Now I know many a black women know what the hidden purpose and meaning of the story of my work is but it is not necessarily that I am lacking in information on how to handle stupid black women anyway, all I require is that they stay away from me and stop complaining about consequences for making claims of having raised and made me who I am today or even paved the way for me to come to the UK and therefore own me and all I do, when they will not stop doing it and stop making contact with me if they want to avoid the problems that occur as a result. For my part its been 12 years of it on a daily basis, things I could do to them in the bed room which I have refused to do and they will now do to me and so on; not only do the idiots with problems they entirely deserve think they should be angry all the time and have a culture to such an effect while I am always going wrong all the time to be handled which is before they complain and tell tales of what they know of my work as it were, its clearly the case as well that their desire to have sex with something that will never have sex with them has become the means for wrecking anything I own and the crimes will never go without a revenge; I need to start with a process of changing their version of the west and all that tourism rubbish as well the way they know it and we will take it up from there when they had realised they will never be free for me for a start. It will be even better for their media fools and back stage media idiots who never listen and are the best friends of my business about whom I have gotten into a state for returning the favour as well and hence if people cannot have any sense of respect for my products as products they never will for their own either but we all know it is an old culture issue and I need to have that culture as well for the purpose of distracting them onto penury. I am aware I have situated myself in a condition where most of what I say and do falls into the hands of black people of course but I suppose it was accidental too in their view in a world where I live to wake everyday to grow in the will of God and ensure I do everything that has been set out for me to do in the service of my Heavenly Father as well. As I did mention, they need to stop making contact when I move on again otherwise it will happen again as it were. I am not troubled about it necessarily, they are actually supposed to have been very evil people – prognosis being that all these began from how to ensure the benefits of my faith ends up in their lives while the consequences of their wickedness ends up in mine which bred that need to get me possessed and has run its course from moving into my right hand and making me move left of them violently even if it were a media fantasy just to fulfil a desire, to damaging my finances everyday to get to me in order to ensure that their community croons can creep under my skin, leaving the question of what group of monumental idiots would suppose others are to tolerate their city identity when they are treated in such ways and what kind of idiots would believe that wrecking the finances of a Christian everyday for 12 years to make him react and get him possessed is a worthy activity to engage in but I don’t mind the back stage media idiots and their powers and loop holes about what may be done which can be used to goad and bully me anyway, they are confident their tall tales will deceive everybody when it comes to blackening my reputation. The other side of the story is that of course of how my books make people feel bad when books are supposed to appeal to popular sensibilities but of course we all know that the leaders are the leaders and just like them I am a subordinate but because they want a reaction from me they are not content with living their own lives, what they want is my personal space and to dominate me in it and so their women especially cannot give the sexual abuse any rest yet until it blows up in their face; what they know is how to make contact on media and set out what my books really is which I am trying to hide to deny them their cultural rights. So I can see they say I need to attack now and get it done but we all know people talk like that whenever they think they have had enough time to gather up facts about how you fight that measured against their size you will always meet with fate, whereas in actual fact when the fight started you will have adapted as well, so the purpose of the fight for you will have changed completely – it’s like when Hitler needed to take care of the British first because if conquered they were likely to be the most difficult to handle but then realised if the British were difficult the rest of Europe will follow suit and hence he needs to attack Europe first but by which time the British had all the time in the world to prepare for the worst and hence it was therefore an expedition to run around in circles. I beat them all the time to write books and blogs they think it will get better for them and worse for me if I had to do it with weapons, it is rather interesting; especially the part where you grow weaker and stupid and they go from being scared of you to having enough confidence to dominate you. It is still all applicable to things they learn in their societies and how they never tell people it is the reason they do not want to see me attend church or see me believe in God as well as though I cannot stop them from doing any of those things or having those secret societies anyway and we all know we have been there before and I am not done with them yet at this stage anyway, I mean not to a point where the Politicians say okay you do have your right to believe in God and it is not prejudicial or discriminatory while they do have the right to their secret societies and need to let you be – in fact I am not even prepared yet in terms of satisfaction kicking them as well to say that I would accept it if they said it this very instant, so we are still a very long way off as it stands and they will not keep the media insults or cease to make contact with me hence it gets worse. Same old story, I work for a government they don’t and we are equals and I will crush it as well, especially because they need to stay off my income, this is what my books are about, its all mine now to use for a career. The back stage media ones on the other hand are supposed to be a living spoof from the ageists, where they are due a job before I get one on account they are older than I am and the condition does not apply to their stupid children as well to ensure things work as they should be for such conditions and you will never know what difference there is between that and racism just like foolish black women making contact with me on media for the purpose of sustaining their abuses, so in their minds they have dominated me but in my mind I vow never to be insulted like that ever again. They need to stay off my books and stay off the industries, this is the simplest way I can put it and then it will be impossible for people to have a regard for my products as items that belong to somebody on account they are its best friends and can make it and make me do things and share that with the world to get rich as well. Of course I am aware these backstage media idiots behave in such ways because I am a victim of security services spying but I am an Arch Prince and they are GCHQ and I am certain top officials have seen these things all over the place hence the likelihood of their tall tales taking off on this occasion when the fact things are there and I see them and they are for the taking applies as well is very thin on the ground indeed; these fools are not even field operatives so I cannot move some knot or bolt somewhere while they are in service which will make people see them in a twisted way and murder them without reason anyway but it is remarkable to note the pompousness of the table top computer screen scum that do these things; only a small % of far less that 2% who have gained access to my Government provided security and of course it is all very well to attack the women I can understand but so is it easy to see that this is me and very unlikely to change too. If they continue to deserve things I own better than I do on account they are older than me and have access to take it already and therefore need some reason that will ensure the Law cannot protect it from them, we will continue to live like this and have nothing to discuss too, much the same with their civil rights plebes and a problem they have with my book sales. I understand they say I am stupid for the most part and they are doing academic work well but it is the same story all round I find in my field of study, they go there to play celebrity freak with people like me in order to pass the subjects and get jobs and thereby wreck mine for me all the time and later complain about how much they do not like the way things I done in the UK i.e. they have been studying UK Law for someplace else and the excuse as usual is fear of racism because they know they can follow that on with further financial attacks – nothing new of course because the whole prognosis of toughening me up because I steal beauties of women is because they are thieves, television personality thieves, popular culture fame and fortune thieves and right down to the Political and social ones, they want easy ways out of everything but while they complain about the consequences do not wish to stop the stealing and nobody knows why they feel the need to discuss attributes of theirs which means they are thieves with me all the time, so for it my head hurts and my chest hurts and my body hurts and so on but they continue and it shows no signs of abating and expect me to sacrifice another thing they desire so much i.e. having access to somebody so lofty as a prince must pay off in some derived sense of privilege they have extracted from my life and problems they have left behind in their wake which then becomes an integral part of my life and thus it shows no signs whatsoever of getting any better because they insist and try to enforce as well with a big mouth then complain all over the media about the effects of my actions on a fame they have not got, a fame they have not got for they stole it from me and I am still a living breathing person and therefore natural that it does not belong to them.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland