entitlement is that Public interests in my Bookshop and the income margins are interfered with on average every 10 minutes through National Media, garnished with get rich fast conscience less civil disobedience stupidities about the way I come by my property through Country ownership gimmicks, so the confidence for this nonsense is that I will not find it easy to wreck everything they had or stood for, hence have it developed to that stage where I see it a necessary solution, to work with their employers and business partners, thereby ensuring it was possible to get more out of them. The pattern for this stupid behaviour were quite simple, before the short insulting videos that produce narcissistic happiness that promoted sales at my expense as revenge for celebrity culture and makes the most of criminals feeling uncomfortable about crimes, it was largely a matter of wrecking my University studies chasing sales on the best part of my personality and running off their own sense of victims discrimination superiority on the rest of my personality making sense of their silly war and crime popularity, so that all I did with my career thereafter produced an effect that stirred up problems which the idiots got to dress well and suggest saddles them with obscurity, while the fact they were able to carry on with a career that they never really worked on to save their energy and get superior was never questioned and their interest in me got increasingly worse with a big mouth, making sure my career did not mean anything to anybody if their stupidities were resisted or stopped.

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