So I have been told that I make a huge mess at the Monarchy and people were vouching for me to suffer for it but it is utter nonsense – what really happens is the activities of a group of people who keep displaying behaviour that suggested the Queens leadership did not matter and so in my case it’s more a matter of how I ended up doing everything I am meant to do in my life time right away, hence the question of what I will be doing over the next 30 years and a sense that they believed I did not have 30 years, clowning around, if they had ever taken anything seriously in their lives.

Their people never stop suggesting that I bring it upon myself and set about blaming others, while reality was more a matter of the fact that if I said something of Celebrities setting out my life and work as something others could get in return for music and video streaming service, they would shoot off an insult at me that helped preserve the idea that Celebrities were public figures, as though I were talking to them, after which they look like they were the best thing that ever happened to the red army.

Whereby it would be said that such a statement stirs up fears around the sense that there is impending attack from Russians or other communists but it does not, it is a statement I have made according to a knowledge of the fact that when they had no wish to do what was required of them, they always make statements about picking a fight with Communists on my behalf and now hate me so much because I am one of those character that had decided to tolerate less of it and hence set about developing some sort of arrangement with the fact that Communists existed. It is not this simple either way; the characters that show up to pick a fight with communists on my behalf will do it, then the others who show up to do the actual process of fighting communists to get everybody sucking up to Celebrities will do it and then the third characters will show up to sell state secrets, the abusive behaviour continuing over the premise of building crowds on an insolence channelled at my intelligence to suggest I was completely oblivious to it, such that whether or not I wasn’t, they continued because they served a crowd that thought I was.

The fourth matter is usually one of the claim there are other mysteries around the matter, never mind the way they found out the reasons I have been pushing back at the Prince of Wales interests i.e. working Intellectual property administration with companies leaves me at a position of advantage when it came to matters of wealth and social inequality, with respect to authority at the Office – such that since wealth and social inequality was a sign that we lived in a merit society where you didn’t get what you had not worked for, the size and scope of it would set out facts on whether somebody was doing something with it that they shouldn’t be doing. The fact I was successful with this then set me out as the character people could bully if they only cared about themselves and wanted rich people to share some money with them and we know that black people invented this it, less could be said about the fact the idiots now believe if they talked enough times about my attitude, their situation with respect to my person would improve. So with respect to HRH Prince of Wales, we find that Celebrities never stopped picking up such goons to build a private army of very wild characters who behave next to animals literally, only to find later that they couldn’t control anything, so in true character of stupidity and entitlement, followed it up with getting those characters that will suffer for it ready for the life that Celebrities want them to live and these characters are all meant to be government operatives – thus when the Prince of Wales continued to insist on working with Celebrities, while I was to remain a failure until he was King, it meant that I hung around somewhere dropping out of University until I got completely fed up with it. They do claim that it’s all about me and what I think is the right thing to do but that said, I think we did not have to labour over the right or wrong on this matter, they simply needed to stop dragging me onside whenever I had ideas about what it meant if Celebrities set out my work, person and property as something others could access or own by buying into music and video streaming services, and try to address me on the matter only if I were talking to them. Beyond this, I need all aspects of my wealth equity system free of their German influence narcissism for instance, as it is not free for all, its purpose needed to be fulfilled, such as I and others were able to pursue our daily concerns without the smell problems on account that this system was able to limit their mobility. The first-time round was the claim I am a busy body who wants to make decisions about them and hence my problem could only be solved if they could have their revenge, happened when it was said that I was out bothering nice people whose only problem was that they needed money and it did not end well either.

I. Uno I

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