The idea that the cause of all my issues were the way I never stopped fooling around with women, is utter nonsense – the real face of the problem is that this was all hard on the women as when they turn up to decide I can only have my career when I got into a fight with people, there was little that I did about it and or converted matters of personal and social life into activities that caused me harm, they virtually got away with it, the powers of immoral society. They showed up here to intrude and take over, make a proper mess but have continually failed to solve a problem that affects them more, the lesbianism was so important it would fight and attack whole governments to keep it but it is also important enough for media appearances to berate abuse and insult me endlessly as the mean cunts that they were, talking nonsense about the way I never stopped chasing women that were beyond me. They do claim I am trying to revive a part of my life they hated which does not make any sense to me as my social life was built on the welfare of the people who established an arrangement with me, as a matter of attending University, getting caught up in the social activities of people in Government Offices and meeting some female journalists, right up to the stage where some women claimed they spent spare time having anal sex with me – I was happy to keep my trust issues that they showed up here to breach talking nonsense all the time and will not stop handling me. They do suggest I had failed to recognise I am getting into deeper and deeper trouble at the Monarchy which I have not failed to, as there is no deeper trouble – if it is the King turning on me for everything I did, my services were not the one required, I needed to round up and move on, they have decided since the last time they pressed the King for their method to be the one used to get things done, that it was going to be done by means of access and spending of all I have, which is utter nonsense and is only going to make me stay and fight, we have seen several instances of their need to show up here, take over my social and personal life concerns, smash the trust issues, find it impossible to cover their backside and spend time complaining at my expense, play out. I am not saying there is no merit to the way they want to get it done, this men’s world thing that controlled the way Celebrities created abusive communities that ensured those who had limelight did not keep it to themselves and it became the property of the famous, just the way to continues to seek my property and make me a victim of the abusive schizophrenic twats. The rest claim this is me suffering for daring to suggest I took up their problems and solved it, which is utter rubbish; the reality is that they put themselves in charge of things they know nothing about and show up getting victims to back track and solve problems they had created into other people’s careers, right up to the point of extreme personal finance crisis but we can trace this business of a need they had to run people down in a bid to get rich, show up complaining when there are no social and political resources to sustain the arrangement their stupidities had built, while their liberal fools at government offices showered me with insults because they thought it was powerful to, each time the need to pick them up whenever I removed them from my concerns and then use their disposition to make public policy in order to run me down for the masses, continued to hurt themselves and shoot off the big mouth as well, ultimately their inability to get on with the opposite sex would have shown them that they are not in charge, since public leaders could easily go into the local council and it was said that a group of people were to meet in the next room, when they got there, everybody in the room was a woman, if they said they hated women, now their jobs relied on it. Personally, if we traced their need to run people down for money making, it would not just end at the GCSE, it goes further and further, at least first grade, the Celebrities on the other hand have organised an abusive publicity to support their career and do not yet accept that they were looking for trouble, when I suggest I will stop it badly, they think it was a fat chance that I would. It is the usual gimmick where the cultural approach to Monarchic matters was not the way to approach it, unlike Queen Elizabeth who took it head on, whilst the reality was that when the chips are down, the main concern of a Monarchy was the welfare of very young children and those that want to run people down to make money could do that later on, they are waiting until the issues bite and in the meantime are also complaining about increasing unpopularity. At this point they claim I am an arrogant character and there were people who want to make something of it – I could never understand how it was that the perspective people had on me whilst working an intellectual property administration venture, in which people wrecked careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods because they wanted to keep the jobs they took from others, should be the idea that I had a small penis but it is learning to stop screwing with me since last the matter became a social and political problem and they were tasked to solve it. In like manner was the suggestion others were keeping me single at the Monarchy, whilst what happens is that they want to get into a relationship with me in such a way that they did not recognise who I am and were also a threat to my career, hence it seemed that those dealing with life threatening situations at the job were best placed to reject them.

I. Uno I

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