The idea generally is that I am ignorant of the real nature of Celebrity greed but I am really not as I tend to see it every day – the main reasons Politicians wreck my academic studies and finances to make me vulnerable and German influence idiots fought my wars to invent gimmicks about careers I did not deserve because I was not brave enough to i.e. spend my money in shops to get abused and run by at the hands of ageist fools that cannot get anything done without engaging some country ownership gimmicks that facilitated a violent and relentless lasciviousness to target other people by, while its men’s world idiots had an interest in my Bookshop where they hopped I would criticise them, try to make money that way and get set out as an enemy. The effect is that the Celebrities were providing the cheap products at the shops which people bought to continue availing their finances to spare cash that got them to pay for their culture expensively. I on the other hand am considered not to have prioritised financial success as much as they did over the onslaught of their two bit twat narcissist landlords providing a service and their popularity fools seeking to control my writing career while maintaining access to their famous idiots – the former creates itself instances where it wanted to report to the DWP that whilst I lived on government support I was avoiding work, at the same time builds communities that finger my bum which gets worse when I get a job, so the back and forth gets DWP to think they were tired of it and gave them the task to keep an eye on me, then the abusive stupidities really kicks off and everything here had stagnated until I provided them the response their stupidities have been complaining about whilst spending all I did about it to improve their lives, which is unbearably insulting – the latter is more a matter of their latest interest in my social media being the last straw, as it had showed up to pick up what Clients did with me and then set about converting it into a version of me that would be easy for their stupidities to manipulate and to tolerate as they would put it. It does need to play with something else and stay away from my Books or continue to assume the narcissist insults and the sex work that shows up here to do more damage with it is not likely to get them into any trouble or that I am probably bluffing. The loss is that this need to handle me as one of the things people needed to possess to be successful, meant that they had to prevent the public accessing my Books while they prepared, which crashed my finances, hence the reasons I issue the warnings as a comparison to the fact their idiocy was keeping a salary without interference on my part in the meantime. The idea I have made a bunch of people who believed there was a public crisis because they were women being tackled by men and men being tackled by women, into something more important than they really are, is just their famous stupidities setting out rules to cheat others. The general idea is that I am constantly attacked by popularity idiots, media, and celebrity because they were convinced that whatever I did would not undo what they think to be the power they had over me. It is utter nonsense naturally, they have no power over me; just narcissism as a method of addressing me which they became addicted to and sex workers have been taking part in and statements made about what is in their bank accounts which makes a mess of my Bookshop – these are the two main pressure points and if they restrict it to their friends and mates and stop showing up here to make themselves celebrities and socialites on my Public life, all will be well. The problem has always been the Liberalist Politicians who wreck the finances to create necessarily vulnerability that their gimmicks can run with, then turn out to complain well enough to win elections but it is the insults that have become a main problem for me, we are not mates, they need spend their time with their own and keep from my Books. The other part of the story is that the way I ran my concerns was messy which it isn’t; these idiots had since built up ideas about the way my bed was located in my bedroom, as a matter of whether there existed wealthy neighbourhoods, which is not an unusual social life, we know they do it all the time and they does untold damage, like in my case where their interest in me is such that they did not pay the University fees while I dropped out and are not paying the Bills now while ripping up my work prospects and my Bookshop, hence it has nothing to do with me as such. The problem is that they have come up with other ideas to say that there is no right or wrong answer on my view of celebrities being idiots with ideas about clashing with male society when female which became the point of interest in my finances and female society when male which also became the point of interest in my finances and does not make them important people except to the stupid Politicians that wreck peoples finances so the victims always go back to areas of market where they are abused for spending their money on account they had no choice, which build up to gimmicks they can display on media as a matter of their stupidities making sense enough to make them feel popular. The reality on the other hand is that the Military wants nothing to do with celebrities and vice versa, they have decided to make something of the gap between the two as a matter of laying down a base form of abusive sexual activity that can be run off on me to decide if their stupidities could own my career, so those who believed this was okay need get along with it and keep their insults where people have expressed shown appreciation for it, especially if they were complaining about me – it is a prelude to outcomes where I will get from being their nightmare to something worse – I mean where does a person start doing this military work imposed on them randomly on the streets when the idiots who impose it had completely trashed the civic duties either way? Same as the fact that there is really nothing tangible in all this mess just the destruction of my finances i.e. it shows up here to get criminals who have paid attention to my concerns expressing it as a matter of claiming my career on National Media and hangs about like that shooting off the big mouth on power it thinks it had over me while it never stopped complaining of the work I am meant to have done about public control having not been done in centuries, whereas its stupidities had just created the idea that no such work had ever been done, so that when I repeat the work, the processes of insulting me to sell things would become more profitable than ever, looking for more of what its stupidities personified was complaining about. The Politicians make the mess on the other hand and then make a mess of the work that was done as well and never stopped complaining, their bits never once being an unusual issue.

So whether or not they had power over me is generally a matter of whom they were communicating their narcissism at and the follow on statements made about what was in their bank account. As for the business of attacking me because I smell on the other hand, the question is usually one of whether I am an undisciplined person but as I mentioned before, it has built a link between whether or not there were wealthy neighbourhoods and how my bed was situated in my bedroom, if I am attacked over smell issues, I would really have come to the conclusion that the Alpha male, Alpha female idiots with a need to wreck peoples careers and erect restaurants and rat holes where people cooked class A drugs to give Police a Headache, looked like scum who made a lot of sense in A and E, talking nonsense about how they felt the same effect my existence had, as that which was inflicted on me by mentally ill idiots with whom they shared my personal space and will never take an alternative argument for the behaviour. The claim I am finished and done for was nothing but an insanity associated with the desperation that the need to maintain access to their fame idiots while keeping access to me, having meant they took steps to stifle my Bookshop and prevent the rest of the public engaging before they did, produced a result where I felt that my bad University experience and what they have done with my work prospects, should guide me to make this and what they had done with my social media to achieve it, the last time that they made a mess of my career. They claim that nothing I did could change the money made at my expense, corrupting and trashing my wealth equity to avoid employment while trashing my studies and career, I have allowed it because the idiots who spend money on them now know that there will be more of such progressive spending the more they messed with me and if they did not want to keep the money in peace because they preferred to keep it in a system I controlled, the narcissism may continue coming my way, stalling this Bookshop.

I am at a loss as per how I approached the matter – my current motivation is that a link had been drawn up for the purpose of country ownership relentless and abusive lasciviousness by which to sell products at the market and the way my bed was arranged in my bedroom, all to make sense of the existence of wealthy neighbourhoods. The picture drawn up was that unless I did something unusual about the bottom chasing public life of Celebrities showing up in mine to goad me into a fight and wreck my career, it would never stop, same as the families of every fool with a Media presence to play with getting full feedback on the stupidities I had to tolerate whenever their breadwinner went to the Office every day. The question now is one of how I got about the business of famous idiots handling my public life to make money and the extra step taken to travel into my career and trash the finances every time they did; I have already tracked them so well they had become so desperate that they could only tell lies and suggest I am mentally ill but there is yet no solution for the narcissism and stupid comments about what is in their bank accounts of which I can account better than they can because it was made from handling my Public image. My patience has always cost me a 10 year delay to my finances and the abuses getting worse more so in terms of what I did about activities that were completely meaningless, being passed off as another persons creation, proposes the need for a sense of urgency and I needed to ensure it ceased all conversations about superiority showing up near my endlessly as well, to complain about the system like something which needed an intervention from an exorcist. The point being damage the narcissistic comments and insults about what I did to serve them due to an alliance with a greater power and the statements about what is in their bank account having an effect on my Clients being the main problem at present.

The problem currently is that how I got about my own business – they played up the Alpha Male, Alpha female gimmicks and got me dropping out of University in 2008, since then they have spent time getting people laughing at my CV before reading it and continued to come up with excuses and insults to spend what I did about their gimmicks on themselves while fingering my bum in public. I got training for factory work and training for security guard work and started a security guard work by 2014, by the end of 2017 which it was clear that job was a mess and they would never give me a break of their own accord. So all together since the Books were finished in 2009, the Bookshop had not become a job that paid me, all because of the two issues of their need to make narcissist statements over my earnings for their gratification and to make stupid comments about what was in their bank account interfering with clients and driving them away, while the Industry gits cannot have conversations with their important friends without making stupid statements about my intellectual property administration establishment even when they were complaining about statements other people made which was provocative to a point of no revenge and drew their foolish interest towards my earnings. The Muslim ones were so stupid, they decided that my work had to be groomed into a position where it was seen as provocative comedy – it was never provocative comedy during the first 4 years after publication which was when their interest in it should have changed into a purchase for reading, it had since been groomed up by idiots who wanted a society and a power over me and will not play with their own lives and careers if their stupidities were complaining about me. The question I posed in my books have never been answered either i.e. since Mohammed Died like a normal person and Christ died on a cross to save us from our sins, it should mean they could make anything from violence and we Christians loved to get hurt when their stupidities looked like they wanted to be conquered all the time. Then again it speaks for itself when the Bible says that whether or not Christians ate food that was classified as unclean in the Old testament was a matter of people not condemning what God had purified, so knowing the so called infidels ate pork with Muslims found offensive had not deterred them fingering the bum because they owned the biggest community of patriarchy in the land as far as their stupidities were concerned, so that famous idiots and stupid Politicians showed up here to trash my finances while they spent time working sexual narcissism on me if not shooting off the big mouth all over the place endlessly. Eventually we know what part Americans play in the matter; where each time it sees Muslims it had a need to rip up the career and finances to get rich fast doing show business gimmicks and picking up what victims did to recover as a tool for self improvement because it was addicted to a personality – a plan to go to war in Iraq produced an outcome where my personality will tidy them up when the way was over, their problem now is that they got tidied up. I am clearly very specific on the matters since there is prospect of Media idiots making me into religious awareness escape artist for patriarchy gimmicks, which would help them hide the fact this was all about psychopaths and their idiots who had a need to say that somebody was a push around, another was a fighter and another made decisions about the fighting – it needs to make comments and play with its own career if it wants it ending amicably as well.

I have been told that I could easily spend the rest of my life on these matters, it will never happen however – this is a simple case of being seen doing something at Private security Industry and having my career trashed by famous idiots who were so entitled that they needed to ensure I got to do it to serve them, it had not yet decided that it wanted to find itself a real toy and I have been doing 6 years of nauseating financial complications over it. Eventually it makes those statements that it was about the way I made the most of something they did to fight for their interests but before then the idiots were fighting my wars and none could inform them better – the crisis resulting being that the society gits who liked to set themselves out as community leaders, expecting younger people to join in and do violent things for them, no longer had to fear instances where I built them publicity as people who fought my battles each time they claimed it, especially because the famous fools built them a media presence to claim they had grabbed my career with. Then there is the part where it goes off to perform orgies and turns up to suggest that it did so to protect me and we were wondering whether it played into processes where the enemy captured soldiers and since it was impossible to decide how to get information from the soldiers because the democracy-communism no mans land was being policed well, rather than treat them as war captives, torture them and send them back to the UK to run off gimmicks on the internet which helped to extract information from the random public – then again which was all possible because of statements it is thought that public service operatives here in the UK sent out, with respect to a world where soldiers looked each other in the eye for all that they did. It is like those stories we hear about somebody having stabbed another and it was a secret wound that could not be found on time to save the victims life: 6 years fighting like this everyday because famous idiots want to see me serve them with private security, suggesting I have been loved by a narcissist who more so had to devised a plan to cover their bums for it as well. I get out of bed these days to fact a dialogue process in which I faced up to society gits taking advantage of me because an idiot on Media who said that his media job was a dream job, working it for him, a provisional gimmick where it could say that whilst most people at Industry had failed to tackle me and keep the best jobs, media idiots will tackle me for them, yet the insults of the society gits have come to build up a sense that when people get fucked they spent more money which usually suits them best – then the part about the Media gits who are free to do whatever they liked here because their families were not informed of it everyday as well, never mind the other fools at Industry with a need to handle my assets especially if I had not consented, whilst they got around with Celebrities, talking rubbish about every slight statement from state provided security provoking them to take action on my finances that will give them a royal lifestyle – then the Celebrities with their Public image and a link drawn up between my bedroom, my bottom and well off neighbourhoods. This is not how the rest of my life will play out at all, it is the beginning of a result that is worse than the ones we have already seen on this matter: needs to make narcissism comments about its friends and career, stay away from my Book and find a real toy to replace the interest in me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland