I am said to be oblivious to the fact that the middle class is fighting me, but I am not necessarily, it is an old story where it gets up at a certain stage to say that it had a community in terms of what people perceived to be a problem that had to be solved. I mean it has been impossible to sit in a single place for 3 hours being as introverted as I am, since we met at university, so I am oblivious to the fact they were responsible, no, what I need is a new Office Chair. At which point it would be ascertained that I now spent my time devising the next thing I will do to attack the Middle Class, which is utter nonsense as my main concern is more a matter of those instances where Politicians met in the secret communities and there were rogue characters that got involved because Politicians engaged in overseas development, when they are not trying to work with big businesses to get jobs into the UK Market, this rouge characters were the masters of narcissism, full of ideas on what will be done with the grime of society. So it is not clear what the other fools who run people down all day and create people local neighbourhood reputation that ensure people can grab careers of characters their narcissism had set out as low lives such as myself while complaining about that stupid career crime civil rights not being availed to dominate me around here, right up to parliament, want people to think that they were illiterates but we see the relentlessness of their stupidities show they had nothing to lose and would say they had a community and not a problem that others should be solving as well. should I get it under control, for some reason Celebrities were involved and will wreck my career and finances, make a mess that will ensure I was probably a person in a can to be consumed or a human being that was dumped, then shows up here to ensure I am as fucked up as their famous stupidities were each time their scummy lifestyle practiced narcissism on them as well. I do get told these so-called narcissists I referred to have a point and yes they did, the question here is whether as claimed, I spent a lot of my time working out the next ways I wish to attack the abusive middle class, instead of matters of public stability such as this, as attached to my duties of Office. They speak of this situation I have ended up in which is largely a product of useless German influence youth that only make sense of their situation when it should have picked up camping equipment to go out for camping but is doing so to shoot brains and have its own brain shot as well because they had talent to play with ageists they have their purposes naturally but it is the need to cling to my earnings and challenge my position that will get them into trouble around here all together, since in terms of making the most from challenging my position, clinging to my earnings conveniently did not add up. They have their purposes in terms of the fact that we all share a fear that if we took leave of monarchic roles, the results will breed consequences that had to be resolved as a matter of National interest and the question thereafter was the extent to which those consequences were resolved in such a manner, the absolute worst therefore being instances where the Monarch catches one out taking leave of duties, hence it is usually better to ignore goons like this but it needs to lay off my finances in terms of which its gimmicks were counterproductive two outcomes are usually the consequences of people negating their Royal duties and both are usually beyond the control of the subject; one being that a person tended to show his ignorance of the fact that the Queen would have performed that duty herself if she had the time, the other being that they reveal the fact they are not working their Offices by the Queens authority but by their own.

They do then come on to say that I failed to accept that I needed a bit of a push to get on, which is utter rubbish as the problem is a two part story that I am a coward but what is really happening involved a bunch of idiots who show up here to get on my nerves and wreck the career and social life, over the fact another group of fools wanted to extol themselves in the eyes of the public with it. It will not therefore take the risk of attacking me so I had something useful to tell the Police if I responded but will continue to take full advantage of what the scum on media did to run me down and maintain any existing personal life and career damage every day, half the problem considering it now hates my guts and has a conversation of its stupid local popularity social life to reflect the fact, except another group of fools were always stirring up the issue as disrespectfully as possible. So the point is that when they raise the coward issue, ought to stick to the subject as they possess no legal rights to shower me with insolence like we see them do all the time. The other part of it was that this was a product of the Prince of Wales befriending local gold diggers at my expense and running my life with social systems criminals built for criminal activity, according to what we know, he does to express the fact he did not like me but at the same time he loves my property which means that my exits were being blocked off. It is not a problem as such; the community croons are always running me down to get rich fast and those insults and abuses are said to be a product of poverty and destitution, until it is converted from running me down to ensure people can grab my career at will, to the idea that it would make sense if people stabbed me on the street etc, linked up to what connections the famous idiots had at City centre underbellies where people sold them groceries, picking up my assets to make entertainment and leaving me this mess to shoot off the big mouth in public about how important their stupidities got so if I provided it with a response, it would have to go beyond the business of spending the social lives and public image of the scum who stir up the issues mentioned above, into something more physical. The same situation applies to the popularity gits who tended to see me without my clothes on and were constantly engaged in working a form of narcissism they built up and got accustomed to as a community, to operate something of a fantasy people felt when they were in a distant relationship, that concerned their fingers getting up my bum all the time and we know they claim they do not want a physical response on my part, while another version of me continued to engage in activities that made a mess of the fact I spent most of my time writing Books for a living, killing my finances, their bum fingering, killing my health. Then there were the stupid television personalities whose relentless public engagement stupidities channelled at me, was more a matter of running me down with quasi criminals that will distract me to such an extent that an atmosphere would exist as per a career I should spend time on which I did not, and so they could pick it up as their own method of making money, reasons being that they were so important that they deserved to have a crowd work me and ensure that they were the ones to write the Books I have published for a living. I have provided these details as examples of lists that I will need to draw up to be something other than what I am, on account I needed to put a stop to their stupidities showing up here, by considering each wickedness according to what it does and how I can respond and just a blind way of saying it is mad people looking for an incident each time they tackled me, if I wanted to shut them up properly but then again it is still a point of fascination that human beings could be this stupid. They even suggest it is a matter of selfishness on my account, the same claims f selfishness that got their gimmicks showing up to run me down until I dropped out of University, the abusive nonsense having never stopped while they never had to become more giving with their new found courage as such, never mind looking the part now that their stupidities had become more important; it is not selfishness, it is evil, there is no prospect of me looking after myself well enough to extend an assistance towards another person, while the point of their perverted interest in me was that it was absolutely necessary that I did. The others who keep blabbing where I am supposed to be have simply not yet learned that although they have been able to predict everything, I am capable of, have failed to observe that their celebrity madness and popularity stupidities is as low as it gets, needs to get lower or keep its mouth shut, hopefully does not make it violent as well.

I mean technically there is really no problem here at all for all it is worth; the system works in a certain way and that usually involved a process of extoling the violent, abusive and criminal, as people who were tough and agreed to do tough things but I have now lost everything because the system shows up here everyday to work like it normally does, a version of me that does not operate in agreement with the fact the real me is a writer and does what Celebrities and Media wants, like a bunch of idiots who could only make sense of extreme violence. It even goes all the way to the idea that the work I am given is very stressful and the only source of all this deadly stress, was famous idiots soaking my personal and social life in matters associated with the prison services and the work that the Police were doing, to ensure that I felt their stupidities well enough to exist a state of mind that allowed them to finger my bum all day, then unleash some stupid hoodlums on my personal space and got off working it on public media, while its prostitutes did on the social the fun bit for the time being apparently.

I. Uno I

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