A typical example of what I mean is a process where on an occasion National broadcasting News time at 9.30 am is dedicated by certain idiots to news about surveys which show that when made to believe we have less money we tend to spend less and that there are people out there who have money but need a little persuading. I mean you know you will have to put up with their Celebrated idiots for the rest of the day but they still cannot do you curtsey of reporting News and current affairs without making you feel you want to set up an office in their society and run a business that makes profit by exasperating them, so that you might become the best friend of the Authorities and the biggest problem that society and freedom is faced with. Much like we face on social networking sites where people cannot possibly set up a business to advertise for the purpose of deferred time, which will have created followers for them that they can pass to others in the business of being a social networking advertisement business operator because it is rather easy to have Celebrated idiots and fake fans and they normally think they should try and have a conversation with absolutely anybody they want to invent a conversation to have with because they do not see themselves as a problem and that their media gets on my nerves by the Hour and for some years now as well.

Now there is the story of the problem with royals but of course as far as I am aware there is none such problem, only things people do because they want a reaction from me which I should not actually give, however I have decided to mention the matter here because I have run out at this particular point of other important matters to deal with and the reality of that is that some Ones wish to pass off the fact they are royals as a means of making money and the result of that is setting off a Monarchy that manages itself by means of a limit to intrusive familiarity through the display of personal pleasure, very well of course but the problem is that they are so insignificant that such a thing then works out for them as a means of self harming and then they are after me because I run all my affairs in an ethical way in the first place. It’s the same story we have to deal with where the Princess of York plays around with my Royal Estate and some stupid American turns up to show off his money and get married to her with it, when he can always marry her with his own stuff instead of all that media vandalism of my property they really like in American, hence it appears I will have been required to speak of what is new thereof by these fools. I can only say they need to stay off my Office and my books and keep the insults of their fuck mates at bay so it does not blow up in their faces, that people want to discuss problems royals make with me should have suggested I have something to lose to it but that is not the reality at all. The results of the actions of their fuck mates however we await, the abusive insults they claim has come to mean power and bullying and intimidation, we await the party life and the clubbing life and the shooting and the stabbing etc. The part where I sleep with peoples wives is very well known, after all it’s a matter of the Count of white people that wake up every day to deal with such claims which then affects their business and whether or not their customers can be served, the days of talking about the questions of why it happens are long gone and I am yet to dish out punishment that is equal to the destruction done here. I know they say I give indications I want to sleep with peoples wives all the time but of course the truth is that of being able to protect journalists affiliated to me and cut them off right down to their fantasies.

Of course talk of how I am scared of royals being the reason I am still alive and safe is utter nonsense; the reality is that I let it get out of hand because I need to get somewhere to get my work done for the most part and so it becomes the biggest problem I have got which is then based on other peoples refusal to be reasonable. Hence the general idea is that for example of saying some condition might be distressing for members of the Royal family but in actual fact is not in any way since they live in absolute opulence. Hence these goons will generally turn up and get out of hand all the time and then suddenly make it all out to mean something else entirely all together and of course we all know the Monarchy will not be around to help them if they kick off a fight either – I mean if they get connected with the right people they do not have to do a day’s job for their entire lives but for me there is some hate involved because of how I behave and they will never have been the first nor will they be the last since my duties to the Crown are divided only into Church and State services, hence they know where they should be connected and do know how they feel about me was entirely expected too and I am not at the mercy of anything whatsoever, especially for the black ones. I do not believe it to be a major crisis either; the first occasion was the part about the fact they know where weed smokers and drug pipers live and so therefore want to see what my guts look like all the time having a go at me – for that we ended up where we are today and they complain all the time I do things which ensure Americans can then turn up to tell them how to run their affairs but before then I had dared not provoked them by existing and at the least their mercy thereof do anything which may in anyway have suggested that there is an affront to the existence of Politics; since then of which it has been a case of me v Politics and I am certain I would get a good appraisal for it as well the way I have ploughed that route. The having a go at me part is rather simplest because it does not prevent me from going to an office to do a job but is determined to get attention and wealth out of me by being all over my finances and so the first occasion for that was to get rid of everything that supports the activities of daddy’s spoiled little girl on a global stage and this is going to get a lot worse provided they do not save their insults and keep their tongues where they belong and of course if they want can bring those stupid boys along too; I can only be helpful about people staying off my public work and my office and my books. I am here to stay and what I have done is here permanently as well and this is not their own lives. Of course we hear they have secret service operatives all the time but I do wonder what they suppose this thing I have done to them that is here to stay is all about anyway, perhaps creating something I can whisper behind their backs that my own media friends can run with in order to achieve a process of oppressing them and then following it up with a process of setting out daddy’s spoiled girl especially when black as the template for things I want to confiscate on the left hand side which her bullying gives me ideas for endlessly, maybe it does not sound like a grand plan yet as it were or that it is something temporary. However it is important they remember the triangle of secret service idiots that are media connected and media that are secret service idiots connected and the Community croons had been a problem before and after I wrote my books and I want them off the sales as there is really no way of deciding they are damaged and there is a bin where I can get rid of them, it’s a country not a club and this idea of secret service idiots that will collect things for them must be the stirring lots of the hornet’s nest in practice because they are aware that boys have been asking me to allow them mobilise in this country for some time now, it is important that they do shut it. I mean they think they have done it all in the Middle East, they imagine they have gained some kind of experience but they are far from finished as it were it is important to note. Evidence of what they are up to will include such things as the fact Assad has been President of Syria for years but because they have seen us try to get on, there must be civil war in Syria that they get on media to blast off their stupidities about all the time and for me it has reached a stage where sanity will be the shut down things that mean daddy spoiled little girls get up to all sorts and make the media shut it because there is a war going on in the middle east.

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