The iron clad excuse is that whatever is being practiced at my expense was an exercise to see me fight my own battles, I suppose then that the delusion was that I was unable to make sense of what this really looked like whereas I actually did see them on the roads and at work and at other various activities looking life threateningly stressed due to a perverted interest in me, normal people would think that if it was that stressful, they probably wanted to cease. The bane of this is that these fools hung about with a community practicing what they thought was manhood until they was completely insensitive to the issues of male society but my problem is that they took offence to the way I carried myself and that is a lot of talk from a bunch of twats. The underlying matter was this business of unpredictable industrial politics and media gimmicks that caused my clients to lose money for involvement with me, making a mess because they could. We know they did not have a history of taking me on with regards to all these matters and I am finding it unbearable to live with the insults and abuses. Then there is my party piece with respect to what I did not know about this, being that no matter what I did, the inescapable fact is that they will continue to wreck my career and finances to make me fight their enemies on account they believed they were more important, it needs to stop issuing the threat at me and shoot off its big mouth somewhere else or I will find my own way to develop an ending for it painfully. It is mostly nothing but the same issue as usual it is stressful for them, the extremists that get around with famous idiots got involved and showed up here to get rich fast manipulating private security, about which I took up a job in the sector for three years and everyday was an experience in abusive nonsense that would change my life and build communities that fingered my bum, whilst the ethnic minorities could not deal with instances where their white counterparts stabbed and attacked on the streets because they thought their children were good looking enough for contract deals with multinational companies, to appear on advertisement, shooting off the big mouth at me while I am trying to keep a Bookshop, then the Celebrities had to get off a dream of seeing me fight for them, to do something for their own security which the state clearly could not provide them as they were out of everybody else league in my view, the problem was solved for quite some time. I am informed I always tended to focus on the big picture and not on myself, so I suppose it is apt to mention I will tend to have completed a few things here, so I may adopt a disposition in which being told that what I did for a living was my imagination as I was likely to win a great battle or take one up, will be followed up with serious consequences and anything State provided security said or did would have my full support at all times.

In retrospect it is not supposed to be such a problem, I have a Royal public image and would create more problems if I got another one, their difficulty was meant to be something of the way they expected to make the most of access to my career, which was gained in criminal circumstances so they came up with the insults as a base and got off doing it on Media never the less. It is like I got into a relationship with a bad ex who then set about converting every aspect of my concerns into something the public viewed in a manner which caused me pain and suffering, especially areas where I met other human beings for a common purpose but I am not in a relationship with them, only eliminated the cause of an instance where I dropped out of University for being a nice person who had a personality people could fool around with until they had to catch their breath, kept the student loans over their insults and a gimmick where there was somebody out there bigger than I am, while being fixated on my potential earnings and now the real thing as time progressed, 12 years prior, hence it does not cause me to sleep badly that they were getting help from Washington all together, it simply needs to stop converting my concerns into something the public engaged with in a harmful manner or I will conclude there was a problem with the way it and other ballsy sexual context abuse insults German influence idiots engaged with the public.

I. Uno I

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