I am told I have an unusual need to be the big person but I really don’t, it is just my nature – besides, there were many layers to the stupidities we saw people exhibit endlessly, their calculation is to get me putting my whole life, career and dignity on the line for the basest reasons among those layers, such as the fact a mentally ill person got fingers up my bum after they banged away at me from sunrise, thus did not get to sort out their problem because the Police got involved and made rules clear. I am not saying I do not walk away from a fight like they claim I do but I need to be informed of what they mean whenever they say it, as we are now aware the stupidities will not stop until we made real the fact this was about an announcement that they had built themselves social arrangements where they can take the law into their hands and were clinging to my finances, career and studies for it – considering they suggested it was a mystery that Libras fight the way I do which was quite unusual, whereas everybody else knew that Lawyers, Judges and Police Officers were some of the highest paid civil service operatives and law enforcement was therefore very important work which people should not just get up and do on account that a criminal educated them about something nasty. My point is that if they felt that strongly about it, need to stop hanging about with a gimmick that only got into a fight when they explore my civic duties, raise the stakes and when they were mad enough go for it, otherwise it is a simple enough warning that it needed to find its useless self a real toy as I clearly do not fit the bill. We had since progressed the matter into a case of keeping Celebrities and criminals as closer to me as I could do it, I think the blabbing is a product of the fact the insolent stupidities were keeping the salaries currently, I do not have a need to be the bigger person as suggested.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland