There is now this case from Politicians especially about how people should avoid getting me out of my current predicament as it is created entirely from a process whereby I am a trouble maker and I could never make it out anyway; I am not facing any predicament, certainly not facing one due to being a trouble maker or one that they have inflicted on me either. What is happening is rather a business of my own impetuousness creating this outcome where they have spent their time obsessing about what my Public image and personal space would do for them to make them rich, shooting up my anxiety levels, building up communities to help continue with it which is getting bigger and bigger, issue threats and laugh about the outcomes, making a case of my body type that does not predispose me to being cracked by social issues, while having a problem with my income margins as soon as I wrote a Book they can buy and read instead of tackle me in such ways, which are linked to the idea when I see them at a distance I think I can beat them up but really cannot when I meet them which is not an unusual form of bullying to be practiced by their insanity and that of their media but the part where I hurt myself on the loo happened when I was young and thought it was entirely up to me most of the time, however if they look like they want to get into my personal space to shoot up my anxiety levels and cause my internal injuries to give off an odour which allows them to make an announcement about it, then I should begin to get my life organised by blaming them for it too. Some people do say that I cannot entirely detach them from it, but so can I not entirely detach the fact if I blame myself I will then be forced to pay more attention to my body from it too.

The predicament that was caused by being a bad person of course has more to do with Politicians showing up here to spend tax payer funds on goons with an adage while pointing fingers at my personal space and personality blabbing of what it can be used for to make quick and easy money, wrecking my academic work and finances to keep it going; the idiots have always assumed that they will stop doing it at their own time and then return to parliamentary work without any problems whatsoever and this has turned out not to be the case. Same as the Media who have played a part in the matter but more recently joined up with Celebrities who love to support useless goons who spent their youth on useless existences, only to get a job for a short period of time and invest the money at companies to secure pensions and retirement, having been that these goons have clashed with me over what I can be used for since I will not be taken advantage of as it were and they have realised that it is the beginning of the end if they do not fight tooth and nail to change realities about what does not belong to them in the first place they always say that their money will never run out but for me the business of selling Books and having a life is fast becoming simply just the process of tackling their income margins while tackling anything that shows up with a busy body opportunism to help them keep the insults and abuses going: so it happens the most on the radio waves, where we find them pass those insults at me that gets the shares going up and up and up and then just when it looked as though the anxiety levels inflicted is going to cause my chest to explode basically, we find them start to think it is amusing, then they have wives and young people that show up to tackle me because I may want to carry through some public place activities of my own to keep the shares down and down and down too and this adds up to the busy body opportunism that is garnished with violence. The Industry people said the same as well when they started i.e. that the money will never run out, so these Celebrities ones are soon going to become my main problem and then it will cease to run out when I get my hands on it as well.

I have ended up now with this reputation that says I was given a Project by HM who did not pay for it and its like the story that will kill them as they are the ones wrecking the finances and relying on me not to do anything about it because of what will become of them if I didnt as queer as can be and it feeds into that other case about my involvement with female journalists being that they appear to be the only ones who are content with their Media salaries, should they go against what we are doing it is probably going to be running a business or writing a book and which ones are not doing it properly if done by what we are doing together face problems until the issues are corrected and its only few of them that do, a large proportion who do because it keeps the men out anyway so there is no business there of people having an issue with the fact other human beings deserve to have some normalcy, on account one job is in the hand but the person could be something else too. All of which we find them explain by claiming if people read my Books they would understand why it should be hated so much and yes I did give them something to hate alright, since the white people who befriended me because racists were doing to them the same things these liberal goons are doing to me cannot have a moments peace, the same way I have to deal with it all the time: I mean we even hear them boast that I am being purged but I was there when the claim developed systematically from an insult that was associated with the need to get rid of what has changed about me when I pray every morning, as well as a history of insults built up over my Books on account they had rights which also suggested that they deserved my Books bearing in mind the useless existence in their youth and then the money invested at companies to take advantage of young people and double the fortunes for a retirement being blocked at this Estate and now it has become something they can run with on media showing just how important provoking me is to their stupidities, especially the Americans. The fight is almost at their door step, Trump is racist and I am going to do their own as well; I mean the blacks will be friends since I am black whether I liked it or not but the same insults where the girls get involved with me to have babies on my public image and give the finger of power that gets into peoples lives to gain access to peoples bums to big criminal Men, which then allows these other goons who have wives in the security business or security services to show up in public and demand the same thing, especially when they were Public transportation operatives and yet those stupid insults about how I must be made to get off Church and become homosexuals so that black women might be powerful has not really stopped it will complain about me and get help from Politicians, once it catches its breath it gets back here and begins to do exactly the same thing because it too lived out a useless existence and wants to be rich fast before retirement age hits, while we hear their insanities who think they are famous blow off that big mouth over claims of what I cannot do about it, set to continue until I get my hands on the stupid money they currently claim is unlikely to run out as well.

The other part of their story being that they Love me and this is what is questioned at the Monarchy regularly but they dont; what they are talking about is the fact my State provided security is handled by Women but then again the part where they complain of something that was said to them all the time since those I support tend to do their own security due to my Royal position, which is what happens when your work is to support the Head of State never gets mentioned. Same as when they bring up the case that I think what I am doing is the best but is rather disastrous and much the same as the other story they tell of how I deserve to suffer because I support war and killing. In terms of what I am doing being a disaster of which my only challenge is to protect my Public image which lets me do whatever I want and secure income to pay the bills when I am finished, hence the ability to adopt a disposition of poverty but when they cut me off from it, I end up with financial difficulty because although people are all over me they still are not able to link my Public image with my Books in a sustainable way and therefore cannot become proper fans with a relationship attached, no fans means no Book sales and no book sales means I cannot pay my way something they do every week because they are famous and I have to tell them for every week, now they are also the ones issuing the threats as well and its becoming obvious how I must sell Books while Celebrities exist and be organised as a person for a change but since it does involve hurting people too, I need to send out enough of the warnings first. As for the killings I support; we are talking about a collection of idiots whose job it is to decide what happens with the lives of those who kill people not doing it properly as seeing I have not killed anybody for my part in the first place so what we are talking about is the mess they make of a job done by people who spend most of their days at an academy learning how to do it; so what really happens with the people who should not have been killed is that you may meet a terrorist on an Oil field, then fire wildly into the air to get them scrambling for the valuables, capture them and take it away from them to neutralise the threat but firing wildly into the air gets them shooting back at your position, so you captured all 10 and they got rehabilitated but lost two of your mates doing so; these are the people who should not have been killed, never mind the part where a soldier returns from service and you have to decide what to give to them when they go back but terrorists are so lacking of honour that they want to steal it and draw up some equality because their case was about killing people the media decides they should not have been killed, so we end up with the other case where it is said that Soldiers never fire wildly into the air like I have mentioned but of course they do not, its the professional side of the work which is not mentioned by the Media I am bringing to light as a soldier is able to tell that in a world where they get killed if captured by terrorists but when they capture terrorists the terrorists get rehabilitated, there are terrorists that will never respond to rehabilitation and thus become a threat at a later date. For my part they ask how I know these things but of course while the business of National security is happening in terms of the War on Terror, the new job the Media has got is to judge those that are doing the job what my position has become rather is one where soldiers are not at my beck and call, so if the wars happened all the time they will not be there all the time, I can see the process of doing the National security job happening and if asked can point out the parts that I have seen.

They do say its quite amazing to them as all can see, that I who spoke about not doing the violent bits now know more about the violence itself than most other people that are actually doing it all together but its an old story where those who hold their ground as Moral people are weak and got away with it their whole lives to take up the time and destroy the finances at the work place like a menace that will not be tamed. They really love to show that they are bad people and to announce it all the time; love to show the nice clothes on the outside which hide the terrible behaviour on the inside while they save their best for the families and friends the relationship with those of which they think others cannot disrupt to protect an income margin as well like it seems to come through to me to do endlessly recently. So they have gone from characters that are lowest of the low because others appear to be able to do everything they boast about better than they can, to being a menace and so the part where they want to make fame telling me to do what my Mum wants comes into this picture as one of the most important pieces in terms of their position in society as lowest of the low all together, especially with respect to the fact I am not making riches from the relationship they have with their parents yet that the last time we checked was quite peachy. Some people think they do the money better than everybody else which they dont; what they do is channel their incredibly destructive behaviour and then find a way to ensure some form of decadence due to the destruction caused without punishment makes them some money from it, then the money will be worth about 20% of what they have destroyed and left in the hands of a few, who then become icon of how to make money thus a marketing too when the Politician ones start, your main fear is to tackle them in a way that suggests it is not in your interest for National Treasury to be rich. Leaving this idea I have a low opinion of Politics while reality is that its a world where like the law, there is no right and wrong answer, so a group of people that were elected to decide how that stands end up with an outcome where 40% of what they say is always wrong so it is not a profession that lets people create problems as the problems that create their jobs never really run out, which it seems the group of goons we have at Government buildings presently have failed to appreciate, so although the rules are still that MPs that are caught having extra marital affairs and so on are kicked out but they still continue such behaviours as eliminates public benefit of doubt for the mistakes they make, claiming it is their power due to them since the last time they got elected and then those of us that are aware of what they are screwing around with will have to start keeping an eye on the goons that want to train themselves on how to be Politicians, while they then think its another amusing form of fun to tackle our academic work and finances just to see what will happen but do not like the tummy ulcer and haemorrhoids as much as their insanity has suggested, so we find them issue threats for that too and it all makes sense. The point is never that I am afraid of Politics as they had suggested, its rather something that people train for since teenage years; its a world where you consult the Public and think you have had an issue sorted crossed all the Ts, dotted all the Is, then you walk into Parliament to find somebody who works in exactly the same position and earns exactly the same amount raised an issue of how it was done different from what you had come up with. They do say I was prepared for war then instead which is utter nonsense, I wasnt, as I was raised, it is obvious if I had a Court of Female Journalists and that came to an end, it was a very bad thing indeed, so the reasons people make the wars has to be that there was something seriously wrong with them as people.

The part where they say I am very badly behaved will be the part where they are always upstaging me and making comments on Media which changes what my engagements with people from the Public was, into something about what I am meant to be afraid of as the people who hate me are bigger than I am, constantly detachment between my Public activities and my Books which have become the biggest financial challenge I have got as a result, then we find some of them get all over others who are loyal to Princess Beatrice thus doing something at National security or another, but their case is about getting involved with National security matters for the purpose of chasing my bum and really getting into the bullying aspects concerning my so called body type and their need to be free from getting cracked up by social issues thereof and they say their thing is about the position chosen for me as one of those men who fall in love above their social status so before there is extensive conversation about my behaviour, I want them off the Public image and a process where their media and Celebrities had stopped pointing out what I have done, as it is clear what happens is that they want to point it out but doing so will leave me with Publicity so they have to point it out while making sure I do not get any Publicity and I want them to stop pointing it out on the talk first before we find out if they can live up to their big mouth for it, as we can see if they stopped they will lose their minds and are rather convinced that was my problem all together. I do get told I claimed the Celebrities were not a problem for me but now they appear to be my biggest challenge and they are not; each time they handle my Public image and make a mess of my patents making reference to my work to kill off the Publicity and income while finding a way to ascribe it to somebody else, it is criminal and I could easily get off and say they are all criminals, then sit back and watch them try to get famous while living with a constantly evolving criminal reputation and the only way they could fight it is to get Public transport goons pushing me into criminal activity my provoking me and chasing my bum like we have seen them start recently it will all still go back to what they are putting the money they make into Industry to make it double itself by abusing me on the radio waves for and we all know the abuses carry on all day, so that just as I though my chest was going to burst from the anxiety, they start to make it even more amusing and brag about their powers, which inadvertently adds up to a life threatening activity, so the warnings are coming through now but I will not be dishing it out for long i.e. I am soon to settle up on some Public activity that will see their shares get worse and worse at Industry every day, followed up by keeping down the wives and community croons who tackle me by violence to ensure I had done nothing to change it, feeding their stupid radio waves with very violently abusive busy body opportunism all day long what is left is usually private security Industry goons getting me thinking about how much they abuse security guards having been they had done mine as well and are selling it to Politicians currently. Being badly behaved on my part as thus always been entirely a matter of irrelevant contexts; feeds into their need to be the men who have going for them the finger of power thing and I am usually left wondering how the Public transport goons will go from taking it away from the women to a point of carrying through the male careers that they have got, while those who have girls that want to have babies on my public image so they can win the finger of power for the Men they love who can do violent things to protect them from me as well while they wreck my whole life, are the business of law enforcement except when they claim what I am doing is involved and then it will become something law enforcement pays attention to at an extent as well. personally its a matter of being told they handle me because if push came to shove they had the upper hand and I do not care what their problem is at this stage anymore, I want a control of my time schedules, want them off my Books and Public image and the Liberal America idiots off it especially too; badly behaved and insurmountable celebrity issue is all fantasy.

I. Uno I

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