The threats are good but in my view itís a self-promotional stunt put together by a collection of goons who want promotion they have never earned and I am not sure they are prepared even to deal with it as a conversation while I have to deal with all those stupid threats and whether I will likely get into trouble with their families story that comes with it; all I can say is that when I do tear up the party itself all together, I suppose the outcome will be first of that they will catch me and then after that they will do all kinds of things to me as well. People do ask if I am aware the Labour Party is linked to Russia these days and I am aware of it, the old case of what exactly their business with an Arch Prince's Office really is, why they cannot keep off it, their foolish Children running around with a disobedience and a greed and a need to handle other peopleís insultingly and violently a tribalism they have no money to support and who will likely build the stability that they are complaining is non-existent when their main preoccupation is still the Office of a Royal Personage. I do get told the main problem is that I need to get rid of the sexual habit and I have no sexual habit; itís the rock bottom that hits a single Man when things are not getting done, only becomes a habit when he remains single while the situation persists for too long and I do not see how insults and threats while people make good their disobedience that lets them make money by bulling me from the Labour party will likely resolve the problem; it is the reason I think the main problem we have in this Country are the things people can handle to secure fame which really should be a lottery lest people are unable to select and experience the best talents. This feeds into the other facts that I spend too much time with women while what I do with women is a well calculated plan to ensure that if I have a Royal wedding coming up, I can avoid inviting any abusive black people and invite people I have met on the internet and Television instead, so as to ensure I do not have to deal with any more of this nonsense without losing a grip on the Office and yes they do claim I am lowest of the low but sometimes the greatest do those things that may suggest they are, like when I watch Pornography and then make a statement that I did while I kept a Royal Office at the same time and others cannot do it as well. The point is that I am in a relationship with the Daughter of the Duke of York and have been for over a decade, all I do is designed to ensure I am able to serve Her and Her Family as most we see her do is designed to serve me, not least when people complain about the consequences of intellectual property breaches but I will not have a relationship when these financial matters persist on account these practical jokes around my Books do not seem to abate no matter what and so those responsible will not be free of wrath as well.

They say self-service is really the name of my game and power is also the name of their game, difference is that they have no evidence for self-service while I have the fact itís about pillaging my finances and building me a reputation for being a hate figure while showing no regard for HM decisions at the Monarchy, likewise for the Politicians a matter of wrecking the lives of young people and then I suddenly get blamed for things that have nothing whatsoever to do with me after the stupid are helped to be financially successful creating problems for everybody else. They do say I should be a little worried and I do not think so anyway; itís all got only to do with society idiots teaching me lessons and nothing to do with me all together and I have put up with enough nonsense from their Muslim friends who show up here to dream of me putting my body between everybody else and some racism and gang problems, starting one and finding a way to get to high authority and play the games they are really good at playing for their cowardice and need to unite under their fear for it too, which secrets they are actually not paying me to keep all together, even though they are really keen on blabbing somebody else wanting my Estate all the time with no recent plans to pay attention to the Media jobs that get to their heads; I do get told not to throw it out with the Bath water so to speak but I am already aware not to do so anyway - old story of suddenly being surrounded by Criminals because Politicians build me a reputation to that effect and then being loved with security services providers, Community support Police Officers and Plain Clothes Police Officers, which again I must mention here lest I risk peopleís lives and more importantly lest I risk mine - lots of very abusive insults, lots of inspiration and channels for distant abuse granted sex workers, lots of criminal children loving communities sharing my personal space and an assumption made that my relationship with the Princess of York may be terminated by those who had failed to perform their own duties.

They always say that I am completely overwhelmed by these things, which is utter nonsense; itís just Media power, with the ones on the right blabbing all the time of how I do not want to get into a fight with them while the ones on the left cannot let go the insults all together but at the end of the day; first it was a matter of persecuting me with very violent perversions because I attended Church and then it progressed to pushing me out of my academics in 2008, since then, it has not been good enough for them if I got a Factory work or a security guard job and of course my Books just happen to be something they cling to because they do not like how they are unable to take advantage of it with civil rights movements, Media and cosmetic freedom, so we are now in 2018, with them following me around to do it everywhere I go, while at the same time telling people not to inform me of what is going on lest I come up with sweet tongue arguments that dispute their foolish superiority Ė perfectly fine to spend even the time of the whole world doing that and not okay if you say something bad about Nelson Mandela - no idea who does these sorts of things or what it is exactly they are complaining about if it is so pleasurable, if they are unable to be real girls when they are not doing it (so between 2001 and 2003 I was persecuted with incredible nastiness, after being stuck with matters that was going to make me into a goat that carried everybody's burden for stepping into Church, bearing in mind they sooner had complained about my inability to stand their civil rights movements for it as well, I was then set out as a Man that would be homosexual so Women might be powerful and we see that they have to do it otherwise they cannot be real girls or real women. So, between 2004 and 2008 was when they could not stop following me around at the University of Greenwich with it until I dropped out and itís been 10 years since that on Today's year date. I am not in any way overwhelmed by it, these are just idiots that simply cannot keep themselves and hands off other people, stupid Media power and itís going to carry until it ends really well, then we will find out what alternatives there are to showing up at Church if you turned up in a modern Country such as the UK. Itís meant to be racist obviously if I set out the part where I am stuck with their deviance everyday each time I want to spend time with my Church activities but they wish to make use of my need to have a job or sell some Books to ensure I am concerned with my good looks instead and I remember this sort of distraction being the practical joke that made me so angry I ended up dropping out of University - so it becomes clear it will complain again if it tells me how to exist lest it is provoked into going off to stir up some racism for everybody; so I should be clear when I tidy up and re-engage with my academics and it shows up again, its stupidities about how I think women expect a certain behaviour but what happens behind closed doors about which I cannot decide what happens with my tummy and am always sore all over because they are having a laugh will blow up in their stupid faces.

The others on the left who are really good at getting in on the act will say I am not handling it without making trouble for other people but we see them, same size and the girl friend, show up on my concerns all the time with media to do unfair things and select people in their lives as though they were preserving their Genes and then they tell me I should have sorted it out if I am so wise but we all know what I am to sort out is a process where Politicians give them money and help them to media to communicate what is actually incredible stupidities to the Public on it, then make sense of themselves by issuing accusations my direction, later on which the Politicians will complain and claim the problem is too much for them and yet if my Books get anywhere near Parliament the sales get worse; I mean anybody can actually explain should I ask, why I would be attacked by people who think they need to make a statement out of me because Law enforcement thinks it has the right to discipline members of their Families, anybody can explain why Politicians want to see them chase me about at academic institutions.).Itís always been the reason people hated me i.e. every time I have some huge unusual blessing from my Church activities, I suddenly find myself in a place where I am being rounded up by women and the outcome is that I will be a goat, when I try to find out what they want to use the goat for, the purpose was being stuck at all angles with the difficult aspects of their lives, then take their problems away with me and make it magically go away, so when I accept I am a goat to them after all and accept problems placed on me after all, I cannot move on because they decide my life is not my own; I get a Royal Commission from The Queen of England and it gets worse and worse and worse and worse and worse, while they get bolder and bolder and then the Men want to get involved with me for the sake of getting involved as well but had started their own off with a case where they wish to find out who is the best Man aesthetically and therefore more deserving of the attention I get from women and it got worse and worse and more and more abusive from then on as well; so I am now in a place where talk of me being homosexual will not help anybody - we are about to see what with the women think I can never be by myself and how the Men will get involved if my Finances are not looking the way they found it. Itís like when they say I need to avoid those complications with peoples women but I do not need to avoid anything; Men are too fond of picking up women and saying everything that happened in their lives past belongs to the new Man - so a Socialite has always had this arrangement with Me - where my Office has to have a Bed and a television and the necessary Office Equipment and she works the Bed bits only and we had done well long before she got married but after marriage there now has to be an issue with what the Children think of their famous mothers when they want to do something around their personal prestige because their Mothers are Celebrities and the outcome especially for those who wear my face for their Celebrity careers becomes that I have to explain myself, becomes that they will be broken by breaking up our Court and of course I do give it time since it was calculable that those who come into the lives of those in my life are always likely to hurt me but sometimes it goes too far; socialite plays with the Bed Chamber of a Hermit and he can no longer sell his Books but he is not the one complaining. I do get told that I hurt myself with all these things unnecessarily but the truth of course is rather that my whole life was never about the problems of Liberal people, which is something they do because they have Media to play with, save if I shut down the Media and wait for the complaints as there is usually a perfectly logical explanation for every occasion we hear them say people are unreasonable. If I said I had a Court and was friendly not sexual, I would have satisfied a lot of people but never able to tell which is fucking with me - like it is said the UK is losing its Diplomatic skills while what is really happening is people engaging in a Global Campaign to open the population up to Matrimonial violence, which means that British Diplomats are doing exactly what they are supposed to - fighting back..

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