Naturally having revenge for what occurs as people doing business by making me responsible for the evil things that other members of my own race get up to, with a result that they turn out to peddle what I make of my living and running my own affairs and generally usurp it for attention and to make advertisement for their stupid products in order to make more money than they have already got and show off their insolent passive aggression, is not necessarily exactly living within the confines of the Law of God as a Christian. Besides which they are all more or less Fans of HM The Queen, whether for evil or not. I simply do not appreciate their presence being seen or felt anywhere around my business, whether or not they have their own tall tales to tell about how I did it first and deserved the reaction I got; as they boast on their media, that is supposed to have been the usual case of 'the same old story, only smugger' - with a big mouth - which the black and non-white ones and also the American idiots that have been given access to peoples personal lives by Wishy Tories through the secret security services wear particularly well - those stupid insults for it too.

Bearing in mind also that it will never come up as a topic for conversation, the old story itself of filthy women thinking they can affect the balance of wealth and power by destroying other peoples public appearance and being encouraged activity by the same fools to do so. These are all activities that sluggards engage themselves in so they can better get some traction off the line and get to a job on any given day especially when black really insolent and female, the whites just think they want to be superior to somebody all together for their part - however when it gets financially destructive and is actively encouraged and funded by Politicians, then whoever is targeted with it can see it as a stupid civil rights based means of dominance and wealth acquisition and that it destroys the property I own must be met with some consequence.

The talk of how I now indulge myself in many things I can say to please people and facilitate the sale of my book is just the normal process of very evil people doing what they do best which issue I have won, defeated and put away for good as well and no number of cases where they turn up at any Church will help their case either. I simply want the Politicians and the Governments to go into their offices to do what they do with those offices not handle my book sales and talk rubbish even if the books are about them and as for the media, those need to keep their civil rights idiots off my finances and do that soon enough to avoid a process where their desire for power because they fancy themselves an industry that should have some as well leads to something that will be settled on the basis of revenge; for of course we know their mates are paying for their freedoms with their lives all over the world as it stands. And we are all aware of media insults, provocation and goading and how I speak like there is anything I can do but of course so do we know of where I stand over that matter of telling me where I am supposed to be or getting to act to handle my livelihood on the basis of what feelings my existence brings out of them with that big mouth. I never said it was a major crisis nor did I suggest I am innocent in the matter; it is a case of American Fathers that can handle a boy and of I that can handle American Fathers and a certain media that needs to move on and stay off the book sales as soon as possible so it does not become a matter that must be settled on revenge bearing in mind they got themselves where they are at present because it seems that the more they have to worry about is the less problems I have and therefore dignity and peace of mind I get for owning something unique.

Now they speak of how the Meek will inherit the earth as expressed by Twitter which is why they need a taskforce to head the way technology is developing and feminists need to handle it for their purposes. I would never know since I am aware if they were to tell me that being successful is a function of human relations and so the nicer you are to people is the more likely you will be and that it is what Christ said I would have considered it credible but this kinds of interpretation and more so that they cannot do it with or on their own lives and property is that which they know is provocation and a piece of me therefore they want and will certainly get as well. I mean they think it is funny and I have no idea what is funny about it either; one more Christian around here that they need to catalogue and control before he is allowed to move on which is then frustrating because they seem to come up all the time to give them work to do that the Church is open to all tends to mean we dont notice the activities of home wreckers any more is the idea. It is important these idiots save their interpretation of the Bible, save their insults and keep off my book sales as I am rather resolved at this point that one more go at me or my equities or intellectual property or temperamental colours will mean one more task for them as well; There is no information overload going on, that is what they fantasise they would like from me, what is really going on is a process where they do these things because they think they are famous and I do what I do to them to ensure they do not gain from it when they do them to me no matter how famous.

The story I get all temperamental when people do not buy my books is utter rubbish what happens is that they think they have funny games to play especially black men; the one where I need to take a look at what is happening and see that they are not buying my books and that they are declaring it on media as well. so the result becomes that they will not buy the books because they dont need it and others cannot buy the books no matter how much they needed it because it has become too complicated to do so, while their claims they have been preventing people from buying the books and that they are not buying any themselves and your reaction is interesting becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. They even think when you mention it, people should find it funny like they do as well and so the problem becomes that they dish violence for me like so but dont want to die anymore. To my solution of which they normally claim that I chose such a high-handed way of handling simple issues like there is anything I can do those insults that will never go away that we seem to have very different opinions of and the fact I dont actually mention I find them insulting is not to say I dont as it were. The way it works is that the part where they think it is funny when I am in financial distress and the only friendship they can offer people is a homosexual relationship while they gorge themselves on showing they are not buying my books and are preventing others from buying it on media which becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy since it soon tends to be too complicated for people to buy the books and to the point where they want it but cannot buy it and need me to give it to them in some other way which is impossible since the only way is selling it to them, is actually half the story the other half is that they do it because they fancy some woman that is beyond my league and I ought to look elsewhere while they gorge on their pleasures yet again this is the point where I put it to them that I can beat them to the grave and they are usually so stupid their reaction is that of an acceptance of the competition and not enough have died yet where they can find out what the results of the contest was in the next life as it were.

It is never temperamental because people do not buy books, it is rather that they dish violence for me endlessly and make fun of it and now happen not to wish death for themselves anymore, especially black men. We hear them talk even more nonsense one done with their financial vandalism of how important than I am they are and how I refuse to recognise that of which the reality is rather that if they work for the BBC for example and the BBC was a company once they had realised I broker equities with that company then my equities business on account they have civil rights and media will become an ideas sharing contraption put together by a kid without direction which is free for all, so that they can find ideas that they have not paid for to gain promotion they have never worked for and that is how they become more important than I am but the more serious matters emerge when they cannot stay off my bank balance and book sales numbers.

I mean it is never clear what propels people to seek to find funny making somebody who develops creative security terrified and nobody knows why they would when he is - only that people tend to become even more miffed when they had lost their foolish lives at the end of the game. Nobody knows why the only leadership people want to provide is a funny one that involves getting books out of an author instead of buying a copy of their own either - all I know is that given half the chance somebody will lose their lives and I had better raced them to the grave first so they can find the results of the contest in the next life and that is why I do it.

I actually have no real issues at Industry, its just a condition where Entrepreneurs are convinced the only way they can do anything is to insult and abuse me and expect that punishment will not come for that which then becomes a barrier to book sales because they are busy using me to get rich along with stupid girls. So it has come to a point of make a demagogue and get involved, then follow everything I do with a statement of another problem by the way side or issue which is involved with whatever I have achieved and attack me until I notice it then just on my Literary empire and make money while you are really busy with that making out it is a life and death issue for me if I want to get them off it, so that each time I act on them they counter act instead of go away in some way and the most popular of those ways is getting on media and checking out what power they can have recently by an accusation of some sort: so I do not think it is a problem and am taking my time, about which I feel they ought to relax and take their own as well since it will end very well thereof and stop talking about problems at Industry for anybody. And of course there is always ever that talk of what I am supposed to have been thinking about the progress of women which I don't mind but when it starts to involve the outcome itself where everything I say and do is taken out of context and then generalised for all women, they are looking for trouble and should not be saved from finding it too. I don't think it is an amazing thing for my part its the same story with stupid media men and homosexuals; when somebody says they are feminists for example the purpose is to get attention and make points that allow them get back home, so they might sit around doing feminism but when their Dad turns up to speak to them they drop it for a while claiming it is an occasion they had to arise to lest others take up their stuff and do it for them in my case I am being robbed of this as a fundamental aspect of their stupid activities every single time, time and time again and it is the reaction they are looking for and that they will find as well it is not something I tend to lose any sleep for and of course have already issued warnings the world is fed up with their ideas about what my work and my books are for we all have commitments apparently but these sales men and sales idiots have vanities and cannot live a day without hurting me profoundly, so it is always okay if they keep their deviance but I am never of the impression that this stuff is random activity, so if their games about female progress has anything to do with it I will rip it up again and their Politicians too which is why it has continued with them for this long so far.

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