So I am told that this is some form of racism channelled at me which it is but racism is something people did at their convenience, what tears down my career to maximise the effects are the insults of ethnic minority idiots who are not doing anything about the racism and love to suggest that the damage they did made me respond to such issues better, whilst we know facts to have shown that this was not the case, especially with respect to the way I have handled it – so it is fair to suggest that they ought to pay the bills for those that are victims of such money madness gimmicks, if they wanted their ideas to make sense.

The white boys’ bits would be the part where it picks up my career and runs off public problems very quickly, garnished with insulting abuses and threats that eventually end with industry fools giving it money for bullying people, to complain that I dared to pick up careers that had been taken from me, thereby seeking trouble with a big mouth. These white idiots soon become a handful of thief characters with financial power in the City of London and have never known business to be unprofitable provided they were making a mess of the career of an ethnic minority, issuing stupid threats at me endlessly whenever another group of fools who are disobedient to a fault give them a foolish Media presence to do it by.

Eventually it comes down to these stupid practical jokes leading to outcome where I lived two lives but the one was becoming so abusive that I was able to make sense of the money insanity that passes on their left and right hand side, becoming so intense I was spending useful time that should be spent on my real life to get it out of my concerns while Politicians set about claiming religion was the problem of the world, return to constituencies to build business relations with fools that wreck peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and show up at Parliament to sit on my finances and perform some damsel in distress routines, while getting Media twats to cover them on the prospects I might converse the finer points of homosexuality with them too; always fair to point out that I have mentioned this matter long enough to get past the wall that had been erected by their clinical insanity and do not think that there is prospect of making progress on the business of getting their stupidities and that of their American fools to make insane comments around their own finances and jobs, without action that wrecks those jobs as well.

Even with respect to the smallest issues imaginable, it is likely to have been a public matter and they are likely to have found a mask for their wickedness, so the way the problem got solved is that I got attacked and then the suffering gave me ideas on how to resolve matters for myself, while their stupidities only needed to think about gaining access to it. Then there are the more common aspects that we see in terms of the environment showing us how it works most of the time i.e. there was a rule about people not cutting down a tree and that tree became the source of all problems, eventually leading to some bad people cutting it down while they had statements to make on those who thought they should be handled for bad things they did while nothing was done about the bad people, as if I should have been naïve of what evil looked like. Then there is my personal favourite where the scumbags claim the rest of us had allied ourselves to women while they had to men and the problem with male society is that it is full of problems, however the disposition was such that they could bully others into solving the problems. It needs to make comments, especially on Media about its career or I am poised to wrecked and eliminate it too and try to ensure that I did not have to contend with their stupidities making comments around my Book sales by making the process the final stage of the clash between us.

It has become incredibly important to get into a position where I can administrate this nonsense or resort to violence over it. We understand the incorrigibility is such that their stupidities relied on me and what they have done with their mental illness was a process of fighting my wars.

I do get told that I have never really resolved the matter of Americans hating me which is not unusual either – their interest in my Books is one such that the work I had done had not really been done after 7 years being showered with insults alongside their stupid Celebrities and now I had written a Book without doing the work, so their stupidities are set to go off and fight my wars, after which there will be leaders everywhere agreeing to the idea they were entitled to what happened inside in mind. The outcome is that the insults have eventually produced such results as sees the criminals they had history with, show up at the academic system in the USA to make statements, at the same time of which their gimmicks that involved building a community that hated people who got along with me, produced such an outcome as students are more likely to commit suicide because they were being bullied or their roommate came straight from hell; So on a scale of 1 to 10, say 1 was a bit gay and 10 was a fucking idiots, they rank at least 9. I do not really have to worry about it, as long as I am travelling to the US to get on with people I get along with and the US does not spend most of its time as it naturally does not, thinking about me or thinking about making public directives as a matter of my existence, so their stupidities have put up enough money leverage at the market to trade as if I had lost something important to such an extent.

It is like their fame idiots claim I am languishing under the labour of my inferiority complexes which I am not, and I wish they would make use of their freedom of speech without insultingly suggesting that they were superior to me like they tend to do all the time recently. Their case being a matter of working an idea I have tested several times with those who might find it useful, only to end up stuck with scum who think of nothing but their popularity and appearance, alongside highway to schizophrenia insulting European and African friends. Eventually we find such gimmicks giving way to claims I have been beaten down, humiliated and shown my place at the Monarchy which is utter rubbish – what happens being that they complain about me endlessly because no matter how much I informed people I found their need to work sex life on my Public life offensive, telling the parents off meant the stupid children did it, so where the Royals were involved was more a matter of handling my Office and status to conduct some of the filthiest public work that there was and I cannot see how it beats me down if I can do the same to their own but have chosen not to anyway. I wouldn’t know why these gits loved to tackle me if they were aware I am not so naïve about the issues anyway, if they were aware that their stupidities would like me to be less embarrassing by ripping up my Bookshop with Office space insults that their popularity children loved to copy, or wanting me to get a job by getting imagination up my bum which was all very counterproductive, is a statement made about clashing with law, in the sense that they did crime to solve financial problems but ending up in prison made it worse than it previously was – if it will not stop handling me, my own methods of doing them a counterproductive is likely to process from ripping up all they did to handle women when they get imagination up my bum, to something much more serious. In any events when the Royals spend time with these goons that rip up government business to facilitate popularity, the problem will emerge when they are required to do the government business altogether at some stage, at such a point, I do not think that expensive loutish parties and a backyard court where people can conduct homosexual activity safety will ever become a source of worry for a Hermit – so it’s not something I want to talk about when they handle my concerns for filthy activities but those who serve them need recognise I did not want to talk about it and keep their mouths in check, serve their masters when they do it.

The problem here is the single issue of Celebrities who have taken up my career, built a crowd on it to tell lies, issue accusations and continue to make use of it as a tool that helps them avoid work while making money, to be effective of which they tore down my career to get the crowd making me do strange and humiliating tasks for them, which I don’t think is a problem as I am confident that I am unable to explain why I have not been attacking Celebrities if doing so was so good for my health but we have also done the warnings part for 6 years while they have not paid the bills here once in that time keeping their salaries because I did nothing about it as well. This is what it looks like when the business of bullying others to get paid for being popular had run out of steam – they must now manufacture profit by looking for means to add my money to their money and have started with the business of tearing down my career to build a media bubble that gets others passing off what I did to move them on as an item of somebody else’s career and I think that considering they are not living on food backs, the idiots needs go away and think of what they already have as a sufficient quantity possessions or it is going to end the way that I would like it to instead. I have shown them where the exit is located – need stay away from the Hermitage and the Books and make its comments about its own career. So they do say that I should have expected people to fight my battles and show up to pick up my work as a tool for money making processes and yes it is likely to happen and this is the reason I prepared for it too: the way it works is that people show up overseas, in a foreign land, they were the only thing which represented the UK and had to defend public and National interest in those circumstances, when they return and pick up my work to make money, there is little that I can or need to do about it. The Celebrity line is one I will never cross – we are looking at instances where people attacked me because a child they mothered in a film might adopt a lifestyle that affected their family; the attack could last for years but once finished they are back building a crowd that will force me to allow me handle me for money making processes, in a system developed to support younger people, hence they are like a stage to remind me of the line I would never cross in a world where I am not vulnerable to the bottom chasing issues because I don’t get paid for being popular while employing people who took risks with themselves to tell me when somebody was about to attack me while I was on stage etc and where I therefore stopped hurting myself with it.

I. Uno I

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