I am informed that I relish more than everybody else, the business of the British Monarchy trying to emulate other Great Monarchs from around the world and making a mess of other people’s renaissance as well and its utter nonsense; what happens is that these idiots in my case for instance pick up every aspects of my concerns – Royal work, Public image, personal life and everything else in between, then build it up into tangible sensibilities through the fact insults can be channelled at me for creating a Bookshop and set about getting whole populations to respond to these clusters of Royal sensibility as an idea that they can rally behind, in order to get rich quick. The only thing that appears to matter to these Russian Idiots and Black American scum is money and it’s all about other people being made to suffer greatly in the process of tolerating their stupidities – we know they believe there is nothing I can do about it since last they tried some damage limitation once they realised my ideas on how to resolve the 2019 Gulf Crisis was to get Black America fighting Muslims, it is a better option to play those stupid games than for a bunch of fucking idiots to shut down such nonsense if I had asked them so far, they are also worried then about the little foretaste they are getting of what I am capable of too.

I am then told the main function of what I do is to blame others for my problems and get away with it and it has no bearing towards a reality where people need to keep me from financial benefits of my abilities and to keep me serenated in enough suffering to facilitate a process of being channelled into a disposition where I make sense of and response to the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, which decides the gestures of dominance that they make – we know this mind set is a disposition brought about by screwing with women, since it is what women do whenever they speak of home pleasures and we can see what it means when I have endured 15 years of persecution to get me into such a position of intense suffering I make sense of and respond to it i.e. what has really been happening is that I have not been responding often enough to damage people wrought on my property, no such thing as blaming them for my problems. It rather becomes obvious these are serious Public problems and yes they are – the more public effects are when wife does not want Husband deploying Home pleasures at work and so he just deploys it until it becomes his psyche to do so, in my case, it shows up at University to rip up my academic work, although it is mine, 10 years of my time is spent thereafter keeping it wrecked – I have never really been interested in their needs as they claim I have been, it needs to read a Book when it shows up near my concerns, as that is what I do for a living too.

It is suggested that I cannot tackle these matters without an outcome whereby my Brokers lost Customers but I can, I do not like them but I like it when they seek out money and buy products - I am comfortable with the business of them seeking the money in a way that punishes me, since I do not spare the equities when it comes to supporting people to keep them down at Popular culture for their crimes and adage as well, I am simply not comfortable with them damaging my property.  They are not a threat to me, even at this stage when I had gotten my Books Published more so; anybody can now make German, American and Russian Influence idiots look like the sexual assault thing that encourages more of it for chasing the career that obviously gets to their heads.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland