Eventually we hear that we have started something new here in the UK whereby disagreeing with Americans meant getting involved with communism, which really was never linked to reality in anyway. The reality is that there is no disagreement with Americans, only that there were a bunch of trouble makers who were Americans that felt entitled to handle British social and economic matters to make themselves financially better off because their country was the bigger and wealthier ally in a very important diplomatic relationship, it usually builds up to a result where they end up telling tales on Media about how much they hated the British, this time they are simply caught up with somebody that was as narcissistic as they were, so it goes around in circles, they secure a media presence and build a narcissism platform for the male population to solve its problems by. Here in the UK their friends did it because they were emulating other friends from Europe, no chance then that they might investigate what their friends from Europe were doing with Communists first before they plunged in, burned my assets to show they were brave as part of an abusive obsession with my affairs that is only backed by a really big mouth via a media narcissism, making a mess of everything around here. What these idiots have created is a circumstances where the way was clear for communists to say that they were no longer prone to poor international reputation by pursuing asylum seekers overseas to murder protesters and civil rights activists, that they were now at war with their stupidities as a whole, so when they got hurt, they found an excuse they thought would provide them more privileges to continue their scheming by and discover that I was yet again in the circumstances a profitable victim the reality of diplomacy with communists being that communist asylum seekers have always been a thorn in their famous stupidity flesh due to a need they had to bring the wars from communist territories into any places where people had fled overseas to feel safe and it made sense of administrative matters here in the UK and in the US as well, I mean as it has always been the main reason they made a mess of my privacy. It is so stupid that I get out of bed every day to face nauseating financial complications because they were having themselves some practical jokes and these jokes are the ways they keep up their spirit whilst at work, just as much as I believed my warnings were clear that the insults were to do with a version of me that they created, just in case is so occurs that the real me decided that keeping the job on their part would be a problem for me altogether. It is said that talking like this on my part exposes what my world view was but it is a rather simple case of the fact that if the world was split between communism, democracy and terrorism, their stupidities ought to spend the insults fighting their own conflicts, should they start or conclude one at my expense, my actions will again go beyond the gimmicks associated with reading my birth signs, running me down with private security and sale industry narcissism, to provide rights for people who were born under birth signs more dangerous to finger my bum and practical distant violence on me and they will have to get the job that they had stirred up done, and will have to get it done properly. On a rather very personal note, the point is raised about social matters that make them the way they were which I thought did not actually exist at all we all tended to look like we won cases at the law courts whilst they did not and therefore were bitter about something that needed to be settled, it is not about getting what they want, it is about getting it without having to be nice to other people and above all, since they were the people who social activities that decided what the existence of others ought to do to serve them, enjoyed it so much when victims could no longer control what the tummy got up to whilst they hated the way my social disposition hurt their tummy over their unusual interest in my affairs, I will stop when they complain. The great mystery behind the Libra Scorpio relationships which is usually based on high levels of respect, as Scorpios are absolutely obsessed with getting up my public image to meet Celebrities and there is no way that a rude twat will ever be allowed to, apparently power corrupts and it does absolutely, so we end up with the scum that will get what they want without having to ask, fingering my bum with a big mouth.

So it is said that the Scorpio Libra relationship is never a good thing in any form but it is not and I am not engaged in one: only works as something done in terms of a personal relationship where I am a Libra man married to a Scorpio woman who loved to get up my public image to meet people and make money whilst also possessing the ability to get a crowd on my doorstep but as a publicly applicable matter, it is never alright. That said, Scorpios are not bad people either, the half my size insolent gits issuing threats and insults obviously knew what they were doing, just loved to get up my public image to make money and I am never giving it to any who is not being nice, so it is also said that I understood the system but saw beyond it whilst it was easy to make sense of the fact that the system was the place that made the most of instances where I had a social life which effect was that justice was served and we returned to business as normal, those who attacked me had to take into consideration the fact there were people who wanted the equity from it for business, trading and social matters as well, never nice playing around with the system as somebody was keeping a job through it, especially by those who complained about the evils of their school teacher being homeless whilst criminals girlfriend lived in a mansion among others. It was clear at this point that Celebrities will have congratulated themselves for wrecking everything here but then again, the point the famous are making is that if I failed to serve them with my career, others would grab it, hence I need to ensure others grabbed their careers as well, since their famous insults were making me feel frigid, I should draw fun from doing so, probably sexual fun too.

The first time around was their famous peoples insults working out a process where I had to serve them in terms of ways that their poofs and abusive shop managers could access anything I was doing with security services, they are now saying that people had died because of it, so this case of my career passing on to somebody else when I had failed to serve them with it, needed to end with them losing their careers to somebody else, whilst I got sexual fun from it on account that their insults were making me feel frigid should not have been a problem as I did have court of female journalists working this matter with me all over the world and it should have been a circumstance in which they did what pleased them and I did what pleased me, we are here because they needed to look as if they really wanted some of mine. I have not had a difficult life because of them as claimed either, just the system being unable to rebuild the career I started since I dropped out of University and having to find me one they can afford university was the best place for the idiots to fool around and if I said that they ought to get out there, find a job and go to University when told that they needed it for a promotion, their Liberal Politicians will get all over it, but we do not know why we are doing this anymore since last I dropped out and they kept their own the Celebrities need to cease interfering with my patents to crash my income and need to cease interfering with my sleep and breathing patterns.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland