It is naturally fair to assume that whenever there are claims made of how I encourage certain activities against women, not only are they confident they can have me beaten by men of their own, they have also worked it all out, like racists plan to steal and set some other inferior race out as the target for accusations and blame culture in order to run a campaign. It is entirely fastidious for any fools of these kind to assume I will get off my head and start doing something about female thieves and female criminals, no, they never listen and are sooner or later you mother as well and their insults can only be fixed as a problem in one way, bearing in mind I have already set out and allowed the consortium to run wild and be out causing as much trouble as the fame freaks that are their stupid children as there can possibly be in this world; I mean that was in itself born out of a case of I used your work for my business and I am sorry for any harm caused – unless it is their stupid children therefore women should not be sorry to kids like me when they do the offence. Hence I simply see this idea of getting me to punish them like I do everybody else according to them as a continuation of their wickedness and evil and their insults are a real problem that cannot possibly be handled in that way, especially the blacks.

I mean the idea that people are consumers and need to rally together to stop any means I may have of oppressing them while they carry on is entirely misplaced as well, the truth is that there is nothing they can do about me; it can easily play over the matter of their family and that old story of how I have to find other cowardly ways of dealing with them and therefore cannot actually protect myself from all of them at the same time and I have experimented and gained result prognosis on the fact that there is a tool that can apply with respect to the men in the morning before they go to work or indeed apply at any time on grounds they have jobs and need to be thinking about and dealing with difficult issues by the way side just to exist on account they must continue the jobs and be subordinate to their bosses and for the women it can be a night time thing when it will always be a battle to see who gets to sleep and who does not and more so over sex and for the children, those I can do as I go along anyway, so they can be distracted onto penury. They never listen and are incredibly destructive especially black people and so therefore make up those insolent excuses all the time and cannot possibly keep their dirty mouths where it belongs – hence consumer is King and that must play out in a way that involves oppressing me with a big mouth and now it turns out they need to rally together with consumer power in order to ensure I don’t oppress them as well and it is completely ridiculous too. I mean my head hurts and my chest hurts and every part of my body hurts because they clearly do not have bodies of their own to attack all the time and not that I say I am innocent in the matter either I am not but the problem is still the same old one i.e. they are thieves and robbers and only I know that and there is nothing I can do about it when they appear on media and when they cannot keep their hands off my income every single day – hence nothing matters, it does not matter, only what they want matters with a big mouth, hence nobody knows which part of how they need to do it while I hold down the bad guys they fail to understand to a point where they think they can rally together against me as consumers; I mean they have been best friends of my income that I cannot control for 12 years now and at this stage think I am bluffing when I say they need to stay off my books and stay off the Industries. The crimes were never going to be overlooked on account I wanted to be famous like everybody else anyway and I suggest they leave me alone and get legitimate jobs, especially for the blacks and for the Americans, so it does not blow up in their faces, like it does for back stage media idiots in the UK who are now best friends with the Heir to the British Throne in their view; they never listen and I can never find any of my property the way I left it at any stage or point whatsoever and it is their need to make money and their legs located at the Industries all the time that is responsible for it; this is not some new thing I am trying to archive here, so I have no idea what they mean by consumer power over me – they are thieves and have heard me tell them I am fed up being educated by them about their crimes with that stupid media as well and cannot understand why they would suppose such a message was never clear enough but I should guess in any case that they leave this matter out of their civil rights complains and never ending media complains on every occasion, this is simply the one that involves me and this Company.

So reality bite is that everybody knows the biggest problem I have and the reason I live in penury is that they are finding fake work all over the place that is linked to my earnings in order to spend it, have a job currently and will never let me get one of my own and plan to use that job to get more money thereof which is why they are always seen around industry communities, so it makes no sense when I say they need to get off my books and get off the Industries and they say they need to rally together and defend themselves against me with their consumer power – nothing matters only what they want and yet they know I have an office split between church and state and for that hate my guts but are seen around my property every single second along with their media too. As I have mentioned, last we checked they said they were friends with the Heir to The British Throne and I was definitely blown away too. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter; it is a matter of pride for me the means to managing their stupid lives for them and so if that culture is good enough to see people lose their lives, it is good enough to make them money and they do not need my income or need to touch anything of mine in any way whatsoever even as a derivative or a contrived negative market equity that is iron clad because it is designed to suit some stupid self improvement about which they never listen either and have enlisted the help of governments on realising I am easily a threat to National economies if they are involved instead. This is what it is about; take the culture, get out there, get a proper job and make money with it either way, so those who share it with them can kill them as well. I mean that culture builds up and builds up and nobody uses it for anything but it is those who ask nothing of it that it loves to attack and cause a lot of distress and suffering as well; I am the genius whose ideas were their own because the cultures continues to exist as something which shows they are on the precipice of something important and hence can lay claims to anything they want but this is not the worst that can happen because despite all the culture build up it is still never enough, there are other smaller sub ones designed specifically for specific individuals like me and are meant to kill me for having something they don’t and that is why they need to spend it for me as I have had enough of them as well, far from innocent in the matter.

Now I know people say my big problem is that my books do not apply to the popular mind that wants to buy it but of course we all know that involvement of corruption for everything I do has resulted in a condition where they can do media to isolate me from the upper classes where we have people that will want my books, buy them or even help me sell them and so do they know I have no liking for the scandalous and insolently abusive publicity they replace my fame with on a daily basis but the part that gets it going all together is the bit where their politicians wreck the finances of the guy who got a royal commission ex parte at 21 and have kept it that way for the best part of the last 12 years in order to push forward their stupid children and cause me a lot of distress that leads to an end where their stupid children are superior. It is not important to me that the books therefore apply to the popular mind and there is no way I will ignore the crimes against the property itself because I would have liked to be as a famous as those who have abused it have become or are. The reality of course is that all those things they do which constitutes transferred violence and blame is a function not just of the fact they are thieves but also of the fact they plan it through organisations where they teach themselves how to be successful and how to dominate and for that and the need to apply the teachings of their organisations on me because they have marked me out to make it effective on for their stupid children to grow, then they need to attack such things as the fact I attend church which is an organisation of my own and that I believe in God etc and therefore get around using my Godly personality for anything they want which I have warned them will lead to their deaths before they had decided they wanted to stop it too. That they name it civil rights is one of those things that blow your mind but they interpret as a sign you have come into contact with a power that is greater than your own and that abuse in itself comes from a process of getting involved with those who have dedicated their lives to God for example so everything they especially when they have public media personalities means they are in turn marked by the things they get involved with which gives those people an alternative publicity that helps to recover anything that has been stolen from them but the reason it has become a huge problem between them and myself is because they are not content with living their lives as it is and regularly ask me to allow them dominate me and get violent at it as well if I refuse i.e. leave me alone and get lost creates a process where they exist separate from me but that gap they breach especially for their women talking nonsense about sex with absolutely anybody they want to, by asking to dominate me in a condition where I cannot dominate them as well because I would never dare. I have and enough of them too and they need to get off my books and get off the Industries and sell the cultures for money or I will sell it for them and that would not be the first occasion either, the first was over being marked by getting involved with me at all when they know I attend Church and they don’t because I have something they don’t and life itself is about them with a big mouth.  

All these things are created by back stage media bullies that no longer indulge themselves paedophilia because the police have access to everything and it is their continued complicity with the access those idiots have to my personal life that constitutes their biggest problem in a person way on my part; these idiots on the other hand always know how to invent things that must be done and bully me with ideas they think I should do it and I have only one policy i.e. I am best friend of their livelihoods as well and they can do it while I hold down the bad guy – for years now these problem laden fools and their society have therefore not found an alternative way of living and making money outside of this and therefore deserve everything they get as well, especially because it means I cannot even ignore these fools and that is what they need in order to explore my personality and wreck my finances to keep it going in order to get rich and famous.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland