Now the story of the American Administration and its obsession with wrecking my finances in order to give the common people a chance to be superior or equal is not one that happens to continue as much of a problem as it is given time for; such things are unlikely to annoy me, what is likely to is the idea that a human being and in this case me can be made out by others to be such a scapegoat and then levied all the problems they have ever had in order to reward to unprecedented levels not only their stupidities and thought patterns but also to send a message they can do anything they like as well, this is what is likely to make me act. Hence the idea therefore is that they can inflict pain and cause distress and suffering without any problems whatsoever because the British Royal Family was involved in slavery and slave trade and it is entirely wrong when reality is considered because we have never really assumed idiots like these will run out of excuses I mean Hitler did better and we came through anyway – compare somebody who got millions to follow him to the death over how the superior race has blond hair and blue eyes which he himself never had on one hand with another who thinks he has me on an alter to sacrifice for the equality that those who have suffered from slavery and slave trade with have with royalty and I think Hitler did better than he has in every way imaginable. The delusion is always largely that my prime concern is that of those who do not attend church or do moral things because they are a fundamental threat to the health and safety of other people and love to cover their tracks with the idea that what they do, if hurtful to people is likely to be done by mature consent, however which we all know as it stands that it is better to take advantage of the black man who protects himself from racism than to do the right thing in order to turn out to pretend to be famous and live gay decadent and insolently lazy lifestyles on the assumption everybody that it costs is likely to tolerate it as well. This is not my Prime concern, my prime concern is the Politicians and their criminal damage they love to do to my property because it is too much work to get them into the Law Court for it and the things they do to ensure I will lose all I have and it will be collected for the Common people who will then use it to be equals with royals and end their inferiority; as it stands there isn’t a war going on but areas of Natural beauty around the world are ripped up for profit with America at the helm, wild life parks which are lands that already have their economic purpose are being ‘explored for crude oil’ with America at the helm and all these are things that likely lead to a process where they one moment shut all their Embassies around the world because of Al-Qaida and the next speak of a Prince from the UK they will sacrifice to end the inferiority of the common people all at the same time – not a people you can ever stop hitting once you start obviously. Most of all is the assumption that gets all over the place that I like them when in actual fact freedom and democracy means the process and right to steal from a targeted victim without any problems and for the politicians they will destroy what does not belong to them and ensure the feeling of it is on the left to do things with which they can then shut down if they want or the owner does not like it and I for my part do not necessarily need all those information from them endlessly that they are thieves and there is nothing I can do about what they want to do when they know I am a Christian and such things are violent, so when they express it over my work it is never clear where they deduce the assumption I like them very much or am afraid of them or anything of that sort. You do take a look at their wake and wonder if it was just greed, no war or conflict for all that carnage, just greed; these are not a group of idiots you can tolerate very easily. It was bound to happen anyway, all those years of a kind of success that has no respect for the need of the fathers and their unfathomable stupidity to move into peoples right hand and have fraternity of Country and so on, all that plebe money that tends to suggest others have lost their social class at the same time, along with a very keen sense for committing crimes of genocide with a big mouth that others who have what they do not need to be afraid of. I have had enough of them and they need to stay off my books and stay off the Industries, not pretend they do not understand. Yes of course its a slavery and slave trade issue anyway, the fucking idiots are convinced all these years have paid off and they are there but it is just beginning.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland