There is much mockery and abuse about work at The Hermitage Company which needs to be cleared up of course - to make this clear straight I should draw a disparity between those who have committed themselves to violence for a cause and hence find it easy to tolerate moderate villains because whether or not they must hurt others is a cleat decision for them and those who have not and therefore speak of futures, plans and inspiration stolen. Beyond this apart from my only problem of insulting women, it is easy to see everything here is all copyrighted Creative and Creativity Equity Property and Property Systems.

It is rather impossible - truth be settled, that people are not interested in Books written by a half Priest Government Pundit who has holdings at Industry - the alternative meanings and reasons those who support these women create into One's work are the Liability in question and so are all who support it. They are here around Company Operations because of a service they perform for those who created the economic crisis despite a history they have of damaging other people’s business already and the money they have of which is never enough too, nor is their media hugging and advertisement based abuses, they say they perform those services because they are getting connected and are here because we already have a history where they are not wanted, so they are here because they want a new capacity as customers, which again are not wanted as it were: it is never true thereof that I am judgmental of the extreme fanaticism of my Customers and Fans, right up to when they are whole Governments.

It is never really my intention that people take seriously what I have done as the purpose of doing them is a job that has already been finished and is therefore solely my concern: the reality is the same old case of Businesses and Industries taking advantage of me so when I settle that some busy bodies do their share as well and when I settle that Politicians have a go and when I am done with that the Communities too and then when I am done with that the Media and then the Businesses and Industries are back again - when finished they claim when they make Twitter handles for their company I presume it exists so I can control them which builds up the question of who started it alongside the twin question of who the hell are you concerning all the other idiots involved. The reality remains as ever that I have had all of them under control at this stage and that is why I don't like it when people make a case about my work looking for trouble as once they are done they are solely about me as it were - hence it really does come back down to the issue of those who think that my mind should be thinking about getting to the Office to write books that serve their purposes and not write books that serve those who buy them and I guess they have heard me mention as well that another occasion of seeing them anywhere near my book sales will lead to an outcome where they put their money where their mouth is as well: people behave in such ways for two reasons only and one of them is that they have got a culture with which to apply pressure on others in order to acquire their attention no matter how they would have behaved otherwise and the other is that a personage like myself will very likely respond to somebody saying something about revolution and these are the two things I have broken before and will again and probably them along with it too as it were because they continue to find people on whom to apply the amount of pressure they do me since it is completely useless an activity to respond to any of it and hence emerging each time another eventuality by which people can trample all over my feelings in order to get involved with others as a result of that over bloated sense of their importance.

So where we stand is where we stand and in terms of the socialists it is an old story of hounding me over how much larger than my portion relative to my size I have been taking and this is when they are communicating of course, the part where they do not is more concerned with deploying public funds and National media to wreck my finances because they are making a figure of beauty they can abuse and extract good feelings and beauty from for all sorts of purposes including fame and fortune and sex; so I am not bluffing and at the end of the day we do hear them speak of how the only business any person should have with a company is a process where they are customers which is very rich coming from the fucking idiots as it were, considering their Politicians are by the way also the fools that will go off to anywhere they like in Africa to find my parents that will make me behave how they want, while the shopkeepers and bankers with their laziness continue to think it makes perfect sense to believe I am responsible for the activities of black people who really do love to stalk me around places where I shop in order to cause lots of trouble and find somebody they can supplant. I really despise it like I do all of their abuses when they turn out on media to spend time ripping my yarns over work I have done on my own company which amounts to a process where they are paying me a complement: The Books are what matters and not the Company.

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