There is naturally no shred to truth to that great idea I am in a lot of trouble with them at the Monarchy and the Media and the Parliament and the City, the truth and reality is what they are and how they don’t want to be it but play the part all the time never the less; so they cannot stay off my Public work and so on and when I need to create publicity for things they can no longer steal as it were, the publicity has already been done to punish me for not letting them and they always make noise about how they will lay claims to it and have never really done so in 12 years so far, hence all I can continue to say is that they stay away from me and all else I own especially at the Industries, so they don’t have to turn out on red carpets to talk nonsense and then realise their career will benefit from a process where they call me names as well, since it is moving towards the point where it will end badly as well.


There is that story of how elections in Countries in Africa has something to do with me because of what I wrote and what people can goad me into doing in order to have privileges that women who look after me at the security services have in order to offer me the protection I need, they require it to get rich with their stupid media of course. However with respect to elections in places like Zimbabwe, it has got nothing to do with me, it’s a case of the celebrated idiots version of Politics looking for leadership and so they are confused about what I wrote in the sense they cannot see what it means thereof i.e. that they are saying three year old kids are killed by a Country that can kill people and nobody will ever workout if they mean the trees and the roads and the grass and not the way Mugabe and Shangri ran the show that kill people and it is the same with them all over the place, I will take up country and run it in a way that kills you and you even have to deal with the others who make out the Country is or can be their personal and private property as well, hence the internal wars never seem to move on with media making money from it and talking nonsense at anybody they feel they can goad in order to be powerful. I do not think it is a huge crisis, the reality is that they do these things because they plan them in secret societies and turn out to practice those things they teach themselves as the means to dominate and rule and be rich and be powerful and as a result never listen to anybody or respect anybody’s believes as well for their part. The media ones on the other hand will want to fly my flag when I say country can never be responsible for killing anybody and such things are utter nonsense but they can do it, I will hold down the bad guys for them for of course we know they never listen and we have a history between us and it is not a case of wreck my finances so it might take me some years to recover so they can finish their journalism and take over my writing career, it is a case of wreck my finances and ensure it takes me some years to recover so that their minds might be active enough to have a writing career when they have finished with their journalism and therefore due to retire and they never listen and I have had enough of them as it has been 12 years now and it will end badly as well for my part – for now let them figure out like their Political counterparts since we all know that a writer can never tell you Mr A moved from point B to point C, he will always tell you Mr A moved from his home which is regarded as point A and passed by five homes in which there were three kids each and it is only after he had described the age and nature of the children as well as the school they attend, that you finally realise point C was relevant all along. Let them figure out it and I can get the publicity as well. Some wonder why I never take these matters seriously but there is no point, I mean the only major serious issue is the backs stage media idiots that must always have something they have done to bully me violently in every occasion in order to explore my personality to get rich and like to pretend their journalists are the only journalistic idiots in the world who have agents as well, let them figure it out too; everybody else I have something for locked and stocked at all times i.e. they think they want to play with my valuables and so will I play with their own and therefore lower classes expect to wreck their lives and blame the Monarchy and talk of revolution, Middle Classes expect to steal fame and have it and the Politicians expect to run the Country and the Union and its international implications and none of these three will have any of these things since I cannot have any respect for my person or even what I do for a living. The journalists are however a special case since it is clear that if you fight against the oncoming of war, it is them that will ensure that you end up in a condition where a certain party is always humiliated until you had failed, the ones who wreck your finances and want to manipulate you for frontiers on the left which will have shown they are the only ones that need money and hence require themselves to be terribly selfish but with the use of your property and so if you do not comply stir racism for you, after you had been said to be sleeping with peoples wives as well, so the reality being that you put out your products or even set out to get a job and it is the worst of horrors that happens in that people handle your products or your CV to stir racism and be famous and or important and they will never stop it so will the history they have with me never go away; I have been clear they need to stay off my books and the sales and off the Industries as I do need a holiday away from their stupidities. After all they owe me because if you wreck people’s lives so it might take them years to recover in order to keep your mind working at their expense to a point where you have a writing career at a point where you are due to retire from the journalistic one, then the cut off point should certainly be the point where such a person’s books are published and there are patents stamped on them and so of course it will never be over until I say so as it were and the Companies can play with me as well for their part, that is going very well too currently and we are not talking about my project to ensure I get around the city making sure no idiot makes use of my property for any reason yet either, they are all over the place with respect to that because they never listen and will use it anyway and I have threatened them with the fact they will die before it stops so far as well. I mean they are journalists and not writers and half of all they own since I am the one in possession of the origins of this career belongs to me, otherwise the alternative I have offered is better i.e. leave the book sales alone as I do need a holiday away from their stupidities and then maybe I can afford a break for them as well by so doing and of course if they wind me up the remaining half will be used to pay for any damages they make as well. I do not do these things without reason and a typical test of this is found in the matter of my personal space being completely destroyed because all I can do is beat down and suck on account those that are responsible will have me beaten up and it is a matter that must be settled as well. They typically have no respect for anybody or indeed what anybody does for a living as it were.


They did hear me mention something about economic recovery and things I am asked to do, they did hear me mention that my think easy projects on being an Arch Prince people know is a Negro, hates the idea there is too much immorality around and does not quite appreciate the idea of any idiot getting up somewhere to make out they are in a way affiliated with and or are doing something that is connected with me, is that the whites are not my responsibility necessarily because of they are not to keep their insults away from me they will be very soon enough as well. Now it has begun because they think not everybody knows they live useless lives and remember they have civil rights each time they are certain they need money but worse still is the fact the taxes we pay and the welfare state is no longer able to contain them in order to allow the rest of us to get on which is also why I support benefit reforms – they leave out completely the fact that they need to ensure my personal space is rubbish because I would not dare mess with those who are responsible. So it has begun and there is no going back and they will not think around here too, so will the stealing have limits as well. Hence the idea I have no means of enforcing anything has no basis on reality; I mean they have no respect for anybody or what anybody does for a living and for me especially my personal space will be rubbish on account I would not dare go up against those that are responsible and so they will not be able to think around here provided they continue to brew that nonsense they throw around and of course the stealing will have its limits too. The American ones want it to become a historic event, they have had us all figured out in their view i.e. the companies are the money although they are the bad guys, whom do they fight if they want to make friends with the companies of which the answer is me, while everybody else will be manipulated by the promise or fame and fortune and jobs once they have the money and so no plan for economy will ever exist until they have what they want and it is not the first time either, the first was the one where they ended up with a new democracy because they like to get around industry communities talking nonsense to anybody they meet about how nobody knows who the hell I am. They always say nobody knows what I am getting up to with other peoples company of course but we all know that the real meaning of such things is that they were not those in the various companies who exchanged their shares with me for equities and that they are confident if they do lead the company will make sure they get rid of me because they are sure they can simply get off and summarise and get rid of other people’s business, never mind the fact these games need to come to an end and their trouble maker share buyers needs to get off my books and off the industries as well  – and we are not talking about the fact their wives will run my life in their view and their children will take over all I own and use it to get the pocket money I steal from their company; same old story when they come round and you think it is sad when you ask them what is wrong with daddy and mummy this time when we know they are mad anyway and of course whether they think we are mates. The look on their faces when you bring them back down to earth like these is completely priceless.


The media always claim it is not their responsibility the things they do with these kinds of things anyway but when I have had my public work and public place equity property completely destroyed like it is at the moment so people can get the lifestyle they have always wanted to get from my faith without having to repent or attend church, anybody can see I am in a position where I always tend to know what is their responsibility as well. It is never true that I am disturbed by the sight of my body either, that is just the devils work; the truth is that I tend to feel that if I kept myself fit, then I would not have to deal with what I have to contend with at the moment i.e. the things these idiots think they should do with my chest and tummy means that I always tend to feel like vomiting whenever I eat anything but because of the same condition of which I always tend to starve before I eat anything which then means I want to vomit over games with my tummy and their powerful transferred aggression by which it operates but cannot and because it is not a real heart burn I cannot start getting myself messed up by the medication but the call point comes when it was done by them in order to secure a means by which to work superiority for their stupid children which also progresses to the need to wind me up and find out the extent of my temper in order to locate how far toward the right they must lean to deal with me all together of which is a worthy use of my time and my resources bearing in mind their foolishness and selfishness means that intrusion destroys people’s property and their selfishness tends to pay off all the time alongside it especially when they have media to play with or somebody uses it to offer them such services. Much the same old dilemma of course with people wanting to make use of my aesthetics even when they are not in the same Industry and the Media whose responsibility it is not must always be the most useful accomplice no matter what information I have placed in public about it, to a point where they are now handling my work personally for that purpose and at the same time pretending that none of it will carry consequences that will matter because I dare not go up against them with a big mouth and it is therefore what we shall explore on both side as well.

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