The idea I would exist if there were no people to nudge me from behind into the things I do is almost blasphemous because the purpose was to detach me from the ministration of the Holy Spirit and therefore kill of that thing they claimed got into their eyes each time they went about their wickedness in the City of London and the UK. The reason they thought this was the best way out was of course because the Crown did not allow them to murder me.

However if we must take the idea I am nudged into everything I do in its own merit then that is something else all together i.e. the fact I cannot remember being nudged into anything; they have simply spent so much time around my work that it has influenced such a vast area of their thought, it is impossible for them to substantiate such a claim. However when it comes to their community people; I love to tease those and stretch them temperaments and pull their legs as well, in order to open them up to the witchcraft, especially when I move around and I particular in the vein of doing such things love the ramifications of getting up to work late into the night. The part where they get to tell me the reason they should be doing it while I should not by banging the doors of their stupid cars at me is the one that will eventually end very well too as it were; I mean they are to do it while I am not because they are the almighty community idiots and their temper is the biggest in the world and they can never shut up.

The part that creates real issues has more to do with a process where they push things I have planned to do in weeks or months into immediate effect and so the work load in those kinds of circumstances are unbelievable. There are thus no upheavals like the Political side claim there are, the big problem is that I am on some kind of expedition to extricate the highest possible levels of comfort imaginable. I know that this comfort issue is the biggest problem because I practice it as well as exercise and of course do so often there is now no love lost and I will be told I say such things to cover up my failures which may be but all I know is the truth, which is that it is impossible to hold together a Working Court occupied by female journalists, while at the same time pulling the legs and temperaments of evil community people, unless and only if every rule in the Bible is being adhered to and obeyed. The working Court knew that too years ago when it first began and during that time was the behaviour issues they had created that people want it all to be known for today hence the noise making all over the place; the behaviour issues which were as a function of seeing that I could so easily become celibate.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland